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Oh why so confusing FAM?

Why does the FA of Malaysia (FAM) constantly allow itself to be criticised by fans and observers alike?

The steps taken and the decisions made by the national body are rather mind boggling most of the time. True they have taken the liberty on many occasions to correct members of the Press claiming the latter are often ‘confused’ and fail to grasp the mechanics and regulations placed within the national body.

Yet, there is a saying among those who have read law; "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done” (R v Sussex Justices, Ex parte McCarthy [1924])

Sadly, justice was not seen in the sentencing of four Armed Forces players namely Shukor Adan, G.Jeevanthan, R.Surendran and Fitri Omar who were suspended for several matches. Skipper Hairuddin Omar, meanwhile, was let off with a stern warning.

Members of the Press were confused indeed.

Confused to why no Selangor players were hauled up. Checks with the Selangor camp revealed that none of their players nor coach Irfan Bakti was called up prior the sentencing by the Disciplinary Board. This was confirmed in Sports247’s report as seen here.

Confused to why Armed Forces coach B.Satianathan received a letter to appear before the DB for the same incident after the sentencing?

“I got a letter but I have not read it yet as I just finished my training session. I was told that I am supposed to head to Wisma FAM on March 27,” said Satianathan.

March 27 is just two days before ATM’s clash against Kelantan and the last thing Satianathan would want is to be bogged down by such issues. He is already suffering from a major headache with the suspension of his players and several others who are floored with injuries.

That aside, what about the Selangor players? Aren’t they supposed to be sentenced at the same time (if there were found guilty)? Then again, how would one know if they are guilty if they were not hauled up in the first place?

Shouldn’t investigations revolve around all parties involved – ATM and Selangor – before any penalty is imposed?

There are just too many questions. FAM is lucky players in the country have yet to fully understand the meaning of professionalism or they would have turned up with their army of agents and lawyers instead. Try pulling such a stunt on Lionel Messi.

Help us FAM. Help us understand what exactly are your intentions in order for us, members of the Press, explain your decisions to the masses.

We are ever willing to listen and if there are such regulations in place, who are we to argue for a bad law is still law isn’t it?

Also, who are we to criticise if the decision makers, who sit comfortably in the many committees and are able to rectify or amend such laws including the infamous Article 88, decide to keep quiet instead?

Help us help you. 

HD says:  Did you know the song 'Dazed and Confused' was originally written and performed by Jake Holmes. It was covered by the Yardbirds before it became a huge hit for Led Zeppelin.


  1. Hai-O yang meleraikan pun kena amaran.

    Maknanya lain kali, jika ada pergaduhan atau pertengkaran, biarkan sahaja kepada pengadil dan pegawai FAM yang uruskan.

    Walaupun anda kapten pasukan.


  2. I'm not surprise with fam decision. That's decision is well expected. Already proven a few times when it comes to their favourite team. So many excuses. selamanya x adil.
    Maya adelia

  3. dah la keputusan lambat dibuat; bila dibuat, jatuhkan kesalahan pd satu team yg shj. w/pun akan ada 1 lagi mesyuarat j/kuasa disiplin utk mghukum team lagi satu (27hb ni kalu x silap), tapi agak pelik kenapa x jatuhkan hukuman serentak?

    nampak sgt;
    i) dato hamidin (PENGERUSI J/KUASA PERTANDINGAN) main peranan.
    ii) moral ATM (selaku pencabar utama selangor, selain JDT, lions xii) cuba dilumpuhkan dlm perebutan liga. (mesti la pengerusi j/k pertandingan ambil peluang..)

    untungnya jadi anak emas FAM.


  4. Who is calling the shot. Why Dato Azizudin was not around? Why Dato Fuad? Has Dato Hamidin has an influential role to play in the decision making? Looks like the Selangor players are bunch of angels without any flaws?? Let an independent body review the video recording and get a second opinion about the incident. No double standard. For the good of the game, Let the spirit of Fair Play be prevail and be respected .


  5. As long as it involved Selangor and Pahang (obviously), you will get this kind of treatment from FAM and you dont have to be genius to know the answer!!!

    Pak Nik

  6. FAM melihat yang bergaduh tempohari adalah pemain - pemain ATM sendiri tanpa melibatkan pemain - pemain Selangor. Itulah sebabnya ATM dihukum. Hai-O diberi amaran keras sebab selaku kapten dia tidak meleraikan pergaduhan rakan - rakannya sesama sendiri. Jika Selangor dihukum nanti Stadium Shah Alam tidak dapat digunakan oleh pasukan Malaysia manakala Pengerusi J/kuasa Pertandingan Tempatan akan mengucar-kacirkan jadual liga tempatan kerana ia membabitkan Skuad Selangor. Sekian adanya

  7. I proposed the song "Against all Odds" as the second theme song for this debacle.


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