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Fairy tale: 'Athletes come down hard on officials'

National shuttlers Goh V Shem and Goh Soon Huat were today issued warning letters for their Instagram postings during the recent Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.
It was reported:
Soon Huat’s Instagram posting stated “Bronze medal match not so important?” And followed by three question marks and a sad emoji.
V Shem was more blunt in his posting - “Players fighting for the bronze medal. But, VIPs gone after we lose in the semi-final match.”
Read the full article here
The NST also reported the matter as seen here. Also read Utusan and Berita Harian's reports.
The articles did not state if the VIPs were indeed present during the match. And if they were not there, why?
Now here's a report I know many would like to read. If only it is not a fairy tale ...

TIMBUKTU: Athletes will come down hard on officials who have not performed.
The athletes issued warning letters to officials for failing to keep their promises, pledges or meeting KPIs during the recent Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

Finally ... Singaporeans assured of watching World Cup

BURDENING consumers with price hikes is not the solution, as Singtel, StarHub and Mediacorp announced an unprecedented partnership to broadcast in Singapore the upcoming World Cup.
Collaborating for the first time ever, the three entities had in their joint release today (April 25), said fans will pay the same prices as they did to watch the 2014 edition. 

Packages for all 64 matches will be made available on Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO, CAST, StarHub TV, StarHub Go, Mediacorp's Toggle.
Singaporeans will pay S$94.16 (RM277.50) for the early bird price which will last till May 22.

Those who sign up after that date will have to fork out S$112.35 (RM331.11).

Nine matches will be aired on free-to-air television.

According to Straits Times, the three companies started discussions last year and paid some S$25 million (RM73 million) to secure the broadcasting rights – a slight increase from 2014.

ST quoted Deloitte Singapore and Southeast Asia sports business group leader James Walton as saying…

So what is being an OCM official all about?

The question that was posed recently: “So who are you rooting for?”

The question I would like to ask: “What is being part of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) all about?”

To me, being part of OCM is about upholding the Olympic movement and promoting sports - and as such it should be run by people who have sports and the Olympic movement in their minds and hearts.

The objectives of OCM, as listed on its website:

And this is the mission and role of the NOC, as provided in the Olympic Charter.

The OCM is an umbrella body for sports associations in Malaysia - not the parent body. OCM does not govern any sport.

OCM cannot act on its own to select athletes for multi-sporting events like the Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games and stand advised by the recommendations made by the national sports associations.

But certain individuals seem to be overly eager to secure positions or hold on to their posts ahead of the May 5 elections.


i. Does one become an instant millionaire while in O…

Sports programme galore - success or waste of tax payers' money?

Let’s take a look at some of the sports programmes we have had since the 90s. 
At least five were listed on the National Sports Council’s website:

Here are some of the more "popular" programmes:

i.Jaya 98             Launched in 1993, the Jaya 98 programme set the tone for numerous sports including diving, gymnastics and weightlifting, allowing them to grow and mould talents who were title contenders.. The architect behind the programme was Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad
This was what The Star’s Rajes Paul wrote in 2006:
TWO heads, they say, are better than one. And that's a maxim that's has been taken to heart in Malaysian sports. 

Take, for instance, AsiaComm – a multi-million ringgit plan for the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. 

Australian Damien Kelly is the head of AsiaComm management committee. But Datuk Zolkples Embong has been appointed as the chairman of the committee. Who does what can be quite a puzzle. 

Asked to explain why there were two people hea…

If I were in Gold Coast ...

I was informed the Chef de Mission Huang Yin How and Podium Programme director Tim Newenham will be having a press conference regarding the national contingent's performance at the just concluded Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast this morning (about 9am Malaysian time).

If I were to be in Gold Coast, here are some of the questions I would ask these two gentlemen, and other stakeholders who would be present:

1. Can the CDM reveal the number of officials in Gold Coast and their roles there?

2.  How much has been allocated and spent (salaries, data collection, etc) on the Podium Programme since 2016?

3. We had the Jaya 98 programme. How different is the Podium Programme (and even Kita Juara) compared to that? Why can't we carry on with how Jaya 98 was carried out but make it relevant to today's challenges?

4. How many resignations and terminations were seen in the National Sports Institute over the last two years? Were exit interviews carried out? What were the main reasons -…

Walk the talk

THE knives are out and in typical fashion the blame game begins as Malaysia ends its forgettable outing at the just concluded Commonwealth Games with seven gold, five silver and 12 bronze medals.
First to bear the brunt would be Tim Newenham and Co. 
The Podium Programme director is well aware of the objective set by his team, which was formally introduced on Feb 22, 2016; that is to be in the “Top 10 in Gold Coast 2018”, as stated on the National Sports Institute (NSI) website.
Despite the bullish objective, officials kept mum over their expectations in Australia up until the eleventh hour simply because they had confidence in only a handful, literally speaking, of athletes winning their respective events.
The nation’s best achievement is at the 2010 Delhi Games with 12 gold medals, 10 silver and 14 bronze medals.
For the record, over RM145 million has been allocated for the Podium Programme – which now comes under intense scrutiny. 
There is also a bigger fear – are our athletes ready for…

Football journo's accreditation card retracted for being 'overly critical'

Four Four Two journalist Vijhay Vick's accreditation card to cover the M-League has been "retracted" by Football Malaysia LLP last night.

