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Mr OCM in trouble?

Olympic Council of Malaysia secretary Sieh Kok Chi (picture) is known to be one who speaks his mind.

However, it comes with a price as his latest comments that appeared in The Star - Mr OCM speaks his mind - has apparently not gone down well with some of the office bearers.

It is learnt that a letter was sent out, questioning Kok Chi's supposed "unethical conduct" as per his presumed statements that appeared in the daily.

This certainly reminds one of the FA of Malaysia's Article 88 saga.

HD says: That aside, Keong Hee Huat Chye to my Hokkien friends.


  1. Siapa makan cili mesti terasa pedas lah. Mr.Sieh should keep his views to himself and let sports rot in Malaysia. But is that what everyone wants?

  2. Reminds me of peribahasa Melayu "Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat....."

  3. Bro HD,

    Another efficiently administrated body is facing the vultures ! Doesn't this remind us to what happened to athletics, hockey, badminton, sepak takraw, football and other sports that were so well run and administrated by passionate people in the past ?
    SKC may have blundered.Or blunt.But the wolves were already wailing and smelled blood some 4 years ago bro ! Olympics (on and off the pitch) is a multi million ringgit business these days, and the bandwagon beckons for these people.Trust me bro, if SKC is forced out.....OCM will falter....and just when athletics is trying its best to catch up with lost times (pun intended), we can expect autonomous and crazy decisions from other associations when it comes to major events and competitions.Interesting times ahead. MSN ? Lets not talk about them.They love to drag sports to courts.

    SKC's den is surrounded...looks like there's little escape this time.The lion may have friends in far off places, but in his cave, there may be none this time. Sadly,another one is gonna bite the dust !!!!
    How sad.

    Peminat SukanJB.

  4. Thank you for posting the article. I was wondering what is this hu-ha was about until i read 'Mr OCM Article by Ms.Rajes Paul. 20 years is along time for Datuk Kok Chi to champion the sports association. he is of course lately known for his animosity with the NSC folks.

    I know some of the past and present Exco Members of OCM. The way I see it, a bad habit has been created where the Exco entrusted all work to the Secretary so much so that over the years he grew to become monster like that he thinks that he can do no wrong.

    Decisions are made by him without referring to the Exco as the Exco has always been ratifying his conduct. Of course now it looks like a its different ball game altogether in OCM.

    He has to come to terms that his old ways are no longer accepted today. Whats best for him is to gracefully call it a day as an official and probably become an adviser in sports. My Best wishes to him.

  5. Congratulations HD on your recent award.

    On this matter, Why must the Secretary of OCM which is the highest body in sports in Malaysia be personally involved in selling tickets? Dont they have a sub committee or realiable staff that can do the job? Pardon me but How difficult can it be to sell tickets? What is the difficulty in selling tickets that he is not telling? Are ther any profits to OCM when the tickets are sold? Where do such profits go to? Did the Exco or Council approve the purchase & sale of the tickets? These are some questions that a reasonable investigator would ask the OCM? What say you HD?

  6. Aiyaaahh... Its all about $$$€€€¥¥¥£££ ..lah

  7. Hello Anon Februaty 18, its Dato' Sieh ok and not Mr. Sieh! Have some respect brader!

    If Dato Sieh not there surely sports will rot .. Oh YES I totally agree with you.
    By the way, how much RM in total has been amazed in the last 20 years? You know ah?


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