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Southern Tigers continue hunt

Johor Darul Takzim are determined to score more goals in the Malaysia Cup quarterfinals return leg despite enjoying a two-goal cushion in the first leg on Saturday.

The Southern Tigers managed a 4-2 win over defending champions Kelantan at Larkin Stadium in their first quarterfinals clash. Both teams will meet again this Saturday in Kota Baru.

“We just can’t take things for granted and don’t expect us to feel comfortable with the two goal lead,” said Johor Darul Takzim coach Azmi Mohamed.

“Kelantan will be in full force at their home ground. They are eager to make it to the semis. It is not going to be easy."

Read more here.

Pic from Bernama.

HD says: It will be an interesting return leg.

Racist fans banned from stadium

FIFA has ordered Ukraine to play its next World Cup qualifier in an empty stadium after its fans hurled racist abuse during its match against San Marino.

FIFA said in a statement Friday that "several racist and discriminatory incidents were apparently perpetrated by local supporters during the match, in particular by displaying neo-Nazi banners and by making 'monkey noises and gestures' as well as Nazi salutes."

Read more here.

Pic: Ukrainian supporters of Karpaty Lviv hold a Nazi flag at a match in 2007, as published here.

HD says: No place for racism and politics in sports.

BAM unclear why young shuttlers not sent for youth meet

The BA of Malaysia (BAM) have acknowledged not registering players for the Asia Youth Under-15 and Under-17 championships. BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai said this was a decision made by the talent management group (TMG) then. "The juniors came under the purview of the TMG and it was decided at that time we will not participate in the competition," said Ng. "I'm not sure why as I was not privy to the decision made by the TMG but we will not be able to send anyone as it is way past the closing date." Read here for more. HD says: Baffled to why our young shuttlers were not sent for a tournament in a neighbouring country.

MACC to scrutinise Malaysia Cup

The Malaysia Cup competition, which moves to the quarterfinals stage, will have special visitors attending the matches who will scrutinise the matches themselves. The special visitors are officials from the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Royal Malaysian Police. The officials from these three agencies will not only observe the matches, but also the run-up to the games, including the training sessions. Read more here. HD says: Would prefer to hear the number of individuals arrested.

BAM distracted, young shuttlers miss out on Asian tourney

While attention was focused on internal matters leading to the resignations of national coach Rashid Sidek and talent management group director (TMG) Tan Aik Mong, the BA of Malaysia (BAM) seem to have forgotten about the Badminton Asia Youth Under-15 and Under-17 championships.

Checks on the Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC) website revealed not a single Malaysian shuttler was registered for the regional age-group tournament to be held in Kudus, Indonesia on Oct 8-13. The deadline for the registration of players was Sept 17.

This comes about as BAM president Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff is set to be acting TMG director and strives to be a hands-on president, as reported here.

Meanwhile, the organiser of the Malaysia-FC Barcelona match held at the Shah Alam Stadium last month has been blacklisted by the Shah Alam City Council.

Read more on the backpage of The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Hope someone within BAM would be able to clarify to why not a single Malaysian is listed as …

BAM 101: Change is not a vulgar word

Haresh Says, as published in The Malay Mail today

Over the weekend, I went through a power point presentation on common mistakes observed during a change in management.

Mistake No 7 read: Not dealing proactively with resistance.

This immediately nudged me to the current badminton scenario in the national badminton scene. To say the BA of Malaysia (BAM) are facing turmoil is not exactly accurate.

But there are issues, unnecessary issues that have created an unwanted headache to those in BAM. 

The Rashid Sidek saga has opened a can of worms.

Read more on page 45.

Darby to coach Kelantan?

It looks like Steve Darby could return to the M-League.

The Englishman held talks with Kelantan FA as current coach Bojan Hodak is apparently set to leave the Red Warriors next season.

It is learnt Hodak is in the midst of weighing his options after having received several offers including two from neighbouring countries and another two from within Malaysia.

However, this has been kept under wraps as to not jeopardise the team as they play Johor Darul Takzim in the Malaysia Cup quarter finals.

Read more in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Time to meet up, Darby and Hodak!

Pathetic city orchard park

Taman Dusun Bandar, the tropical fruit orchard in the heart of the city which opened its doors to the public on Sept 1, is in shambles.

The Malay Mail, in series of  probes in 2011, highlighted the pathetic state of affairs at the fruitless RM17.2 million orchard park located in Jalan Bellamy, forcing the closure of the park then.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall had two weeks ago issued a statement saying the park was now open to the public.