The letter, signed by FMLLP chief executive officer Kevin Ramalingam, stated:
"We are open to criticism by the public, however, it has been brought to FMLLP's attention that you have been overly critical of the Malaysian League and have made misleading statements and or shared misleading statements made by third parties. This is very damaging to the image of the League and the brand that we are trying to build."
It remains unclear which articles written by Vijhay are said to be "overly critical" of the Malaysian League.
Vijhay, in responding to the letter he received last night, said: 
"I was shocked (to receive the letter). I would like to know which articles of mine that are overly critical of the league."
It is best if FMLLP explained its definition of being "overly critical". 
While the bo…

Candidate vs party

"I will meet Tan (Seng Giaw) to get acquainted with his contacts and grassroots." 

Those were the words of two-term Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng who will be contesting in Kepong in the 14th General Elections, as reported by The Star.

His DAP colleague Hannah Yeoh, who is Subang Jaya assemblyman, will contest in Segambut. Winning the Kepong seat will make Hannah an MP - elevating her political standing.

Her response to the switch, as seen in The Star article:

“It’s an urban area,so there are similar concerns about safety, infrastructure, and quality of education,” she said, adding that the constituents knew their rights, have critical thinking and want access to right information.

And here's what a Segambut resident had to say:

"It's come to a point where I no longer care who contests, Hannah or the BN candidate. Because I know Segambut is messed up due to over-development and these people won't do anything."

It is without doubt the learned strategists in DAP h…

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

National diving coach Huang Qiang was acquitted and discharged by a court yesterday on a charge of raping a diver without calling for his defence.

Read the full report here.

For the record, national diving coach Huang Qiang, a Malaysian citizen originally from China, was charged with raping a national diver at the National Aquatic Centre in Bukit Jalil September last year. 

The incident led to head diving coach Yang Zhuliang's contact not being extended. Yang had trained divers Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong, both of whom were medal winners in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

On Dec 22, 2017, this article quoted the Youth and Sports Minister as saying:

“The main reason why Zhuliang’s contract as national diving head coach was not renewed was because of a culture and environment of fear among some of our diving athletes. This culture and environment had caused cases of rape, sexual harassment, violence, beatings, bullying and threats."

As such:

1. Will Yang initiate legal action ag…

Def Gab C to rock again for the ladies

After a three year hiatus, Def Gab C is set to perform in Terengganu this Friday.

The rock group, known for their hits 'Cinta Sakti' and 'Marilah Maria', will sing the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) 2018 theme song 'Segalanya Wanita' during the launch of Karnival Usahawanita 2018 in Kemaman.

Guitarist Mohd Shukry Abd Aziz, 43, better known as Jemboo, joins his original band mates, singer Mohd Ashid Ahmad (Asheed), 45 and drummer Nasyanto Nasip (Ah Tonk), 40. Bassist Ariffin Amir (Epyn), 43, completes the four-piece band.

The band, met at Studio Merah near Ampang Point late last night, revealed working on 'Segalanya Wanita' has given them the push to cut another album soon. The band's last album was Neolithic in 2015.

Manager Fahmy Sidek, 40, said:

"We have been meeting up regularly but it was only about a month ago we got serious in wanting to record more songs. This opportunity (to create and sing 'Segalanya Wanita&…

Gold Coast 2018: Business or pleasure?

Just like the previous editions of multi-sports events, there are claims those not involved in sports have made their way to the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

"We've heard of such instances in the past and such talks continue to surface till today. So many people have been asking for accreditation cards. It remains unclear how many (cards) have been given out to these individuals," said an insider.

To erase all doubts, it's best if the stakeholders - especially the Olympic Council of Malaysia - make public the list of officials and individuals who are in Gold Coast 2018.

Also, the list should specific the roles they will be playing there. Every official must be there for a reason.

Otherwise, the nagging question of "excess baggage" will continue to haunt those involved in the Games and future editions.

For the record, Gold Coast is a surfers' paradise, has over a dozen of golden sand beaches, has Sea World -a premier animal marine park - and P…

Mid-week vs weekend polling date

"Parliament to be dissolved on April 6. Elections will be held early May."

This seems to be the talk of the town.

If true dissolution takes place this Friday, the next question would be: when will the 14th General Elections take place?

May 5, 2018 - a Saturday OR another date which falls on a working day?

The Malaysian Insight, which has suspended its operations, highlighted the possibility of a mid-week polling date.

The report, published on March 29, stated:"A mid-week election could result in a lower voter turnout for GE14, as there is a large diaspora of Malaysian voters, particularly in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, who return when the general election is usually held over the weekend."

Having the general elections on a working day will be seen as an attempt to discourage the electorate from casting their votes. If that happens, members from the opposition parties will not be pleased.

But holding the elections on a week day (not a public holiday) has be…