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Malaysia di tangga 158 Fifa; ranking masih tidak penting?

Ranking terbaru Fifa yang dikeluarkan pada 17 Januari menunjukkan Malaysia berada di tangga ke 158 jauh di belakang Vietnam (134), Thailand (138) dan Filipina (147). Juara Piala AFF Singapura dan Indonesia pula di posisi 154 and 156 masing-masing.

Berapa lama lagikah harus kita berpuas hati dengan prestasi tidak menentu skuad Harimau Malaya?

Baca laporan penuh Malaysia di tangga 158 Fifa; ranking tidak penting?

HD kata: Haih......


  1. HD, who selects Harimau Muda team(players)? Is it Rajagopal or FAM or combination of both? Based on the newly release list, it appeared to me that its RAJA + FAM! A case in point is why is Badri Radzi/Piya (who has been performing for the past 3 seasons albiet locally) not in the list whilst Fauzi Roslan from Pahang (who only performed for the last 2 games)is in the list?

    You don't need to be genuis to know that this is clearly a favouritism. Whilst applaud the decision to include Farhan (and dropping Safiq) in the list, who will be our playmaker then? Gary Steven (maybe) and where is Nazmi Faiz? I do understand why his name is not there as this is just friendly game but I still dont quite get why Piya's name is not there!!

    Based on the above, FAM should take the responsibility for the drop in FIFA's ranking.

    Pak Nik

    1. Paknik, dgr cite safiq not in the list due to suspension...n Amar rohidan yg suam2 kuku pun still in the list???... safiq n piya are not in the list, so who will be the playmaker???


    2. safiq kena kad merah so kena gantung.

    3. Playmaker ??? Apa susah hati..Amar Rohidan kan ada..centreback (Final AFF) pun boleh, right back (Asian Games Guangzhou) pun what's the issue..saya kenal pemain saya...


  2. Haresh,

    Trust me, until end of our life, our national team will not go to World Cup if this mentality still with FAM and the coaches.

  3. Apa yang hebatnya sangat pemain2 Malaysia sehingga kita seringkali bicarakan. Bagi aku, kemamapuan permainan yg dipamerkan setakat ini oleh pemain2 Negara adalah sangat2 biasa aje...
    Kita masih ketandusan pemain2 berkaliber yg luar drp biasa dgn kemampuan luar dijangkaan.

    Kita telah gagal dlm usaha kita selama ini di semua peringkat sukan bolasepak untuk melengkapkan pemain2 dgn daya fikiran yg boleh meletakkan mereka dua langkah kehdapan(Kemahiran mental).

    Sangat malang bagi FAM selepas sekian lama masih gagal dlm pembangunan. Perancangan FAM gagal untuk melatih kemahiran mental(kaedah: sesi soal & jawap tentang permainan b.sepak)

    Kesimpulanya, pemain2 yg ada skrg hanya boleh bermain bola, tetapi tidak faham bermain bola.



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