A visit by The Malay Mail team, however, revealed the 7.7ha urban oasis has yet to live up to its name and there has not been much change over the last two years.

Our observations revealed:
* Many trees were unhealthy as its leaves were either eaten by insects or caterpillars.
* Fruit trees were still young.
* Trees and plants were not tagged.
* Park seems to be breeding ground for mosquitoes.
* Lack of shade in the park as most trees have yet to mature.
* Buildings are not well maintained.
* Cafeteria appeared to be still under renovation.
* Toilets…

BAM refutes Rashid Sidek's claim on acknowledging IBL's contract

UPDATE 5.41pm: Here's another press release by the BA of Malaysia.The press release below was published at 3.41pm.

BAM mulls legal action against Rashid but Olympian fights back

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is not ruling out the possibility of taking legal action against former national singles head coach, Rashid Sidek, for reportedly signing a one-year contract with Indian Badminton League (IBL) side, Delhi Smashers.

BAM president Tan Sri Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff, however, said the national badminton body would first have to clarify the matter with the New Delhi-based club, reported Bernama.

However, Rashid smashed the national body by saying:

“I only signed for the tournament period (two weeks). It was during our free time, and the previous management knew and approved the deal.

“I was not the only coach and several of our national players also played in the league.

“If they (BAM) wanted to take action, then they should have done so when I and the rest of the Malaysians returned home.”

Read the full report here.

HD says: Hmm...

DAP wants RoS take investigate MCA

UPDATE Sept 24:  Former MCA deputy president Lim Ah Lek says the humiliation is unbearable, adding may God bless MCA.

RoS, meanwhile, has initiated investigations into MCA as reported here.


The DAP has challenged the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to investigate the MCA following The Malay Mail's expose of six questionable members in the Taman Tasik Jaya branch in Negri Sembilan.

DAP Taman Segambut branch chairman Yew Jia Haur lodged a report with RoS on Wednesday following the paper’s front page article "Phantoms spook MCA again" on Tuesday.

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said the move was necessary to ensure the RoS was fair when it came to taking action against political parties.

“RoS took action against the DAP based on stuff written by a so-called Father Augustus Chen, a person who none of us know about. We now want the RoS to investigate MCA based on what was published by a major newspaper,” said Lim.

“RoS will now have to show to the public that it is fair …

'Unhappy' Rashid quits BAM

Rashid Sidek has decided to walk out of the BA of Malaysia.

While some may see it as a surprise, those within the fraternity could smell trouble brewing the minute several changes were made - from the new line-up to the coaching structure.

The national singles coach, who has spent 10 years with the national body, was apparently "unhappy with several decisions" prompting him to tender his resignation letter earlier today.

BAM's Talent Management Group director Tan Aik Mong confirmed Rashid's resignation as per his statement in the press release by BAM above.

Rashid, who won the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bronze medal, is the second Sidek in recent years to leave the stable as brother Misbun left in a rather sour note two years ago.

Ironically, another Sidek brother - Razif - has joined BAM recently, despite being very critical of the national body in the past.

A press conference will be held on Friday morning (11.30am). Apparently newly elected BAM president Tengku Mahalee…

Decentralise is the way forward

AN international Olympic university? Doesn’t that sound wonderful? On paper it may seem so. Russian President Vladimir Putin had on Monday declared open the Russian International Olympic University in Sochi, while admitting there are "ongoing glitches" in the build-up to next year's Winter Olympics. The varsity runs special training courses for Russian regional sports leaders and aims to educate the nation’s former athletes. Talk of us establishing a similar varsity for athletes cropped up not too long ago — just like the recent 'dream' of Malaysia organising the Olympic Games despite having yet to host the Asian Games and taking more than a decade to close the 1998 Commonwealth Games accounts. Former KL mayor Tan Sri Elyas Omar had in the past drawn up a plan for the nation's first university for athletes but it was shelved. Now, apparently, there is talk of a prominent figure planning to revisit Elyas' blueprint in a bid to set up a similar institution. Whil…

More react on teacher's cash-for-transfer; MCA saga returns

Many have resorted to social media to air their grouses following The Malay Mail’s expose on the cash-for-transfer fiasco involving teachers.

Facebook page Pertukaran Guru, where most teachers exchange information and try to find their match to transfer to their state of choice, saw many postings urging the Education Ministry to review its transfer policy instead of penalising teachers.

Many claimed teachers paying for transfers have been going on for some time as desperate teachers are eager to head to the state of their choice to join their families.

