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All I want for Boxing Day...

UPDATE 6.06pm: And I had this to tweet: When blog about football I get constructive comments but on hockey I get childish name-calling comments. A reflection of both sports? 


Haresh Bhai, For your information, the blogger got his news from a correspondence in Doha via FB postings & obviously Bernama picked that up. The results of Malaysian matches were updated regularly in the MHC website. Give some credit lah bro, don't always whack only... Also your suggestion for media officer for tournaments is asking too much lah bro, why spend unnecessarily just like MHC have learnt a valuable lesson not to pay RMXk to a blogger to be the media officer for a local tournament lasting 6 weeks. Just stick to blogging enough lah... Anyway, Merry Christmas & hoping for a better 2013 for Malaysian sports. 

This was a comment by a reader from the previous posting 'All I want for Christmas...'

Firstly, thank you for leaving your opinion in the comment box.

Now to answer/seek further clarification (in blue) about the comment.

Haresh Bhai, For your information, the blogger got his news from a correspondence in Doha via FB postings & obviously Bernama picked that up.

From the looks of it, this blogger is well connected with correspondents every where (via FB, Twitter, etc) and the national news agency saw it fit to pick it up as it is credible.

The results of Malaysian matches were updated regularly in the MHC website. 

Perhaps, but it is not the primary source for those who are keen to follow the local hockey scene. The picture above is a print screen of the official website taken this morning and note that the latest story was on Dec 24, 2012 taken from The Star. Who is the source? MHC or a local daily? (just asking).
Selangor HA seems to do a pretty decent job updating results after every match day through emails. Perhaps we could all learn from them.

Give some credit lah bro, don't always whack only...

I would love to credit. I would love to write a posting praising the efforts of MHC, its officials and the national hockey scene (not being sarcastic here). I have credited MHC thorough its 1Mas programme in the past and our national players (read here and here)  But credit should be given when due lah.

Also your suggestion for media officer for tournaments is asking too much lah bro, why spend unnecessarily just like MHC have learnt a valuable lesson not to pay RMXk to a blogger to be the media officer for a local tournament lasting 6 weeks.

Erm, why the need to hire someone else to do the job? As per the MHC Executive Board 2012, MHC has two senior vice presidents, 10 vice presidents and 16 affiliated representatives. Not even one can do the job? (once again I'm merely trying to find out what do they actually do?). If MHC is a professional set up, they would have a Media officer dealing with the Press and to do damage control. And if MHC needs to hire, then it's a call that has to be made by the council members. 

Just stick to blogging enough lah... 

Well it looks like one man blogging gets more attention than an association with 38 council members. And it looks like the national news agency finds blogs more credible than official websites (just pointing out the obvious).

Anyway, Merry Christmas & hoping for a better 2013 for Malaysian sports.

Merry Xmas to you too (sir, miss, maam). Yes, here's hoping for a better 2013 for Malaysian sports. All I want for Boxing Day now is - once again - some form of professionalism in Malaysian sports.

HD says: The author is not affiliated to any party, blogger or individual and this posting merely points out the facts surrounding the question that was posed as part of a comment. Constructive, critical comments and/or opinions are always welcomed. Happy Boxing Day folks!


  1. You are right by all accounts, in the end its about taking ownership, reducing red tape and moving forward, but many a times we seem to be warped in a wormhole going thru the same endless loops. Trust me when I say this its FRUSTRATING

    The power to generate revenue from the internet, the ability to disseminate information is not appreciated enough. As the official website - people dont realize its far reaching ability and potential.

    The power of the websites are not realized by many sports organizations, there is a lackadaisical attitude of the need to provide information. Information that is not bound by office hours but 24 hours aday

    I wont fault other who can do the job better, it just inspires me to do my job better.

    It does not take much to updated the results all you need is a proper flowchart. Like a match official texting the result and goal scorers to a central person and that updating it.

