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Kelantan spat turns ugly

UPDATE 1.55pm: Just got off the phone with Peter Butler who is in Indonesia at the moment. Here is what he said:

"Let's get some facts straight. Firstly, I never walked out from Kelantan during my first stint. There was a clause in my contract stating Kelantan were to get back to me three months before my contract ended to notify me if they wanted to renew my contract.

They never did.

So I left as I was told they wanted to see how I would fare in the Malaysia Cup before thinking of renewing my contact.

I came back because despite leaving, Annuar Musa and I still kept in touch and were very amicable. He offered me the job as Kelantan will be playing in the AFC Cup.

What I noticed is that I was not notified about important things including the hiring of players. I would only be notified if I asked.

I do not have any problems with the management. Dato Afendi is a great guy, so is Tuan Haji Azman. I know the players were fully supportive of me as I have received text messages from them. But I was told, even by a prominent lady official, that someone hated my guts and hated the fact that I was a hit among the fans.

Yes, I did leave amicably but I would like to put the record straight based on the accusations that has been hurled against me.

I am a respected man and a professional. If I feel there is a problem, I will not go and lambast someone on Facebook. I would instead call the person up and talk to him face to face. The picture of me and Azman you saw on Facebook, it was a current picture but the picture was taken just to tell the fans that we've patched up. Honestly, we didn't even talk about the issue.

Look, it is not my intention to put anyone down. I just want to put the record straight

And in an email to me hours earlier, Peter ended the email by saying;

"I love that club (Kelantan) and the supporters they were great to me but they don't know the truth coz nobody has been brave enuf to stand up and speak the truth, he (Annuar Musa) hated the fact I stood up to him."

NOTE: This is to merely inform the fans of the episode in Kota Baru. Most have read Annuar Musa's comments in the past as seen on his Facebook page.


Considering all the meddling and interference I thought I did a fantastic job against all odds….”

Those were the supposed words of former Kelantan coach Peter Butler.

I received a phone call from a journo yesterday. After a short conversation and several emails later, the journo sent a full text conversation between her and Peter about the latter's time with Kelantan FA (Kafa).

The journo could not use details of the conversation as her organisation feared of the possible legal implications.

After reading the details, I am forced to agree.

Peter had used 'strong words' against Kafa president Annuar Musa. The Englishman has apparently “kept all conversations on tape and all text messages”.

It was also stated Peter and current coach Bojan Hodak do not enjoy a cordial relationship.

However, Peter seems to have a soft spot for several officials.

"The management at Kelantan were decent towards me, Dato Afendi of FAM is a good man, Haji Azman a good guy..." the statement read before Peter continued to lambast Annuar Musa, adding the former politician had used "
Facebook to disgrace" him.

I’m rather baffled over the sudden outburst by Peter since both parties had agreed to the terms of the termination.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case based on the statement I received. And it looks like the spat has turned personal - an epic match between Peter and Annuar Musa.

HD says:

Dear Peter,

Let’s meet up for coffee and we can go through the “tape conversations and text messages” you have. Perhaps I can then get a clearer picture over what exactly transpired between you and Annuar Musa in Kota Baru to better inform both readers and fans of this episode.


Haresh Deol


  1. I propose SS Daliwal be the next Sports Minister so that he can solve all these kind of problems.

  2. Annuar Musa??? I'm not surprised...

    HD...pls get me the tape..I want to hear oso...


  3. please..we wanna know through story..

  4. too...

  5. what the fu*k r u talking about.. if anuar musa not in the club.. this club is failed.. long time ago this club is nothing club .. but after anuar musa come into club .. he changed everythings..

    just from my opinion .. penyokong n9 ..

    1. nobody can stay relevant for ever bro. we thank him for what he has done to the fa, but if he keeps on meddling with coach's affair (as some accuse, i dont know for sure), i think he's got to go.

    2. cakap elok2 lah. jangan nak what the f**k sangat. cakap penyokong n9 beradat, aku pun penyokong n9 jugak. boleh je cakap elok2.
      kalau asyik2 nak cakap TSAM banyak naikkan kelate, sampai bila pun tak dapat nak salahkan dia. kadang2 kes dalam padang, biar coach yg settlekan.

      just from my opinion. penyokong n9 jugak.

  6. your english sucks man.. just like me.. wakaka

  7. Yes, he changed everything.. credit when its due.. but if you read his FB post lately, you can see where is this going..

    1. dia mmg ahli politik.. bia la dia nak ckp pasal politik..fb dia bukan page rasmi red warriors.. so dia ada hak nak ckp pasal politik.. jgn sempit sgt dengan politik ko la bro...

  8. bro penyokong n9,

    U r rite and I agreed..TSAM byk sumbangan kpd bolasepak Kelantan!!! itu tidak boleh jadi sebab dia bebas melakukan apa shj...