A comment on Facebook read: “It has happened. I was assured of a transfer by an individual but I have to pay RM2,000. I declined the offer as I felt it was a form of bribery.”
Another commentator said: “In the past, someone offered a transfer package claiming it is a confirmed deal and someone from inside will sort it out.”

Read more here.

MEANWHILE, MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai does not discount the possibility of mo…

MCA's phantom menace

UPDATE SEPT 19 (11.43am): 

EFFORTS to cleanse the MCA membership list in the past was shot down for fear that the number would drop drastically, revealed a veteran party leader.

The leader said several individuals had worked on a paper that was presented to the party leadership to ensure all on the roll were active members.

“However several leaders were not keen with the idea as they were afraid this would decrease the total membership in the party,” said the leader who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Read more here.

With barely three months to the MCA polls, the issue of phantom members in the beleaguered party has resurfaced, again, throwing the second largest entity in Barisan Nasional into disarray, an investigation by The Malay Mail has revealed.

The status of several branches are being questioned, and one — the Taman Tasik Jaya branch in Negri Sembilan — is on the brink of being wiped out.

It has emerged that certain members in the Negri branch are either a…

Happy Malaysia Day!

Let’s take a cue sometimes from the P. Ramlee movies of old and Lat cartoons carrying multi-cultural depictions that didn’t offend anyone. Would a similar scene in a movie made today be not offensive as well?

Read The Malay Mail editor in chief Syed Nadzri's article on Malaysia Day here.

Happy Malaysia Day folks!

HD says: Don't just say it, embrace it.

Malaysia edges Myanmar to win Merdeka Cup

It was an ending football fans had hoped for.

Malaysia defeated Myanmar 2-0 in the Merdeka Cup final in front of a packed stadium.

Striker Rozaimi Abdul Rahman and midfielder Junior Eldstal scored in the 28th and 94th minutes respectively to win the tournament for the 10th time since its inception in 1957, as reported by The Star today.

The victory was a perfect Malaysia Day gift.

This could be a sneak peak of the Sea Games final. Myanmar will be training from now till December in a bid to snatch the title from defending champions Malaysia. Myanmar are bent on winning the football title.

Malaysia, meanwhile, are set to defend their title for the third consecutive time - having won in Laos 2009 and Indonesia 2011.

Nevertheless, the question we need to ask ourselves - are we solely setting our sights for the Sea Games? How long more do we need before we start thinking beyond the South East Asian region?

Have we turned into a contented lot?

Pic by Hasriyasyah Sabudin (NSTP)

HD says: Well…

Troussier, Avramovic or Houghton? Will any of them replace Rajagobal?

One can always rely on SS Dhaliwal for a good article.

And here's an interesting piece from Kuantan as published in Mailsport.

Philippe Troussier, the former Nigeria, South Africa and Japan coach, is the leading candidate for the national football coach's job should current coach Datuk K. Rajagobal fail to meet the targets set by the FA of Malaysia.

But he is not the only top notch coach bidding to lead Harimau Malaysia. Also in the race is former Singapore coach Radojko Avramović and Englishman Bob Houghton, who was recently head coach of India.

“All I can say is that we have an evaluation committee to look into the applications by these coaches,” said FAM general secretary Datuk Hamidin Amin.

“FAM have received 30 applications out of which 29 are from foreigners and one local applicant."

Read all about it in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Interesting stuff from Kuantan.

Are we overly critical about Malaysian football?

Ever since the late Tan Sri Hamzah Abu samah vacated FAM, many Malaysians became critical towards FAM and the sport. One should not simply use the word, typical Malaysian, before knowing the fact. - are Malaysians not fare in their comments and criticism?? what warrants you to brand them typical??? People who are always in denial and come from the setup, will say things and insults fellow Malaysians intelligent opinion(lets not be a savour grape) For your knowledge, my opinion is a well thought opinion. I'm a qualified football coach...and i've got the "ammunition" for it, do you have it too?? Sometimes we're blinded due to emotions. We tend to say things we ourselves don't understand.-like calling Malaysian typical and, panting a bad picture about them. HSKL says:The truth is always difficult to "swallow" 

Those were the words of reader HSKAMAL.

Malaysia is set to meet Myanmar in the Merdeka tournament final. There have been mi…

Merdeka Cup: Passion for the nation

Imagine getting into your car all geared to watch a football match only to be involved in an accident and your vehicle having turned turtle by the side of the road.

Many of us would be traumatised.

