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Statement from NSI CEO: Doping Issue

At this stage I have commented on all that I can comment on. The rest of what I may have to say on the matter, which is of any substance or of any consequence, for the benefit of the athlete's defense, will be heard by the international federation's hearing panel. To comment any further would be highly inappropriate in disrespecting the federation's procedures and may undermine our athlete's prospects at the hearing.

I fully understand and respect the public's desire to be informed but to strike a proper balance between that need, and the critical need to preserve the integrity of our ongoing detailed investigations into the matter is of paramount importance. Also important is our athlete's right to his privacy in the face of such a massive challenge to his good name and reputation, and it must be said, to his very livelihood.

I am aware of some digits that seem compelled to point themselves in our direction, with an apparent desire to apportion blame on a convenient target but we would wonder how conclusions can be reached by anybody without benefit of knowing all the underlying and pertinent facts that have yet to be revealed - obviously reserved for the hearing panel's examination?

We do not feel compelled to dignify such negative, irresponsible and unproductive murmurings by according any response to them at this time.

We would much rather concentrate our efforts to continue assisting our athlete in this terribly difficult time for him.

We would do well to support the athlete who has given us a lot of joy with his exploits through the years. It's best that we stand by him and wait patiently for this process to be completed, at which point most if not all questions will be answered.




  1. Where is the uniformity in our sports system?

    Was it lepas pandang, tak tahu or tak ambil tahu? Why there was no synchronization when treating the athlete to recovery. By saying that not being aware or not informed gives a very shameful outlook on those involved on the recovery process.
    Do we need rocket scientist to figure out the procedures and the administration of the substance - i think in Malaysian sports only a rocket scientist can figure it out - total shame!

    HSKL says: Completely incompetent officials charting Malaysian Sports

  2. Bro Haresh,

    After reading it,I thought it was April 1st, but then as far as Malaysian sports is concerned everyday is April 1st kan ?

    Don't believe me ? Ask the MAF affiliates who voted in a new Bulgarian president.......oooops sorry.... a pristine new president to lead us to glory !

    Peminat Sukan JB


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