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'Illegals', fuel dictate new house prices

Four years ago a friend wanted to buy a house.
Many adviced him against it saying the property bubble will burst soon and that prices of houses will crash.

But he ignored such talks and bought the house anyway.

The bubble didn't burst. In fact, prices of house have escalated higher than before.

And property developers now say new homes will cost 10 per cent more due to the crackdown on illegals and hike in fuel prices, as reported here.

The friend is glad as he had forked out less for the down payment and could stretch the loan longer than most within his age group who have are now thinking to buy their dream house.

The friend also chided his other friends who claimed foreigners were apparently voting during the 13th general election, adding how the nation now needed them more than ever.

"Those Bangladeshis and Indonesians build homes for people like you and I to live in. Malaysians are too arrogant, rather become gangsters or hisap fit than to actually work. So don't be jealous or get worked up when these foreigners actually start businesses and succeed.

"And then you complain, saying how can they get citizenship. Now remember how those in the country felt when ship loads of foreigners entered the country in the 1910s? At least Bangladeshis and Indonesians can speak Bahasa Malaysia despite their short stay in the country...some Malaysians who have been here for 60 over years still can't speak the language!"

This friend is not a defender of Bangladeshi or Indonesians but insists he was just speaking facts - facts that we often choose to ignore, thinking we know best or to justify our cause.

What say you?

HD says: Even prices of houses in Taiping dah mahal.


  1. Whoever he saying that shiploads came in 1910s....tell that friend of yours...those shiploads that came account for more than half of the country's success and put our beloved country where it is to day!

  2. I agree with him on "At least Bangladeshis and Indonesians can speak Bahasa Malaysia despite their short stay in the country...some Malaysians who have been here for 60 over years still can't speak the language!"

    Keep on writing!!


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