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Frankie goes to Alor

It would be good if candidates speak about what they can do instead of telling voters who they should not vote for.

If Barisan Nasional's Bukit Bintang candidate Frankie Gan and his fellow candidates believe they can woo voters by singing their hearts out, by all means. But Gan failed to strike the right notes. He didn’t sing to me.

Read more Frankie goes to Alor in The Malay Mail.

HD says: And here's me singing John Paul Young’s 1978 hit Love is in the Air; “But it's something that I must believe in. And it's there when I look in your eyes. Love is in the air."

Paranoid over image

This appeared in The Malay Mail yesterday.

Comment by Haresh Deol

YOU are cruising on your reliable 1995 Vulcan 800A, adhering to the 80kmh speed  limit on the North South Expressway.

You then notice a roadblock up ahead, just before the Tapah R&R (rest and revive), and you slow down.

A cop pulls you over and you wonder what you did wrong. The handlebars are in accordance with the law, the noise from your exhaust is nothing compared to a Harley Davidson Fat Boy fitted with Vans & Hines pipes and you were clocking 5kmh short of the speed limit.

You were apparently caught speeding but you strongly felt otherwise. You keep quite, nevertheless.

After waiting in the hot sun, the cop walks over and tells you that you were riding within the speed limit and advises you to "be careful" in the future.

You leave quickly, smiling but thinking - what just happened?

Perhaps national coach Datuk K.Rajagobal (pic) felt the same too when he was hauled up by the FA of Malaysia (FAM) d…

Who will you 'vote' for?

Most political parties have fielded 'young' candidates with supposed impressive resumes (academically) and achievements for the coming 13th general election.

We have several 'interesting' candidates as well - holding various positions in the many sporting associations in the country.

Here are some of the 'candidates', with their academic qualifications and other stats.

If they stood in the coming election - who would you 'vote' for?

Read more in The Malay Mail today.

Only Lee Chong Wei - again

Lee Chong Wei is the sole Malaysian survivor at the on-going India Open.

Read the full article here.

And some officials habour dreams of guiding the regional and world bodies.

The short blog posting says a lot doesn't it?

HD says: Listening to Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains The Same.

Football university in Thailand?

Thailand FA president Worawi Makudi (pic) has vowed to build the Asian Football College should he win the mandate to helm the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) come the presidential polls on May 2, 2013.

As one of the five pledges in his election manifesto, the college is aimed at molding individuals into professionals in the fields of coaching, refereeing and football administration.

“I’m aware that similar courses and programmes are available elsewhere but those are very general. What this college would offer are programmes fine-tuned to the specifics of football itself,” said Worawi.

Read the full article here.

So what is more exciting? A football university in the region or Worawi becoming the next AFC president?

HD says: Thailand coach Winfried Schaefer's days are numbered, according to The Nation.

Rajagobal was "misqouted", escapes penalty

It looks like national coach K.Rajagobal will now have plenty of time to focus on the national team's preparation for their remaining matches of the Asian Cup qualifiers.

To prove the conspiracy theories wrong, the FA of Malaysia (FAM) is not eager to give Rajagobal the boot - yet. This is evident as the disciplinary committee found that several dailies had "misquoted" Rajagobal after the national team lost 4-1 to Saudi Arabia in a friendly match last month.

The dailies had apparently quoted Rajagobal as saying that the local strikers are lacking in quality due to the presences of import players.

Nevertheless, the committee had "advised" Rajagobal to be careful when issuing statements to the Press in the future.

So careful Rajagobal has become that he kept on saying "no comments" after facing the disciplinary at Wisma FAM yesterday. Well, he was caught on camera smiling, nevertheless.

Efforts to contact Rajagobal proved futile. Guess he was just being…

MOE allows Form Six to play

Education Ministry sports unit head Ee Hong (pic) replied to Mailsport's query about a form six student not being allowed to play in the on-going KL schools under-18 inter-zone hockey meet - as highlighted here.

Dear Haresh,
You are right regarding students aged 18-21 can participate in zone and state level tournaments. MSSM rule3.1.1.4, it states that, “Murid yang berumur lebih daripada 18 tahun tetapi kurang daripada 21 tahun boleh mengambil bahagian di peringkat sekolah, daerah, dan negeri sahaja”.
We have contacted our counterpart in MSSKL and informed them about this rule.
The folks in the KL schools sports council (MSSKL) will have some explaining to do.

Here's a comment by a reader KCNR;

"The MOE has their own sports policy . They feel they are the "experts" in sports development and what they are doing is the best for development. Mind you, there are more sports qualified non-teachers outside MOE and still MOE boast that they have their own experts to lo…

No sixth formers for inter-zone meet. What is the rationale?

