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Singapore to play Thailand in AFF Cup final

It was nothing like the first leg semi final clash at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

Malaysia gave their visitors a run for their money despite the laser lights dancing around the bad field.

It was a different story in Bangkok.

The pitch was equally bad but South Korean referee Lee Min Hu will have a lot of explaining to do after sending off Fadhli Shas in the first half of the return leg semi final clash between both nations.

Both teams were overly cautious in their tactics with Thailand spending most of the time in the Malaysian half. All they needed were two quick goals in the second half - courtesy of Teerasil Dangda and  Theerathon Butmathan (60th and 65th minutes respectively) sealed the deal for the host nation as they advance to the final with a 3-1 aggregate.

Are the national defenders to be blamed for the two goals?

Members of the Media in Bangkok quoted national coach K.Rajagobal as saying he is "proud of his lads" and will now "focus for the (AFC 2015) Asian Cup qualifiers" which begins next year.

Based on the overall standards of the tournament, it is believed that Malaysia and Thailand were the deserving finalists.

It would be of no surprise if Thailand will go on to win the AFF Cup in the two legged final (Dec 19 - Singapore; Dec 22 - Bangkok).

So was the Harimau Malaya squad truly prepared for this tournament? Have we forgotten about the poor results chalked during the friendly matches and the string of excuses?

Are we still fangless up front?

Or based on the performances and circumstances - Malaysia did pretty well this time around?

HD says: Hmm..


  1. Yes, refere made some uncalled decision aspecially the second red card to Fadli Saas.

    Yes, based on the first 42 minutes play, the best result that Malaysia would hope for is a no goal draw - a result that still qualifies Thailand to the final.

    They know we desperately need to score. So they patiently wait for us to be overdoing in our attack.

    In conclusion,

    A ding-dong performance does not equal a champion performance. Period.

    p/s So nice of Rajagopal to brush off the failure to defend the title and swiftly move on to the ACQ. Does he really think he still has the right formula to go against those middle east countries when we can't even out-do our neighbours in our own region?


  2. With players like Bunyamin,Amar,Azimuddin in the 1st eleven, there's no way Malaysia was going to beat Thailand last nite. Granted, the ref's decision was a bit off. Fellow Malaysian, please take out your rose tinted glass and you will see that even with 11 men, Thailand was more likely to score goal than Malaysia.The players that represented Malaysia in the AFF tournament are not the best 22 in Malaysia. They are more like FAM's team rather than Harimau Malaya...Rajagopal, your time is up!!!

    Pak Nik

  3. The damage was already done when we lost to Singapore in the first game. If we had won or even drawn against Singapore, we would have faced Philipines and played the second leg in Bukit Jalil in front of our own fans.

    We should have learnt from the defeat to Singapore in the world cup qualifiers and improved. However, it was not to be.

    The current team seemed to lack creativity and the finishing touch. We could have scored more against Thailand at Bukit Jalil in the first leg. While it is agreeable the referee spoilt it by giving a second yellow card to Fadhli Shas in the second leg, these things are beyond our control. We should improve on things that are within our control such as strengthening our defence and improving our finishing touch.

    The question now to be pondered is whether the current coach has the capability to bring us to the asia cup in 2015

    1. The answer is no. Rajagobal's time is up. We have not really improved since 2010. Thanks but somebody else should take over as the head coach. Let's not start talking about changes in FAM....

  4. What's next Raja!!?

    Now that we are dumped out of the AFF, what's next?
    Are we able to rise to the occasion?(ACQ) Can we match the heavyweights in our continent?

    As for AFF, they are so miserable and incompetent as the organizer of the event. So much so, they failed to set the standard and educate the region on matters related to pitch and hospitality ditched out.

    As for the match officials, there is something fishy again...(TOMYAM MASAK BOLA-BOLA)
    Can we seek some explanation on why the referees came from Korea? The middle-eastern refs were doing a fine job and why change them?

    AFF must explain this. Investigation should be done on them with regards to where they stayed in Thailand who they meet during their stay the in and out going calls from their cellphone.

    Can anybody add-on?

  5. 1) ranking tak penting, jadi AFF cup tak penting.
    2) sarkas friendly national team against EPL teams adalah satu kebodohan abadi FAM sejak zaman mokhtar dahari lagi.
    3) padang bola di stadium bukit jalil bukan untuk sambutan dan kempen politik
    4) fixtures liga patut keluar awal bukan sebulan sebelum liga nak start.
    5) players yang di pilih jgn rasa dah cukup star. passing bola pun masih fail.
    6) rajagopal jangan supersticious sgt dengan past glory.
    7) amar rohidan sucks.

  6. I felt like giving a yellow card to Rajagopal for the WCQ defeat to Singapore and a second yellow for AFF jouney that ended last night.

    There you go, Rajagopal. You now bagged in an automatic red card. Don't pretend like you did not know, you are warranted to leave the field.

    p/s If you like experimenting so much, why not try a career as a lab assistant.


  7. Rajagopal would rather played his favourite players (Bunyamin and Amar) out of position just to let them play. Dont tell me that Azmi Muslim or Zubir are even worst than Bunyamin at left back. He cant even kick using his left leg.

    Pak Nik

  8. Apa beza corak permainan kita dari 2010-2012 ? Tiada beza ! AFF dah kalah adakah kita boleh menang di Australia nanti ? sudah sampai masa RG berundur.


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