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Top MHC official tells Azmi to tone down as comments could hurt national body’s relationship with FIH

As published in Mailsport today

By Nicolas Anil

KUALA LUMPUR — A senior official has lambasted a fellow Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) top official over his “ridiculous” comments against the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

MHC deputy president Raja Puan Sri Noor Ashikin Raja Abdullah was unimpressed with senior vice president Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad who was quoted telling FIH “not to meddle with (MHC’s) internal matters” following a disagreement over the national body’s amended constitution. He was also quoted saying he was unperturbed over the possible problems that may arise if MHC did not obtain FIH’s approval on the amendments.

Noor Ashikin, who is also Malaysia Women’s Hockey Association president, urged MHC members to adhere to the requirements drawn up by the world body in order for Malaysian hockey to move forward.

“Azmi’s comments are outright blatant and has to be in his personal capacity ... not one of MHC. FIH is the world body and we have to address issues raised (by them),” she said.

“I don’t want to create any controversy or step on anyone’s toes but his comments could deter us from competing in tournaments. Such matters must be done in consultation with the other officials and stakeholders.”

“FIH is the world body, MHC is affiliated to it. It’s a simple issue complicated by certain individuals.”

She added it was important for MHC to quickly address the matter at hand.

“Negotiations and goodwill are ingredients for success in an organisation. This is about the sport, not individuals.”

FIH had, in a letter dated Nov 17, stated it did not agree to several matters in MHC’s draft constitution, including the removal of a woman deputy president, setting three terms for office bearers and those aged above 70 are not eligible to stand for elections. The constitution was discussed during the extra-ordinary general meeting in Johor in October.

The letter, signed by FIH chief executive officer Kelly Fairweather and a copy sent to Asian Hockey Federation chief executive officer Tayyab Ikram, pointed out the amended constitution did not have provisions for gender equality and the new standard FIH anti-doping clause, among others. 

“Furthermore, I note that the governing Executive Board is not elected democratically but appointed by the president which is not in line with FIH governance principles,” the letter read.

It went on to say FIH “would be pleased to work alongside” MHC to produce a satisfactory set of statutes and regulations that could be proposed to the board for approval.

For the record, MHC president Tengku Abdullah Shah is also an FIH executive board member.


  1. For someone who has done nothing at all except hold position, it is shameful for you to open your mouth to comment on the sport . Get lost & disappear.


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