The KL schools under-18 hockey inter state competition starts today.

However, it is already marred with problems as SMK Maxwell are not allowed to field their only Form Six player.

The question is neither about the school nor the player. It is to why a sixth former is deprived from playing in a school tournament.

After all, it is clearly stated in the 'peraturan am' of the national schools council's (MSSM) regulation that a Form Six student is able to play in the zone and inter-zone meets but not the national level competition.

What about the supposed 10 per cent merit a sixth former is supposed to obtain from co-curricular activities for his possible entry to a local varsity? Does this mean that a student need to only play a handful matches for the school at the zone level and thus he or she automatically obtains the 10 per cent?

Why the differing rules? Shouldn't the MSSM rule stand?

Doesn't this go against the Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's 1Student 1…

Federal Highway crash: Who to blame?

A series of freak mishaps killed five people on the Federal Highway yesterday morning.

It raises many questions and naturally - who is to be blamed?

1. Do we blame the three motorcyclists who were using the Federal Highway despite it being strictly off-limits for motorcyclists as they are supposed to use the motorcycle lane?

2. Do we blame 21-year-old Wilson Lee who was believed to be speeding before he lost control of his Honda City and hit into the three motorcyclists stationed at the side of the road?

3. Do we blame M. Kalaychelven, 50, for getting down of his vehicle to help the victims?

4. Do we blame a supposed mob that attack Wilson after the accident as widely rumoured online? (note: the police have dismissed such claims)

5. Do we blame the crappy motorcycle lanes at the Federal Highway?

6. Do we blame certain quarters for not wanting to install the AES?

7. Do we blame certain quarters for insisting prices of vehicles and petrol should be lowered?

Beyond these questions - we …

KLFA honing politicians

While KLFA is struggling to find talents, they have certainly honed several budding politicians along the way.

KLFA vice president Johari Abdul Ghani and exco member Rusli Baba (pic, far left) were among the names that popped up during the nomination process for the 13th general election yesterday.

BN's Johari is contesting for the Titiwangsa parliamentary seat while Rusli - who was the former team manager - surprised many as he will contest as an independent candidate against heavyweights Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin (BN) and Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR) for the Lembah Pantai seat.

For the record, KLFA president Astaman Abdul Aziz held the Titiwangsa seat after winning the 2004 election. Astaman is the son of former Umno veteran and cabinet minister Aishah Ghani who passed away on Friday.

Read more in today's The Malay Mail on Sunday.

Sadly, KL are placed 10th in the second-tier Premier League.

HD says: Sincere condolences to Astaman and family; if only officials spent more ti…

London rocks the world this year

Press release Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur and Melaka are giving their fans an opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to witness one of the world’s most anticipated concerts in London –Hard Rock Calling 2013!Both cafes are geared to offer their loyal followers with an amazing trip to one of the most extravagant concert of the year.
Produced by Live Nation and presented by Hard Rock International, the concert is successfully running in its seventh consecutive year. It will take place from the 29 to 30 June at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The lineup of entertainers for Hard Rock Calling 2013 will feature some of the world’s most celebrated musicians and today’s hottest artists who, amongst notable names includeBruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and Kasabian.
These performers will join a long line of rock ‘n’ roll legends such asAerosmith, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, The Who, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, The Killers, The Police, Rod …

'This one's for Malaysia too'

While the limelight will naturally be on Malaysian tycoon Vincent Tan and his newly promoted Cardiff City FC (CCFC), one cannot dismiss the role played by another Malaysian Chan Tien Ghee who played an important role to the Welsh-based club's success since 2009.

CCFC last earned a promotion to top flight football in 1960.

Tien Ghee left as CCFC chairman recently to "place full attention in his business ventures".

Not wanting to steal the thunder from Vincent, Tien Ghee sung praises to his former CCFC business partner.

"I'm happy for Vincent, CCFC and most importantly for Malaysia. This one's for Malaysia too."

Even QPR owner Tony Fernandes - who's club is staring at a possible relegation - congratulated Vincent the climb.

Read more in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Well done CCFC.

An almost predictable National Sports Awards

It was an almost predictable line-up of winners at National Sports Awards yesterday.

While world No 1 Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Rinong bagged the sportsman and sportswoman of the year titles respectively, the junior hockey team certainly surprised many in a pleasant way after netting the national men's team of the year title.

Congratulations to the winners.

Read the full report in Sports247. (Pic from Sports247).