But not this particular fanatic football lover who refers himself as Aduka Seri Perkasa.

Apparently he got involved in an accident while on his way to watch the Malaysia-Myanmar Merdeka tournament match on Monday.

Instead, he flagged down a taxi and continued his journey to Kuantan to watch the match. And the trip turned out to be worthwhile as Malaysian edged Myanmar 2-1 to book a spot in the final.

Having checked his Twitter and Facebook page and also a one line reply from him over the "accident", it is safe to say Aduka is a hardcore football fan.

 But this is not just about the "accident". It is about fans who are willing to travel the distance to support the national team despite many had claimed the ticket prices are "too steep".

The FA of Malaysia yes…

Malaysia to play in Merdeka Cup final

UPDATE 4.00pm:

Taken from Ticket Pro:

Attention! Good News!
Ticket prices have been reduced!!!
Sales information (11-Sep-2013):
Temerloh Stadium (Myanmar vs Singapore): RM20 (Free seating) and RM25 (Grandstand)·Stadium Darul Makmur (Malaysia vs Thailand): RM20 (Free seating) and RM50 (Grandstand) And ...
Latest information at Stadium Darul Makmur: RM20 (Free seating) and RM50 (Grandstand)
Today's press conference also featured FAM Secretary, Dato Hamidin who made the announcement in hope that the reduced ticket prices # PESTABOLAMERDEKA will continue to receive better response to Thursday's match and the Final.
He hoped that with lower prices, more fans and viewers will come to enliven the Merdeka Tournament mainly to embolden our 'Tiger'.
So what are you waiting for?
Get your tickets now!

Refunds will be made for those who bought higher priced advance tickets please see below:


They were given a rude shock, only to bounce back by scoring two goals en route to bo…

Teachers duped, RM3k-R8k for state of choice

School teachers are willing to pay exorbitant sums to ensure they get transferred to their state of choice.

A month-long probe by The Malay Mail revealed “middlemen” collected between RM3,000 and RM8,000 if a transfer was successful.

However, some teachers have fallen victim in what seems to be a scheme cooked up by individuals supposedly connected to officials within the Education Ministry.

The amount paid will depend on the choice of the state. A transfer to Johor may cost RM3,000 while transfers to “hot states” like Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang could balloon to RM8,000.

A Kuala Lumpur-based teacher, who has been applying to teach in Pahang numerous times, revealed she sought the help of a middleman to ensure her transfer got through.

Read the full report in The Malay Mail today.

Teachers have resorted to social media to exchange information hoping to meet their match, calling it “suka sama suka”, to get their transfers approved faster, as seen here.

The National Union of the Tea…

Good start for Malaysia; Thailand,Myanmar settle for draw

The National Under-23 boys got off to a dream start in the Merdeka Tournament after defeating 10-man Singapore 1-0 in the opening game at the Darul Makmur Stadium on Saturday night.

Ong Kim Swee’s men came alive in the second half with A. Thamil Arasu netting the winner 30 seconds into the second half.

Malaysia could have doubled their lead but winger Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor snuffed a spot kick after Singapore’s Mohd Afiq Yunos was red-carded for using his hands to deny Junior Edlstal’s goal-bound header in the 54th minute.

The heavy downpour an hour before the kick-off and the drizzle after that left the pitch water-logged and made play difficult for both teams.

Read the full report by K. Rajan here.

Meanwhile, Myanmar and Thailand settled for a 1-1 draw in the other match yesterday, as reported here.

Pic by Bernama

HD says: Good start for Ong Kim Swee's lads.

Respect the Merdeka Cup

It has been rather 'interesting' reading several comments on Twitter on how certain folks are defending the fact Thailand has sent a team comprising of mainly lower division league players. Sadly none spoke about the need of  teams respecting tournaments.

It reminds one of the Monomotapa United FC fiasco in 2009. A team of more than 20-odd players form ONE particular club donned the national jersey and played K.Rajagobal's squad. When pressed for answers, the then FA of Malaysia general secretary was not amused, as he produced a letter by the Zimbabwe FA, signed off by its chief executive officer Henritta Rushwaya, insisting the African side is the national team.

When Rushwaya was booked for several offences including her involvement in match-fixing including the match against Malaysia, FAM then quickly changed its tune by saying; "oh but how can we question a fellow FA."

It must be stressed that this is in NO implying the Thai team in Kuantan is anything like th…

Narathiwat bombshell; Kim Swee expects stiff competition

The list of players of the Thailand team competing in the Merdeka Cup revealed 16 players are from Narathiwat FC.