    Infact, we just want to know the truth. any problem with that???

    u must remember also... without fans, KAFA is nothing also bro...


    1. I like U lah....

      TSAM tak boleh jadi Roman Abrahamovich. Akan jadi masalah nanti... Apa yang saya nampak sekarang ni berlaku pada pengurusan team Kelantan, terutamanya TSAM... beliau cuba untuk menjadikan TRW sebagai "STEPPING STONES" atau "MILEAGE" karier politiknya ... Wallahu'aqlam....

    2. btl tu..nmpak sgt steeping stones beliau...puii tsam

    3. xda kaitan la.. nuar musa mayb x lekat pun PRU nnt.. sumber kemah keming loni.. org yg taksub nga PAS je akn pk mcm tuh..

    4. Bro anon 5.44pm...ini bkn isu pas, umno, dap, mca, mic mahupun suppp n semuanya...simple je...kita nk tau kejadian sbnr kenape butler mahu tamatkan kontrak?tsam ckp dlm fb hj azman da setle siap dgn gmbr, tp butler deny? Ape citer?

      Kami sbg fans yg juga memberi sumbangan kpd kantung kafa berhak mengetahui cerita sbnr...bersihkan hati, matangkan fikiran...


  9. In term of management, Anuar did put a good effort to make Kelantan as we see today. But when it come to football, I think he is a bit off, need to be more specified on his role. Also need to be more professional.

    1. Agreed. No Stadium in Malaysia (other than in KB) can fill almost 80% of the capacity in most of the games played.

  10. TSAM sucks in several occasion

  11. Guys, do you know anuar musa took (steal) zairul fitri from kedah without any compensation even though he had signed contract with kedah n played few times in the league already at the middle of league season. kedah's manager at that point of time is also BN guy. And i'm wonder where anuar musa get money when najib said kelantan is the poorest state. haha

  12. Whilst I may not be agreable with some of TSAM's footballing decision in managing Kelantan, but let be realistic, I see no one can take over Kelantan FA and be as succesful as him. Seriously. Dare to challenge anyone who's willing to handle kelantan FA next year. Kelantan will be in 2nd tier of Malaysian League by 2014!!! We've seen this before! Remember, when Ringgit Kreative succesfully managed to steer Kelantan into Malaysia Cup semis in 1993 (coached by M Karathu) and then being taken over by some state political figure 2 years later..The results, Kelantan football team were going down thereafter

  13. nice one haresh deol.. i think the way president of KAFA want to make kelantan bcome top FA in M-league is such disgrace. poor butler that cant make any use of the title as coach bcoz in kelantan FA, anuar musa is ONLY THE BOSS. TRUE STORY

  14. betulkan aku kalau salah.maklumla aku ni bukan peminat TRW. ni kali kedua kan Butler tinggalkan kelantan?. dulu pun sekali, tiba2 hilang.sathianathan sambung. pas tu dtg balik, hilang pulak. nak kata TSAM anuar musa ni teruk sgt kenapa sathianathan & karathu elok jer dgn dia. infact kelantan byk dpt trophy pun masa dgn diorang la, bukan dgn butler nih. aku bukan apa. kut ada pihak2 saja nak lagakan kelantan dgn TSAM sbb jeles dgn kelantan skrg. tiba2 hebat dlm liga. lgpun kau orang ingat sbb butler ni mat salleh semua cerita dia boleh pakai ker?

    pendapat aku je la.

    1. Anoy, dah ada cerita pasal tu kat mula-mula cerita tu. Awak faham bahasa Inggeris ke ni?

    2. What Anon(Mar 9 05:01PM) is trying to say is Butler has been here (in Kelantan ) twice and yet no trophies whilst Kelantan did well under Sathia and Karathu. Being a fanatic Kelantan fan, personally I dont like the way Kelantan played under Butler (typical British long ball game) versus Karathu (short-passing ala Barca/Arsenal).Put the politics aside, the decision made by TSAM is is right though the manner in which it is done may not be proper. On the other hand, I also doubt Bojan Hodak's capability but is willing to give him benefits of the doubt. (PokNik)

  15. mmg coach Kelantan x kan dok coaching TRW lame2..kalau bukan TSAM, fans Kelantan yg buat hal..senang citer, tny Abdul Rahman Ibrahim..die sendiri pnh ckp, live lg dlm tv..

    1. Bro, rahmang mana pnh jd coach trw bro...cite dia based on his point of view, n x from his experience...

  16. apa yg jelas .. setiap kali contract dia habis awal2 di mana-mana tepat dia dpt compensation ... tak nampak ke ... dia dpt byk duit bila kena buang ?? Salah satu cara cari duit lebihhh?? ... Elllooo Buttler???

  17. before this butler resign from india without finishing their contract also.


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