PPBN - Bergerak ke hadapan

Ada dikalangan peminat dan pemerhati yang mempertikaikan Program Pembangunan Bola Sepak Negara (PPBN). Walaupun masih ada ruang untuk menambah baik program tersebut, kritikan-kritikan tersebut memberi kesan kepada PPBN.

Saya berpendapat inilah masa bagi PPBN, sebagai satu program bola sepak akar umbi, untuk bergerak ke hadapan dan melakukan proses rejuvenasi.

Walaupun masing-masing berhak memberikan sokongan kepada individu-individu yang pernah dan sedang menerajui PPBN, saya berharap PPBN tidak mengalami isu-isu seperti padang rumput tiruan yang digenangi air apabila hujan serta "masalah kewangan oleh pihak atasan yang menyebabkan kelewatan proses tender dilakukan sekaligus turut mempengaruhi aspek pentadbiran."

Izinkan saya menyatakan bahawa terdapat juga pencapaian memberangsangkan oleh anak-anak muda PPBN.

Saya yakin pemegang taruh PPBN akan terus setia kepada pembangunan bola sepak melebihi kesetian kepada mana-mana individu yang pernah atau sedang menerajui PPBN.


No one owns Malaysian sports

The headline says it all.

No individual owns Malaysian sports. It belongs to everyone.

Salam Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin.

Ex-Youth and Sports Ministry officer's money laundering trial ongoing

I've been receiving calls and messages asking me what has happened to the case involving a former Youth and Sports Ministry official, Otman Arshad.

The trial is ongoing.

A quick check online revealed the last article pertaining this trial was published in April 2019.

Bernama reported that Otman failed in his bid to prevent Sessions Court Judge Azura Alwi from hearing his case on grounds of possible bias.

However, it is understood that the Court of Appeal agreed with the defence team and that the case was transferred to another judge.

The prosecution has called over 60 witnesses with a handful more remaining. The trial is scheduled to resume next month.

In April 2016, Otman, who once served as the ministry's finance division under-secretary, and three company directors were charged in three separate Sessions Courts with 191 counts of money laundering involving some RM16.6 million.

Otman, Abdul Ghafar Abdurahiman, his wife Siti Rohana Hussien, and Halmi Khalid claimed trial to …

Remove political appointees from Youth & Sports Ministry

1. Much has been said about the political uncertainty in the country over the past week. And the drama is expected to continue in days and weeks to come.

2. As Tan Sri Muhyiddin has been named the eighth Prime Minister of Malaysia. At the same time, The Youth and Sports Ministry has lost its minister which is aligned to former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

3. So what will happen to the political appointees, who were given key roles, within the Youth and Sports Ministry? I had, last year, highlighted the number of politicians who serve the ministry in an article published on news portal Twentytwo13.

4. Those who have links to the former minister should no longer play a part in the ministry. Moving forward, it is hoped that the ministry equips itself with those who understand 'youth' and 'sports' and appreciate its respective dynamics.

5. Also needs to be removed from Wisma KBS is the arrogant "I know it all" attitude. It must be stressed that within…

Unpaid wages in Malaysian football nothing new. But why?

1. The subject of unpaid wages in the Malaysian football scene is nothing new.

2. Every year, just before the new season begins, reports of footballers and coaches not receiving their dues for months hog the limelight.

3. This year is no different. Melaka United Football Association has embarked on a donation drive to raise funds to settle its 2019 debts, as reported by Berita Harian.

4. In 2011, several Kuala Lumpur fans initiated a Save KLFA campaign following the association's financial woes. The intention was noble but Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA) failed to capitalise on the momentum. Eight years on, KLFA still believes that placing a politician as its president will free the association of monetary issues.

5. Long term plans are alien to most sports organisations in Malaysia as its presidents and office bearers are only interested in making an impact, if any, during their term.

6. However, the guardians of Malaysian football had once implemented rules that would …

Can KLFA be truly saved?

1. Kuala Lumpur FA (KLFA) hogged the backpages of local dailes in the 80s and 90s, winning the Malaysia Cup for three consecutive years - 1987, 1988 and 1989.

2. However, the city team has been struggling to make an impact since mainly due to financial issues - despite the various politicians elected as the president.
3. In 2011, a Save KLFA campaign was initiated, as reported by Foul!
4. Yet, eight years later nothing has changed with the office bearers singing the same tune, hoping the team will be "among the best in the country".
5. That statement is as lame as "bola itu bulat". Shallow, expected, unimaginative and sheer rhetoric.
6. Over the weekend, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who is also the Federal Territories Minister, was named president. He will serve from 2019-2023.
7. Khalid joins the likes of former Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and several others in playing a role in KLFA. I wonder how different will it be this time around.

'Exercise hari-hari boleh hidup lama?'

1. I was jogging earlier this evening when a group of men, in their 40s, were smoking on the same pathway.

2. One of them stopped me and asked: "Abang, exercise hari-hari boleh hidup lama ka?" while the other two were sniggering.
3. I replied: "Mungkin mati esok, janji happy." And I continued jogging.
4. While it may seem as an innocent joke, or perhaps it's the alcohol talking, it is deeply disturbing for someone to downplay something as important as exercise. Even sadder, October is Bulan Sukan Negara.
5. But I have noticed that this is the perception by many - that jogging or exercising on a daily basis is only for the "entitled few". Some view it as a "waste of time" and that "exercising daily will not guarantee growing old gracefully." 
6. Some of my friends, who exercise almost daily, have heard others saying: "Orang kaya sahaja boleh exercise hari-hari." and "Alah, poyo lah. Bukannya atlet negara pun."