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Ramlan saga - Part 3

UPDATE (May 23, 2012: 12.06pm): Dilema JKR, 'dua' ketua pengarah - this was brought to my attention. Read here for more.


I first wrote about the effort to remove National Sports Institute director general Dr Ramlan Aziz in March - as seen here.

Then I wrote about the same subject again early May.

I was invited to be a guest for this week's Kafe Sukan but had to decline as the recording was done on Sunday - the same day I left the country.

Apparently Ramlan's predicament was discussed. Despite receiving numerous SMS-es - for and against what was discussed - I will refrain from commenting as I have yet to view the show.

I have also been told there are efforts to get certain people to replace Ramlan. To me that is secondary.

I have still not obtained the answers to these questions;

1. According to the NSI Act, only the minister can hire or fire the director general. Has the minister issued such a directive?

2. According to the country's Labour Law, a demotion without valid explanation or prior warning is seen as unfair to the employee. Ramlan has been asked to head Adamas, a unit within NSI. Aren't government servants also subjected to such laws?

3. What is the reasoning to remove Ramlan? And if there is a valid reason, has it been documented and served to him by the minister?

Last but certainly not the least...

4. Wahai Mr Minister.....what's the story??????

If Ramlan needs to be replaced, so be it. Many other officials need to be replaced too. But there must be justification and reasoning. There must be fairplay.

p/s: Do not mistake this as an effort to "lobby" Ramlan's position in office. Unlike most - whether Ramlan sits in the seat or not (and this applies to other officials as well) doesn't make any difference to me. What is important is that the person tasked to do the job has the national sports interest at heart - not just to enjoy the opportunity of flying aimlessly across the globe.

HD says: And the radio is playing Pink Floyd's 'Money' now...."Money so they say, is the root to all evil, today...."


  1. The same story happen in 2004

  2. HD,
    Respect your comments and journalistic integrity (but hope you will be fair at all times). Just caught Kafe Sukan.... (I am with you on your p/s). I was sad to see an ex DG passing comments as if he was the saviour of Malaysian sports...if he the DG had only let people do their job in ISN in the early might have been a different story. Commenting that Malaysia lacks sport scientists of caliber only exemplifies his ignorance (or maybe senility).
    But your journalist colleague suggesting that an official from MSN (Ahmad Shapawi) to be interim DG of beyond me. His reasons were because that somebody had renegaded on a promise to Shapawi......that somebody (the DG from MSN?). Just promise autonomy to ISN; and see ISN realize its potential!.
    Datuk Mazlan said...those who qualified for the Olympics did so on their merit...those who have problems...ISN were unable to solve them. Datuk...can we also say ...all the achievements and failures during your tenure as the DG can be explained by your comments.

    Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!

    1. ex DG talking thru his nose!

  3. The #2 question just the same as happened to DG of JKR sometime middle last year. it was brought up to parliaments.

  4. Dear Mr. Haresh, i totally agree with you. Just for your info, i am currently a high school teacher with a degree in sports science and my school has visited ISN early this year. From what i saw, ISN has a lot of potential and has contributed to the success of our national athletes...true, they are things that needs to be improved, but since they just got their Act, what is the rush of changing the current CEO when he is just starting to implement the organizations plans? I saw the segment on Kafe Sukan and it is unfair to condemn and criticize Dato Ramlan and the whole of ISN without facts...and since i myself is a sports science graduate but opted to become a physical education teacher, i try my best to show my students the use of the sports science to succeed in sports, and from my personal opinion the current CEO is the best man for the job right now...i hope everything will turn out okay for him and the institute...all the nonsense and dirty politics should be stopped for the good of our sports industry. Thank you.

    1. you are right! I agree with you.

  5. Let bygone be bygone. ISN must work hand in hand with other agencies to make sure training of athlete's get better coverage. More expert must be rope in not just fresh graduate. Coaches and athletes want truly expert who can advice them properly not just using text book info when discuss with them.

    I believe ISN will play more importandt roles if focusing on sports science services rather then do sure heboh activities.

  6. You are absolutely right, Mr Haresh. I as a Tax Payer feel so upset and cheated by these `culprits. As far as i am concern, Dato Dr Ramlan is smart, loyal and has a high integrity. They shdn't put politics in sports at all. I would say Dato Dr Ramlan can become the Sports Minister or at least Deputy Minister rather than kill him like nobody business.

  7. The panel at Kafe Sukan were talking through their a*s^! They aptly represent the title of the programme, coffee shop talk. Giving opinions without any data. The discussion of the so-called informed panel who also blogs was pathetic yet he acts as if he is an expert. Inviting the former DG who slurred in his speech did not make things better. Just dont understand how the programme remain on air.From the beginning, the discussion was all out to discredit the targetted individual.It was a one sided affair and very unfair to Dato Dr Ramlan who was not able to defend himself.

    1. i agree with you 100%

    2. Yess....totally agreeddddd

  8. Yang paling menarik calon yang dicadangkan oleh "pakar segala pakar" sukan di Malysia...calon CEO baru tidak lain tidak bukan....SHAAAAAAAAAPAWIIIIIIII! Keluusan Pakar Pembangunan Sukan! Pakar Prestasi Tinggi!......lawak dunia...hany di Malaysia...graduan Sumber Manusia...dicalonkan sebagai CEO Institut Sukan Negara!.......hahaahhahahah
    Alasan...ada orang telah berjanji nak bagi pangkat kat dia! apa dia ingat ISN bapak dia punya!!!!!!!

    1. betol betol betol!

