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Structured NSAs

THE Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) believe there should be a proper organisation structure and pay scale for employees of the National Sports Associations (NSA).

This was in reference to the “Developing the capacity of National Sport Associations” report by Brian Minikin and Prof Leigh Robinson from the University of Stirling.

OCM would like to see NSAs stand on their own feet and be financially sound to avoid interference by other parties especially the National Sports Council (NSC).

Apparently, Malaysia Athletic Union deputy president Karim Ibrahim quit as chairman for the national body’s coaching committee after complaining the coaches were “not listening to him as they were all under the payroll of NSC.”

Read all about it in today's Mailsport.

HD says: About time.


  1. Precursor to...."I'm not chairman of the coaching commitee....I don't know anything about the Bulgarian doctor and doping."

  2. The athletes don't like him;HE WON'T RESIGN. The coaches don't like him, HE WON'T RESIGN
    The reporters don't like him,HE WON'T RESIGN
    the fans don't like him,HE WON'T RESIGN
    WHY? BUT the secretaries like him!

  3. heheh..again you tried to pin down all problem created by the great karim to NSC. Why?? did you know that karim is the most powerful person in KOM and all decision he made supported by his cronies in KOM?? did you know all the coaches didnt like him because his arrogant behaviour and didnt respect the coaches. did you know he will choose only athlete and coaches who obey his command not because they deserve to go for overseas assignment.

    please do some honest report la dont blame other parties for karim fiasco.

  4. Honest reporting is the reason why certain individuals do not fancy me.

    Cheers to whoever you are and happy new year.

  5. I know you are honest and want to report the right thing but please sometimes you tend to side. Anyway good write up in malaymail. Keep up the good job

  6. HD...I'm with you. While Karim acts like Napoleon....NSC is filled with Little Napoleons....Anon 5:06.....Development is done by MSSM and NSC! KOM is bad because it brings the sport down. Low number of athletes...Athletes not in programs find little motivation to train with bare necessities...while the chosen one get everything ...and then the chosen ones quit when they get what they want.


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