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'FC Canberra kecewa dengan akhbar Malaysia'



The Canberra Football Club melahirkan rasa amat kecewa dengan laporan akhbar-akhbar tempatan Malaysia yang seolah-olah memperlekehkan kemampuan Kelab tersebut.
Presiden Canberra FC, Marco Vrkic dalam suratnya kepada Pengurusan Pasukan Bolasepak Kebangsaan Malaysia, berkata pihaknya merasa amat kecewa kerana pasukan mereka dikatakan terdiri daripada juruletrik, mekanik dan tukang paip.
Menurut Vrkic, Canberra FC, telah melahirkan ramai pemain seperti Ned Zelic, Jospi Simunic dan Tony Popovic dan lain-lain.
Ramai pemain FC Canberra yang beraksi ketika menentang Malaysia pada 6 Jun lalu sedang dan akan menjalani ujian pemilihan bersama beberapa Kelab A-Leaque, malah ada yang sudahpun bermain di Asia dan seorang lagi akan kembali ke England untuk ujian pemilihan kali kedua.

Menurut Vrkic, untuk perlawanan mementang Malaysia, pihaknya telah menjemput lima pemain terbaik di Canberra untuk menjadikan pasukan mereka lebih mantap.

Kenyataan penuh FC Canberra dikirim bersama dengan Siaran Media ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.


  1. I, think people at FAM are somewhat confused and lack the wisdom when charting the overall development of the game to achieve the desired results or outcome. They often, do things just for the sake of doing. Vision and awareness, are very terribly lacking in them to do the job, they have become merely a "rubber stamp."

    How can we allow our national team to play clubs level teams? This kind of decisions costing us not only money, also most obviously, the standard we are in today.The lack of research and the ability to do so are horribly missing in FAM when decisions are made. How can we allow politician and palace related people to chart the future of human development.- Malaysia Boleh!

    In Europe and America, professors, doctors and scientist were the people responsible for where they are today.(SPORTS PHILOSOPHY)

    Unfortunately, FAM has failed miserably in rising the Malaysian Footballing standard, 'big time" To recover minimum, we need 20 years programs just to only recover. But, first we, ourselves need to sincerely come clean, only than is workable(Blessing from the almighty)

    Human capital development in general, one must have the highest consideration of "spiritual approach" - only than, it is complete.

    HSKL says: Think about it, and you shall find it...


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