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FAM website hacked!

LATEST (9.23am): The FAM website cannot be viewed.


(1.53am): Got this from twitter -

Philip Golingai

they also splashed red paint outside fam office. if targets were different it could have caused race riot.

14 minutes ago


It looks like the fans have taken matters into their own hands.

Unhappy with the pricing of the Malaysia Cup final ticket (RM50 each), the FA of Malaysia website has been hacked.

It remains unclear when the website was altered.

The FAM logo has been changed while the words posted on the website are as below;

"So hang ckp ni negara demokrasi eh? So kami tak puas kami godam ja.. Don`t blame us sh*thead u ask for it dlm suratkhabar ni. Penyokong bebas buat apex2 je

Wahai FAM si kapitalis anjink!! Anda sentuh jiwa, kami hancurkan poket anda. Kami mampu buat lebih lagi daripada ini. Kami mahu ranking naik dan harga tiket turun, bukan ranking turun tapi harga tiket naik. Rakyat terseksa dengan ideologi rm 50 anda. Alasan tak masuk akal. Anda jangan fikir rakyat bodoh. 100 tahun baru boleh bolasepak Malaysia maju yer!!! cakap pakai b*nt*t ke wahai FAM....."

This is not the first time FAM's logo has been altered - as seen here. This is also not the first time the website got hacked as seen here.

HD says: Things are getting heated up by the minute.


  1. and i wonder if things would have been different if different teams were to made it into the Finals.

  2. Oh, and further to my comment above,

    can someone please get them to stop making dumb statement? Not helping their (non-existent) reputation, that's for sure. FAM decided that both teams will be playing at Shah Alam Stadium, and suddenly the fans have to bear the cost of repairing the field which they have not even used yet. Why not make Terengganu and Selangor pay during the semi-finals? No one bothered to check the condition then?

    Oh, Happy Diwali (albeit a bit too late), sir.

  3. 1) Hamidin = FAM = FAS ;he is the mastermind of all things happened. The venue due to his expectation that Selangor will be in Final. Ticket increased due to Selangor is not the finalist. Everything is for Selangor good

    2) Azuddin; like he said in Dengan Izin, he just a delivery boy. Whatever committee's decision, he will delivery it to the press...hahaha...very safe answer...kata je bekas mejar askar, tp PENAKOT....

    3) Presiden??? no need to talk can find so many blogs, so many FB created to ask for his resignation...tak boleh boleh derhaka bro, nanti kena tulah...hahaha...



  5. Need more than hacking, as the website seemed to be non existence . Most of news and article posted on the site are seldom updated. The various unit are not actively disseminating information to the public especially to the football fraternity. A multi-million ringgit association can't even managed a websites. Look at FA Singapore website , what a difference!!!

    Why Shah Alam Stadium???? Any hidden agenda- must ask the henchmen of JKPT FAM!!!!. No need to increase the price of the tickets as FAM has received enough funds from various agency such as MSN, ASTRO, TMNet, etc.etc.etc.What is MSL role in generating funds and other aspect of marketing ?? So why taxed these group of people who keeps football alive !!!!

    NRudin Abdullah


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