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Dr Ramlan asked to quit

UPDATE - Friday (11am): NSI chairman Prof Dr Mohd Zin Bidin said it's Dr Ramlan - for now. Read more in today's Mailsport.

UPDATE 9.51am:
I was informed there is a petition going around to discredit NSI and it was also published here. Once again, I hope it is mere talk.

3.24pm: It's business as usual - in today's Mailsport.


For those of you who actually care, National Sports Institute (NSI) chief executive officer Dr Ramlan Aziz (pic) is admitted at the Serdang Hospital as he is suffering from severe pancreatitis.

For the rest of you, Ramlan – who is brother to famous music composer Roslan Aziz – has been asked to leave his post by April 1, 2012.

Apparently a handful of individuals believe they can do abetter job running NSI. They vented their frustrations to the Sports Ministry secretary general Mohid Mohammad – or so I was told.

I was also told by someone reliable within the Ministry that a letter was issued to Ramlan last week.

Obviously everyone would now want to be the CEO of NSI. Since NSI is now an independent entity, they will be getting millions from the Treasury. RM40 million just as a start up. With that money you can buy more than 10 Rolls Royce Phantom (each costing about RM2.9 million). Otherwise, can 'invest' in some cows and a handful of condominiums.

Of course parties with vested interest will try and tarnish Ramlan’s image, like how they got rid of him during his short tenure as the National Sports Council director general (2005-2007).

And I was also told that a certain rather high ranking NSC official is tipped to take over Ramlan’s position – despite having no background in the medical profession. Apparently, the attempt is to ensure the 'high ranking official' does not continue to be a ‘threat’ in NSC.

I really do hope this is mere talk though.

For the record, I’ve had my differences with Ramlan. Remember my article Dr Defensive - in which Ramlan was defensive over his former boss Azalina Othman Said’s questionable expenditures during her time with the ministry?

But Ramlan has always been an open and transparent person. Tak kuat merajuk.
Ramlan will surely greet me, or shake my hand at the very least. Tapi bukan semua orang gentleman.

Such is the sad state of affairs of Malaysian sports - as reported in Mailsport today.

HD says: If such politicking is happening at this level, what more would you expect from those below.


  1. What background in medicine? If you at their background you'll find a fisheries grad; agriculture grad running d NSC! The other passion screwing anybody who don't share their way!

  2. don't simply equate the political issues of NFC and others with what's happening and cloud your judgement. A political science graduate may have the right qualification but not necessarily the aptitude, character and interpersonal skills to run the country. Likewise a sports management professional/physical education grad cannot be expected to be the perfect choice to run NSC. NSI may or may not be run by a sports scientist. Any organisation must be managed and run properly, in a transparent manner and with sincerity, regardless of their educational background or tertiary education. You have two degrees in law and engineering, but you are doing well as a journalist, aren't you?

    to have a little bit understanding of the spirit behind NSI's formation, kindly read

    1. Setuju bangat...tun mahatir mentadbir negara dengan begitu cemerlang walaupun berlatarbelakangkang perubatan. Boleh merealisasikan pembangunan putrajaya.

      The best manager manage and the medicore sit and see

  3. So mean to say NSC is doing a good job? Please don't let you preference for the guys in NSC to cloud your judgement! Remember what the then deputy DG of NSC said when he had to take over project DOHA 2006? (If I am not mistaken you were one of the reporters highlighting the shortcomings of the program)let me remind you "I cannot do much with the time left..."or words to that effect. DOHA 2006 turned to be the best showing at an Asian Games. As usual our so called journos forgot that the then DG of NSC was in charge prior to deputy DG taking charge! Journos like speak as though you are experts ........ I wish I am stable financially enough to take people like you in your own game! Rizal.....for me you are not even qualified to speak about sports.....And please stop equating being a sports journalist with an engineering degree to being the director of NSI with a fisheries degree....For Pete's sake it only shows your level of thinking!

    the most successful athlete from Malaysia thinks NSI under Dato' Ramlan is excellent but a self proclaimed sports expert things's not you is the loose canon loaded with blanks .....

  5. Outsider ever willing to prise anything under the sun event it is clouded by bad weather. The way anon 9.02 am speak I can guess who is the writer behind the anon. if you don't want people to comment in you blog don't try to flood comment in other. Behave la bro

  6. n who is 9.39am....pls guess i'm waiting with bated breath.....

    1. Me too..waiting for you to reveal your self

  7. never did i say anything about NSI or NSC...what I'm saying is that someone who is sincere can manage any organisation...and I am sincere enough to leave comments here using my nick linked to my blog, unlike some anonymous commenters...and I write self-proclaimed means exactly that, self-proclaimed...not acclaimed by is self-deprecating but many do not seem to understand english.

