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IPCM: NSC never trademarked stripes

FOUL! is back online.

The Malay Mail reports what the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (IPCM) said about the National Sports Council's (NSC) supposed ownership over the three tiger stripe design:

"We have not seen any application from the NSC. Our records show Mesuma Sports (Sdn Bhd) is the registered proprietor of the design."

This contradicts Telekom Malaysia's statement:

TM wishes to clarify that we have obtained the legal rights from the respective rights owners, namely the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), to utilise NSC’s Panthera jersey, inclusive of both NSC’s and OCM’s logos, to be used throughout TM’s “Team Malaysia”.

And NSC's director general Zolkples Embong's statement:

“....NSC has registered the design” and questioned “what right does Mesuma have to register the design?”

But has the NSC registered this under the Industrial Design Act 1996 as discussed in Frankie D' Cruz's column here?

If true, then why NSC kept mum when Mesuma Sports' application to trademark the three tiger stripes went public prior getting the trademark certificate?

Did NSC register the design under the Industrial Design Act 1996 before the tiger stripe design was shown to public in 2005? Was it for 5 stripes or 3 stripes?

HD says: I rest my case.


  1. Apa main curi-curi ni NSC? Takde class ler.

  2. Mesuma yang curi..ada ke patut dia kata dia punya. dia supplier yang nsc suruh buat baju..the design and patern are conceive by nsc not by mesuma

  3. legally mesuma was right but they steal the design from nsc in the broad daylight

  4. Mesuma punya owner memang terlibat dengan konspirasi nak jatuhkan orang. Kita kenal dia lama sangat. Dahlah jadi multi millionaire masih tak cukup dengan apa yang ada. Dia mahu sapu business satu Malaysia. Tamak betul china ni. He is the master mind behind toppling great Malay Sports leaders. Macam dia ni bagus sangat. Tengkoklah dia ni..Orang dah benci kat dia yang gunakan duit until beli orang. Apa dia buat bila nak letakkan candidate dia dalam majlis olimpik Dan memastikan candidate dia menang dgn apa cara sekalipun. Sedarlah Kita orang. Macam mana sports negara ni nak Berkembang kalau Kita masih ada orang Yang buat perkara Jijik utk kepentingan diri sendiri Dan businessnya. Sudahlah George heng, cukup dengan duit haram u makan..hentikan kerja kamu yg kotor nak jatuhkan orang.


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