National Sportsman
Datuk Lee Chong Wei (Badminton)

National Sportswomen
Pandelela Rinong

National Men’s Team
Hockey Junior Squad: Amir Farid Ahmad Fuzi, Dedy Ariyadi Jumaidi, Faiz Helmi Jali Faizal Saari, Kavin Kartik Govindasamy, Mohamad Azri Hassan, Mohamad Syamim Mohd Yusof, Mohammad Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin, Mohd Fitri Saari, Mohd Hazrul Faiz, Muhammad Ramadhan Rosli, Muhammad Aslam Mohamed Hanafiah, Muhammad Noor Faeez Ibrahim, Norhizzat Sumantri, Shahrul Azaddin Aus Karzie, Shazril Irwan Nazli, Shazrul Imran Nazli

National Women’s Team
Squash: Datuk Nicol David, …

Enjoy the style, dare yourself

Press release

Quiksilver and Roxy finds its way on the runway once again at the Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2013, showcasing the brands’ identity through its apparels and accessories.

Quiksilver “Enjoy the Style” and Roxy “Dare Yourself, were the themes of the private showcase. Quiksilver “Enjoy the Style” is all about inviting people to experience and enjoy the world; which encourageseveryone to awake their inner spirit of surfing from within.The men’s collection is a range of the brand’s core of boardriding from the Quiksilver Original signatureboardshorts, T-shirts, denims, sweater, shirts and accessories.
Roxy “Dare Yourself” is all about going places, trying new things, being spontaneous, dream big and live a unique life as the brand encourages girls to be fun, alive, daring, confident & naturally beautiful. Roxy is a brand designed for the ladies; which features their signaturebikinis, dresses, shorts and funky accessories, showcasing their latest trendy prints to vibrant…

Sultan Ahmad: "I'm in no rush"

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) exco meeting held yesterday was an anti-climax of sorts.

Many, including several officials, were anticipating the announcement of the new general-secretary who will replace Azzuddin Ahmad next month.

However, FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah told the Media he was in "no rush" and wanted to find a "physically fit" individual who will occupy the hot seat.

Without doubt Azzuddin is one fit former army general. Having played football with him, Azzuddin can put most of us to shame on the field.

It remains to be clear if Selangor FA general-secretary Hamidin Amin will sit in the secretariat as highly speculated. In fact, Hamidin's name made its rounds when former deputy minitster Ibrahim Saad left Wisma FAM but was replaced by Azzuddin instead.

For the record, Hamidin is also FAM vice president and the competition committe chairman.

Wth the nation bracing for the 13th General Election, this will give Sultan Ahmad and his advisors time to sit d…

Who will the new FAM gen-sec be?

LOBBYING has begun for the soon-to-be vacant post of FA of Malaysia (FAM) general secretary.
Last week, it was announced that current general secretary Azzuddin Ahmad will be leaving the national body next month to take up the post of AFF general secretary.

And there will be no shortage of officials who believe they have what it takes to take over the hot seat. Already, several names have been bandied about with Selangor FA general secretary Hamidin Amin among the frontrunners.

The FAM exco are scheduled to meet in Kuala Lumpur today with the potential candidates for the general secretary post on its agenda.

According to FAM’s statutes, the appointment of the general secretary is the prerogative of the president. However, the job was once advertised in the local dailies after former FAM general secretary Dell Akhbar Khan left Wisma FAM.

Through the years, several respected officials have led the secretariat. They include Kwok Kin Keng (1951-1980), Paul Murugasu (1980-1985), Paul Mony …

Happy Vaisakhi!

It was on Vaisakhi in the year 1699, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh laid down the foundation of the Panth Khalsa, that is the Order of the Pure Ones.

This day is also observed as the thanksgiving day by the farmers whereby the farmers pay their tribute, thanking God for the abundant harvest and also praying for the future prosperity.

Having said that, Happy Vaisakhi folks!

FAM to revise Article 88; Azzuddin heads to AFF

Two interesting developments transpired during the FA of Malaysia (FAM) exco meeting on Wednesday.

1. After much pressure and criticism, FAM's legal committee will now look into Article 88 of FAM's Statute and propose recommendations to "clarify" the infamous article before it is presented to the Congress in August.

2. FAM president who is also AFF president Sultan Ahmad Shah has appointed FAM general-secretary Azzuddin Ahmad (pic) as AFF general-secretary. Azzuddin is "honoured" with the appointment and is set to leave FAM by May 1.

Well and good that there are now attempts to look into Article 88 but it remains to be seen how will the draft amendments look like. Will the article envelope alternative Media (including websites, social Media)? Will it impose a further gag upon more people? Or will they decide to remove the Article altogether?