  8. dr ramlan was removed as DG of NSC because Azalina wanted to install Zol Embong there. It was a decision by the powers-that-be. Zol is now the most powerful personality in Malaysian sports as he is unfortunately the Minister's most trusted lieutenant. apa mau buat...

  9. “I am mentally strong thanks to the psychologist and support team that the National Sports Institute (ISN) provide for me during tournaments.” - Datuk Nicol Ann David *Ranked World Number 1 in Women's Squash.

  10. rizal and nallakaruppan have many similarities.

    1. ne blogger gaduh dgn bloger ka

  11. When it comes to NSC and NSI, there is a group out there who think it is their right to decide what happens in these two organisations. It is even more so with NSC. For a longtime now, this group who have the pen will twist and turn matters to their liking or agenda. Infact, this group at onetime were claiming that they determine what NSC is. So powerful they were that they were regarded as "king makers" in NSC. How did they get so powerful? Of course with the backing from NSC insiders. This group is now no longer in one place and moved on to different areas. But looks like, they are still working as individuals or have teamed up again for a common cause. Thus, is nothing new to see all these comments about Datuk Dr Ramlan, the agenda to remove him or make him resign, already having a person to take over the position as CEO and campaigning for the person, riducling people who write about the episode and all the backbiting going on. I wish, all these people who think they can decide who runs NSC or NSI, crawl back to hole they came from and let the professionals and the rightful people make the right decisions wioth favour and biasness. With all this turmoil at NSC and NSI, one wonders what capabilities they have to manage Malaysian sports, when they cannot even have their own house in order. It is indeed a sad state for Malaysian sports and it can only get worse. With everyone having their own agendas and changing colours like a camelon, sports is even worse than politics! Good luck to all!

  12. A small request to the many Anons and other possible commentators - you are free to take pot shots at me for reasons best known to you but please refrain from taking pot shots at other individuals. Please stick to the subject matter. Tq.

  13. Good advice bro

  14. Despite the many shortcomings and challenges that it endures, ISN had never failed to serve its course, anchoring the sciences of training through sports science and medicine support. Over and over again despite high number of turnover in staff, ISN consistently maintained its commitment and service track record. One of the accusations on Dr.Ramlan is high turnover of staffs. Please be advised that it is and mainly due to inability of the MINISTRY to get the sports science scheme right. The present scheme is S (Social services), which is also shared by temple priest and social workers. How could ISN retain its staffs whom practises applied sciences and carry out science researches, when they are not even recognised as C (Science) or Q (Research) scheme officers. There are no service and research benefits within the present S scheme which resulted in most of the ISN staffs jumping band wagon to a better scheme outside the MINISTRY of YOUTH AND SPORTS (ISN).
    Until the point where the act was gazetted, Dr.Ramlan was not exclusively in control of the finances and the discretion to allocate finances. His initial effort to get scholarship for majority of his staffs, as a plan to retain them turned futile as ministry’s senior officials didn’t see it fit to allocate contract staffs research scholarships.
    Only now, beginning from January – april that ISN’s CEO will be able to make his own decision as to how the money is spent. Unlike previous years, a sizeable allocation has been put aside as research grant ; with various collaboration with local and International universities for Masters and PhD opportunities. The last I gather, there are currently more than 40 staffs pursuing their Masters with half a dozen underlined for PhD under this initiatives.
    Would ISN be able to retain its staffs again? Will you with MSc/PhD and offered a S scheme; when your counterparts in other ministries enjoy the status as Science/ Research officers with salary nearly 2/3 above you?
    And they blame the poor Dr.Ramlan. I will in return ask why chief of staff’s in the ministry does not address the need for a scheme that represents the work of his scientist in the first place. Probably he’s too busy concentrating in participating in KBS leagues rather than in service matters of KBS.
    This very is the very reason why talks over permanent post for ISN often fall out, mainly because the officers feel the scheme does not represent them and JPA often gets confuse with the job description that’s forwarded to them. They ask why you have too many officers in a single unit? Why you need higher number of middle senior grades? Why you guys don’t follow the typical hierarchy of S scheme? ( which only allocates grades by means of hierarchy as in administration) This system does not allow ISN to retain its staffs whom are senior and have masters and PhD. Simply because the system does not accord 44/48/52 schemes for expertise in sciences but as promotional exercise in management.
    Now tell me how is it Dr.Ramlans fault? That poor guy is trying in his best of ability to get all this going while looking into the ever increasing demand for scientific and medical services and research movement as stipulated in the act.

  15. Perhaps the ISN CEO should ask himself why he doesn't have the support of the employees (whether current or former)...

    1. They are not good enough!

    2. They were not good enough

    3. Or perhaps if we gather those current and former staffs whom is in support of him and against him and ask an indipendent body such as price waters to do an audit on performance while in ISN, you'll find which group significantly contributed to research, publishes article in peer review journals and highly deemed scientist.


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