    Give the people in charge the power and the freedom, break free of rules and obligation that binds them and you will surprised by the ability to do the job

    It starts with desire to improve

  2. Happy Boxing day Haresh. A dangerous game you are playing here, provoking the pre and post haters of the current MHC Administration inching towards making this archiving blog of yours into the now defunct (at least till now) Voice In Sport blog, hehe.

    Just my 2 cents while enjoying mybreakfast, I tend to agree and disagree with you on this matter. I agree with you that MHC doesn't have a culture of appreciating the importance of information sharing and good PR for the betterment of the sport the are entrusted to develop. Other than badminton, squash and bowling, hockey is another sport that can provide potential glory against the best in the world. However FAM which soccer is wayyyy inferior to hockey in terms of ranking is far better than MHC in the PR department. Probably it is due to the culture instilled by previous Administrators of FAM.

    However on the attachment of a Media Officer to the National team for abroad assignments, I believe the Team Manager can do that role since the burden of prepararing the team etc istaken care of by the coaches and other support officials. It is just a matter of sending daily updates via sms/email/phonecall to a centralized Media Officer at MHC (this is yet to be done which can also be given the task to any of the VP or Council members as you suggested) that can be later shared with the local media. The Manager can also establish a communication line (email would be the easiest) directly with the journalists that regularly cover hockey for real time update.

    Btw Haresh, no year end holidays for you meh?

    1. Dear Makan Hati,

      I ain't playing any games yo. Haha. Don't want to get involved with any power struggle (if any) within any organisation and not trying to emulate any other blog (esp Voice In Sport).

      And thank you for noticing that this is an 'ARCHIVING blog'.

      Yes, the team manager can play that role as you clearly pointed out if he or she wants to do it.

      Year end holidays? On paper I've just started my break but you and I know there's never a holiday for me. Enjoy your breakfast and break!


  3. Hope mike will be the CEO....

  4. pay the said blogger bigger peanut and he can be bigger monkey

    1. A service has been offered and it is up to the association to agree with the sum and pay. If one thinks the 'peanut is too big' - why bother paying in the first place?

      Basic law - Offer + Acceptance + Intention to create legal relations = contract.

      Would appreciate comments with constructive criticism and a solution to the problem, instead of 'campaigns'.

  5. BLOGGERS should have principle and not useblack mail to achieve his aim. One should not be greedy and expect everything to be bestowed to him/her. When ine is sincere, peolpe will know, but whenone act dishonourably then it stinks. No one will want to go near a skunk.

    And please, BLOGGERS, do not seek sympathy for your selfish gain and always remember, KARMA nowadays comes thick and swift.


    1. Can't agreed more wth you justice bao

    2. All issues after former sec gen left mhc. Hope tm will act asap. Mhc is bleeding with blood cloth. Gd luck msian hockey. On act doha nothing to shout abt coz korea were not there. Long way mate...........

  6. Then bring former secretary general back into action if required to stop the bleed!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Hi! Haresh,

    Thank you for being one of the bona fide blog that will take comments or constructive criticisms. Malaysia should have more people of your calibre.

    If you can, look into the DANGAROUSLEE episode. we have known this boy from his formulative age of 14 and he will not do these stunts unless he is being pressured to do so.

    we did not want to be dragged into this saga as when we saw DANGEROUSLEE, he was bloated but he still have somethings that can be resurrected, and we gave credit to the PROJECT 2013 MANAGEMENT and COACHING STAFF to allow him back for the third time to THE SQUARD.

    But the people behind BUKIT JALIL SPORTS SCHOOL are the ones that are scarring all their students involved with HOCKEY from furthering their gift of HOCKEY and preventing them from consideration for NATIONAL DUTIES for their own selfish goals.

    THE STAR headlines that BJSS staff is not aware of their student actions speaks volumes about the respect the student have for him. He is their mentor and guardian and now you claim ignorance should be construed that: The TEACHER IS OBSOLUTE or HE HAD A BIG HAND IN THE PLAYER ACTION.


    HARESH, hope that you will publicise our posting so that all concerned will take heed if they try this cheap trick again.


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