As for Azzuddin's departure from FAM, would this mean that Sultan Ahmad will also give up his presidency post and…

'1Malaysia Patriotic Cycle organisers left red-faced'

UPDATE 1.20pm: When everyone rushed for free bicycles. Read the full article here.


Hundreds of bicycles provided to participants of the recent 1Malaysia Patriotic Cycle went missing after the entrants rode them home at the end of the event, leaving the organisers embarrassed.

It is not immediately known how many of the 5,000 bicycles went missing but apparently, even the bicycle used by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has disappeared.
 A participant, who did not wish to be named, said: "It was horrible as the participants were all rushing to take the bikes home. It is so unbecoming and reflects poorly on Malaysians."

"The Youth and Sports Ministry was the biggest loser as many of their bicycles were carted away.

Read the full report in The Malay Mail.

HD says: More to come.

Malaysian diplomats in Pyongyang stay put

There are no indications of the Malaysian embassy evacuating its Malaysian staff from Pyongyang despite warnings by the North Korean government to foreigners and diplomats to leave the country as tension in the Korean peninsular heightens.

The North Korean government had on Friday told foreign embassies in Pyongyang to consider evacuating staff as their safety “could not be guaranteed” if a war breaks out.

Third secretary Salmah Ahmad confirmed the staff are still based in the country.

Read more in The Malay Mail today.

North Korea had also warn foreigners to leave South Korea as seen here.

HD says: Hmm..

TMJ back as Johor FA president; Fifa calls it 'internal matter'

It was a short meeting at the Pahang palace in KL and Tunku Ismail Ibrahim left immediately after.

FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah later revealed to the Media that Tunku Ismail - who is the crown prince of Johor - will stay put as Johor FA president.

Tunku Ismail, through a press release on April 3, stated his intention of relinquishing his post.

Also revealed during the press conference that Tunku Ismail was handed a warning letter by the Disciplinary Board last week after he was seen at the bench during the Darul Takzim-Terengganu match at the Larkin Stadium last month despite still serving his 6-month suspension for violating FAM's Article 88.

As for the statement made by FAM requesting members of the Press to "be careful" when reporting about Tunku Ismail and that they received "instruction from the palace", world governing body Fifa described it as an "internal matter" - as per their email to the author.

Read all this and more i…

Name a team that plays more football than Kelantan...

...and you'll get a treat from Kelantan coach Bojan Hodak (pic).

And before the FA of Malaysia (FAM) gets excited and tries to slap Hodak with an Article 88, fret not as he is NOT complaining.

As far as Hodak is concerned, being good comes with a price as the Red Warriors are playing in numerous tournaments (Super League, FA Cup and AFC Cup) at one go.

Unlike his counterpart in Selangor Irfan Bakti, Hodak insists he is treating all competitions with equal importance.

Read the full article in Mailsport.

Irfan, meanwhile, has set his sights on the FA Cup. Having wounded the Darul Takzim FC, better known as the Southern Tigers, in the first leg of the FA Cup quarterfinals, Irfan is expecting the southern team to bounce back and he would love the challenge.

Read Irfan's take here.

HD says: Very difficult to talk these days.

'Fab Four' in Selangor MB race

Fateh Iskandar, Subahan Kamal, Mohd Shamsudin Lias and Fuad Hassan.

These are the four names that have been apparently "listed" for the Menteri Besar's post if Barisan Nasional (BN) takes over from Pakatan in Selangor in the upcoming 13th General Election.

Party insiders reveal the names are in line with BN's vision of having technocrats as the face of the party and the people.

Subahan, however, downplayed the list saying there is a bigger battle ahead - recapturing Selangor.

Read the 'Fab Four in MB race' in today's The Malay Mail.

HD says: It gets interesting.

3 minor sports and Asean Super League

I was invited on Nadi Arena yesterday to speak about the three 'minor' sports - woodball, muay thai and beach football - being included in the upcoming Malaysia Games in KL.

Among what I had said:

1. While such games may turn many off, it must be reminded that the likes of BMX and curling actually made it to the Olympics. BMX was criticised as being a rebellious teenagers' sport while the sexiest and prejudice few called curling (and still do) as a housewives' game. Remember when futsal was first introduced and the purist said it brought shame to the beautiful game? Now there are more people playing futsal then 11-aside football. Go figure.

2. Can the organisers of the Malaysia Games be called confused when the confusion is also seen at the Sea Games Federation level? Traditional and sometimes 'ridiculous' sports are included by host nations and yet it is approved by the regional federation.

3. Sports today is about commercialisation and since the Sports Minist…

Mere talk, Anwar?

UPDATE April 6, 2013 (12.20am): Mere talk indeed as Anwar will defend Permatang Pauh after all, as reported in The Malay Mail.


