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Do the right thing, Khalid Ibrahim

The Selangor government announced in May it had reserves touching RM2.8 billion.

During the tabling of the 2014 Budget at the Selangor state assembly last month, Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim revealed the state government had allocated RM2.28 billion.

Effective tomorrow, Khalid, elected representatives, executive council members, Speaker and deputy Speaker will receive massive pay hikes.

Khalid’s pay will increase by 106 per cent, from the present RM14,175 to RM29,250 while the salaries of the exco members will shoot up to 231 per cent (from RM6,109 to RM20,250).

One would think Selangor has got it right with plenty of cash to splurge. Wrong!

This is a state, that despite the billions in its coffers, had failed to address simple issues like the pot-hole ridden roads in Hulu Langat, faulty street lights in Ampang to failing to maintain hockey stadiums in Pandamaran and Petaling Jaya.

The pitches of both stadiums were pathetic.

In fact, the Pandaraman hockey stadium was declared u…