Kelantan were supposed to play Narathiwat but were told the Thai team will be playing in a "perlawanan empat penjuru" in Kuantan. Instead, Kelantan will play Yala FC on Sept 10.

The coach accompanying the Thai team - with players ranging from the ages of 20 to 31 - is the assistant coach of the nation's Under-23 team.

But Thailand FA insists the Thai team in Kuantan is representing the nation, as published in Mailsport today.

For the record, Singapore, Myanmar and hosts Malaysia will be fielding their Under-23 squads.

Meanwhile, Harimau Muda A coach Ong Kim Swee is expecting a stiff competition as his lads take on the Singapore Under-23 team in the curtain raiser tomorrow (kick off 5.30pm Darulaman Stadium).

"People may say we have been training together overseas but you must understand a large number of the Singaporean players have been playing togethe…

‘Unsporting’ KL player suspended

FAof Malaysia, in an unprecedented move, displayed their no-nonsense side by suspending and fining Kuala Lumpur’s Hafizi Roslee for ‘unsporting behaviour’ in a Premier League match this season

The FA of Malaysia disciplinary committee yesterday slapped Hafizi with a six-month suspension and fined him RM2,000 without appeal under FAM’s disciplinary Code 35.1 for ‘unsporting behaviour’ during KL’s Premier League match against Sime Darby FC on May 17.

Kuala Lumpur FA had lodged a report on Hafizi’s unprofessional act with FAM, who found it valid to pursue the matter.

DB chairman Datuk Taufik Abdul Razak (pic) said the player was found guilty after the committee viewed the video footage several times.

Hafizi had pleaded not guilty to the offence.

Read more here.

HD says: Will more players be penalised?

'Illegals', fuel dictate new house prices

Four years ago a friend wanted to buy a house.
Many adviced him against it saying the property bubble will burst soon and that prices of houses will crash.

But he ignored such talks and bought the house anyway.

The bubble didn't burst. In fact, prices of house have escalated higher than before.

And property developers now say new homes will cost 10 per cent more due to the crackdown on illegals and hike in fuel prices, as reported here.

The friend is glad as he had forked out less for the down payment and could stretch the loan longer than most within his age group who have are now thinking to buy their dream house.

The friend also chided his other friends who claimed foreigners were apparently voting during the 13th general election, adding how the nation now needed them more than ever.

"Those Bangladeshis and Indonesians build homes for people like you and I to live in. Malaysians are too arrogant, rather become gangsters or hisap fit than to actually work. So don't …

Let's not breed contented athletes

Haresh Says, as published in The Malay Mail today.

IT was a humiliating defeat that irked Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

The national sepak takraw team lost 3-0 to South Korea (yes, you read it right) in the first leg of the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF) SuperSeries men’s final in New Delhi, India over the weekend.

It was a double celebration for the Koreans after the hockey team bagged the Asia Cup title in Ipoh on the same day.
Khairy was quoted by dailies as saying the ministry would reevaluate funding to the sport.

This, however, did not go down well with certain quarters who insist 'professional' athletes in this country still require funding from the government.

Boo hoo!

Cynical as this may sound but Malaysian athletes are a lucky lot as most receive a steady allowance and accommodation from the ministry.

A CBC news report, aired last Saturday, how some Canadian athletes raise their own funds to fulfil their Olympic dreams.

Alpine skier Larisa…

Petrol hike: The 20 sen question

RON95 goes up by RM0.20 per litre and it is now sold at RM2.10 per litre.

The hike received mixed reactions. The majority sighed, some made it political while others pointed out this could see prices of goods and food increase.

The defenders, however, state the hike is necessary. They argued many Malaysians remain ignorant when it comes to paying taxes but demand subsidies.

There will also be those who will compare the cost of petrol here and in other countries. For the record, Malaysia's petrol prices remains the lowest compared to Singapore and Thailand, as per the chart below and on Bloomberg's website (for the record, Bloomberg compiled the information on August 2012.)

Do also consider the cost of buying a car, the taxes involved (compare that to the Singapore structure) and labour rates.

A calculation of the difference in price on before and after the price hike

Perodua Viva - 36 litres full tank (RON 95)
RM1.90 X 36 = RM68.40
RM2.10 X 36 = RM75.60

Price difference = RM7.…

Korea moves forward, where do we go from here?

I have said my piece. What are your thoughts? And more importantly, where do we go from here?
HD says: Sigh...