“Perhaps, it is just a signal or a strategy employed by Anwar (Ibrahim) to confuse our rivals. They tend to get overly excited whenever Anwar makes an announcement."

Those were the words of PKR's Penang Youth Wing leader and PRK's Permatang Pauh Youth Wing leader Amir Ghazali.

Throughout my conversation with Amir yesterday he mentioned "Kalau benar..." three times - referring to Anwar's plan of contesting in Perak.

The PKR de factor leader is expected to make an announcement as to where he will contest during a 'ceramah' in Permatang Pauh tonight.

Amir admitted Anwar's loyal supporters are slighted over the news. Read the sentiments of the folks in Permatang Pauh in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: Hmm....

'Why Article 88? What is Article 88?'

Former FA of Malaysia (FAM) general secretary Ibrahim Saad (pic) is the latest to lambast the national body for hauling up national coach K.Rajagobal for apparently violating Article 88 of the FAM Statute.

Ibrahim, who served FAM from 2005 to 2007, said that Rajagobal is a staff and that action should be taken in a typical employer-employee manner.

Why Article 88 and not the Technical Committee, Ibrahim asks.

It must be noted Article 88 clearly states; "no official, FAM coach, affiliate or player, with the exception of the President and the General Secretary, without the prior approval of the Congress are allowed to contribute articles about FAM's administration or criticise FAM to the Press."

To that Ibrahim said cynically; "What is Article 88? It wasn't there during my time."

All this and more in the backpage of today's The Malay Mail.

HD says: Do read page 8 of The Malay Mail where not only Parlimen Bubar was trending but #BubarFAM was also seen on Tw…

TMJ quits as Johor FA president

Johor Prince Tunku Ismail Ibrahim has quit as Johor FA president after helming the association slightly over a year.

His presence in the scene raised eyebrows due to the manner he was made president and was seen at the sidelines which is only restricted to accredited personnel.

Money, and lots of it, was spent on getting some of the best players in town. Under his leadership, the management decided to change Super League club Johor FC as Darul Takzim FC while Premier League outfit Johor FA remained the same. Former Singapore international Fandi Ahmad was hired to guide the southern team.

There was also the 'spat' between Johor FA and Kelantan.

He spoke publicly about match-fixing in the league and even claimed a police officer was involved. Tunku Ismail spoke his mind and shared his views with the author as reported here.

However, Tunku Ismail's comments, lambasting FAM's attitude in combating match-fixing and the poor refereeing standards did not come down well with t…

Najib dissolves Parliament

The nation will gear up for the 13th General Elections after the Parliament was dissolved as per Prime Minister Najib Razak's live speech at 11.30am.

The Election Commission will meet before they announce the polling date which many believe will be later this month.

During his speech, Najib pacified fears of those in Lahad Datu, encouraging them to vote and that security in their area will be closely monitored by the security forces.

Today also marks Najib's fourth year in office, having succeeded Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2009.

For the build-up and reaction to this morning's announcement, visit here.

HD says: Let the games begin.

Best shot of the year?

"...Chong (Wei Feng) unleashed a ridiculous, blind, behind-the-back shot in the middle of an exciting rally. Chen, somewhat thrown by the shot, could only look on in bemusement once the exchange was over."

That was in reference toWei Feng's match against Singaporean Ashton Chen during a men's singles match in the on-going Axiata Cup.

If you call yourself a badminton fan, you must watch the shot.

HD says: Wah lau Wei, Feng!

Nothing in black and white?

UPDATE 10.50am: FAM makes a statement regarding an apparent "plot against Rajagobal".


Kenyataan kononnya wujud konspirasi dalaman FAM untuk mengugurkan Ketua Jurulatih Pasukan Kebangsaan YBhg Datuk K.Rajagobal. Dengan ini FAM ingin menjelaskan Laporan beberapa media tempatan berhubung perkara ini. Di dalam wawancara minggu lalu yang dihadiri oleh 3 orang wartawan dari akhbar berbahasa Inggeris, Setiausaha Agung FAM di ajukan soalan samada wujudnya konspirasi dalaman FAM untuk menggugurkan YBhg Datuk K.Rajagobal. Jawapan spontan Setiausaha Agung adalah didalam semua isu segala kemungkinan tidak boleh di ketepikan. Dukacitanya jawapan ini dipetik sebagai kenyataan utama yang di siarkan didalam akhbar. Sehubungan dengan itu FAM ingin memperjelaskan bahawa kenyataan Setiausaha Agung itu disalah ertikan. Dengan ini FAM ingin menyatakan bahawa TIDAK ada sebarang konspirasi…