    2. Kalau individu yang dilamar itu menjadi CEO ISN, salam takziah kepada atlet negara kita! Kelulusan Bac Sains Pertanian dan Sarjana Pengurusan Sukan dari satu universiti Timur atau Barat ibunegara England nak jadi peneraju sains sukan negara kita??

    3. Another so called expert in commenting. Just for the sake of giving comment.

    4. Sapa la mangkak sangat komen. Jawatan CEO ISN bukan jawatan popularity woi. Kalau tak tahu pasal apa yg berlaku kat isn jangan komen la woi

    5. wallawei....boleh main janji pangkat N jawatan ka beb dalam goverment ni?...biar betoi rihalhashim...gaya bahasa dia dalam kafe sukan tu mcm kata kat zolkples jaaa...

      HD....kalau aku x silap la..kontrak ramlan habis hujung bulan ni...tu yang x sambung...kalau aku x silap la...korang reporters patut lebih tahu dari public

    6. kita tunggu dan lihat je...jangan buat judgement benda yg tak pasti lagi!!

    7. to anonymous @1:53am. Kalau jawatan tu tak popular, kenape kecoh2? woi engkau ke salah sorang 6 jahanam tu? woi

    8. ANON 11.36 PM, ko ingat asal graduate dr upm tu amik sains pertanian ke???

    9. I agree with Anon 11:36!

  9. doktor boleh jadi CEO ISN, so by right anyone who possesses the credentials can and must be appointed to head any organisation.

    yang penting boleh skills are required...

    and betul, NSC and ISN Bukan MAK BAPAK Korang punya, so anytime if your services are considered surplus to requirements, no need to cling on...

    1. Tuan kedaung sudah komen..shsssss semua

    2. And who decides " you are surplus to requirements " ..... A self gratifying journo; a minister;or a world class athlete? A slurring ex DG whose comments are venomous is certainly surplus to requirement!

    3. This guy Rizal Hashim is a crap. His interview program is so stupid that I find he is talking through his ass.

      In the sporting industry, many people know Rizal Hashim cannot get along well with Dr Ramlan and he chooses Kafe Sukan program to speak about Dr Ramlan,to me Rizal is talking crap. He should just stick to writing articles, instead.

  10. kepada semua, his contract is 2 years,started being CEO from KP late last year, about 6 months being CEO dah dikata kepimpinannya tak betol...haiya! He's done his job very well! thumbs up Dato Dr Ramlan! orang dok kutuk2 die pun, die diam dan bersabar aje..buat keje die aje. Tuhan maha kaya..dalam dok `orang2 itu' megutuk die, masa ni pulak Dato LCW cedera dan perlukan khidmat beliau... And die ade tugas penting untuk DLCW..Dato Dr je yang layak and qualified for this...nobodyelse in Malaysia so far. All the Best to Dato Dr semoga tuhan lindunginya dan keluarga beliau dan of course para2 athelete kita. Insyaallah.

    1. but yang rawat adalah pakar dari luar bukan dr how??

    2. Adakah Menteri turun ke padang jaga rumput......kalu CEO yg kena rawat....siapa pula nak merancang; mengurus dan mesti mentaliti tak matang....

    3. Anon 2:16, dr dari luar pun mintak nasihat Dato Dr. Harap maklum. Thank you.

  11. ISN apa? Hospital untuk atlet ka?

    ISN sepatutnya jadi AIS, with sports science in the forefront.

    no doubt sports medicine and rehab are crucial in helping athletes recover and rediscover their best physical shape...

    but what about sports science application? How many sports scientists are there in ISN?

    the slurring DG was boss to both Ramlan and Zol and he knows a thing or two about sports management...

    and surely he knows a thing or two about Ramlan and Zol...

    To those anonymous commenters, give me a figure on what has been done with regards to research and development, I will gladly reproduce them in my blog.

    but if you keep taking potshots at people and hiding behind anonymity, boleh belah la...

    at least datuk mazlan and i express our opinion without hiding behind any mask...

    and I assume none of the commenters here have had the privilege of covering ISN for two decades...

    do you know how many personnel have left ISN?

    how many were transferred from ISN but rescued by MSN? i know because they complained to me...

    so give me the benefit of the doubt...having known many personnel in ISN, i am in a position to express my opinion...

    unlike some who are on contract only for the past two or three years but acting as if he owns ISN


    1. Rizal talking cock. What did Mazlan achieve during his tenure as DG. Can Rizal produce statistics?

  12. Kesian tuan kedaung duduk tak senang. Lepas 5 hari masih merungut! Kalau tak tahan jangan jadi blogger, bro.

    1. Like........the issue here is not who says...but what is said! If you feel can't take the heat don't start a fire! the one thing that blogging has done is that it has put journos on the firing line....and looks like some of them can't take it.....bila jadi hos dengan izin bukan main nak put baru kena hembus....trying to get personal!

    2. Betol betol betol!

  13. haresh, blog about this la...all factual...don't worry...

    also utusan carried betul ka ada report on isn ceo?

  14. Folks (especially the many Anons), I am still waiting for the answers to the four questions I posed in this posting.

    Also, to those who disagree or would like to engage with Rizal Hashim, please leave your comments at his blog

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Haresh, yes! I agree with you, me too waiting for the 4 questions that not been answered. Anyway, hope Dato' Dr steadily continue doing his job ignore all speculations. Also if he agreed to go to Adamas, with his experience, qualifications and passion that he has he would definitely will bring Adamas into the limelight like what he did to ISN or even much better. GOD Bless!


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