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AFF Final fixed?

Jakarta Casual's Anthony Sutton speaks of a rather juicy scandal that is making its rounds in Indonesia.

For the record, Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup final by a 4-2 aggregate (Malaysia won 3-0 in KL; lost 2-1 in Jakarta).

Sutton, in his posting 'More Juicy Scandal' wrote:

"A story doing the rounds at the moment, well over the last couple of days, revolves around allegations that some Indonesian players conspired to 'throw' the AFF Cup Final 1st leg in KL.

I first heard allegations a couple of weeks ago and was given the identity of the players involved but as is policy I left it. Rumours is rumours and breaking a story like this is best left to people with better lawyers than I!"

Several Indonesian dailies have also highlighted the matter as seen here and here.

A case of sore losers? Or is there any truth behind such claims?

I would certainly like to get my hands on the supposed email.

Pix taken from

UPDATE (8.33pm): A little bird in Jakarta claims that the local Polis have confirmed that the email is fake. I would like to see the newspapers confirming this nevertheless.

Also note that the final was closely monitored (live streaming) by betting sites as seen here, here and here.

UPDATE (9.17pm): Got the email! But also got confirmation that Indonesian police not investigating the email which was signed off by an 'Eli Cohen, Pegawai Pajak'.

The second paragraph of the email states:

"Dari testimony yang disampaikan ternyata sangat mengejutkan yaitu adanya dugaan skandal suap yang terjadi dalam Final Piala AFF yang dilangsungkan di Malaysia. Disampaikan bahwa kekalahan tim sepak bola Indonesia dari tuan rumah Malaysia saat itu adalah sudah ditentukan sebelum pertandingan dimulai. Hal ini terjadi karena adanya permainan atau skandal suap yang dilakukan oleh Bandar Judi di Malaysia dengan petinggi penting di PSSI yaitu XX dan XXX (ia menulis inisial dua nama, Red)."

HD says: Anthony perhaps I could finally do my law degree some justice by 'advising' you if the need arises. Don't worry, I won't charge by the hour. Lol!!


  1. First it was the laser, now its game fixing. Definitely a case of sore losers.

  2. hahaha.not all can accept kekalahan.

  3. bangang!

    kelakar sungguh..

  4. x releven langsunglah...
    hbis 3-0 tu nk pertikaikanlah..
    dh keeper indonesia x reti tangkap bola.

  5. da kalah buat scara kalah lh

  6. tolong la logik sikit.kalau game ni dah ditentukan.lebih baik bagi 5-0 nak ber"drama" sampai ke indonesia.dah la kat sana pun kita bagi gol lagi sebijik..please la.kalau nak bt kontroversi pun.pandai la sket.budak sekolah rendah pun bleh pikir la...

  7. diorang nie buat cerita je padahal , xdapat tima kekalahan, dah kalah 2 kalahlh.. terima jelah..

  8. aduh..drama sinetron sungguh la..merepek n meraban


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