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Age manipulation in Myanmar

UPDATE 6.30pm: Myanmar club Yangon United FC apparently held an emergency meeting this morning, FA of Malaysia to lodge official complaint to AFC.


UPDATE 9.08am: AFC replies:

Nice to hear from you. According to the documents registered with us, these players are eligible (age-wise) for the tournament. AFC has a strict policy under which it ensures that due diligence is observed in the player registration process for all its tournaments.Hope this helps.


UPDATE 7am: Fielding over-aged players has been a problem in the past. Fifa, had in 2009,  ordered bone tests to be performed on players at the Under-17 World Cup in Nigeria as seen here. Pakistani squash officials, meanwhile, check their players' armpits to verify age as reported here.


Apparently Myanmar are fielding over-aged players in the on-going AFC Under-22 qualification competition in Yangon.

Based on the start list (left), at least two players seem to be above 22 years old. Details were obtained from their respective clubs' official websites.

They are:

1. Thet Naing
Club: Yadanarbon FC
Date of birth: 17-01-1989
Age:  23

2. Kaung Si Thu
Club: Yangon United FC
Date of birth: 22.01.1987
Age: 25

And this was taken from The Myanmar Times:

“I don’t like any form of age cheating. But in Myanmar football, it has become second nature. We need more time to fix it,” said U Aung Kyaw Lwin, Yangon United FC manager.

Read the full article here.

Perhaps the Asian Football Confederation could explain the situation better?

For the record, Myanmar are placed second in Group G with 13 points. Their final match was against Malaysia where they won 2-1.

HD says: Awaiting for a reply from AFC over this matter.


  1. agreed!!..hope Afc will take action on this matter..last thing i remember Thailand been disqualified for second round olympic qualfier after put illegal player up against AFC give the spot to palestine and 3-0 win to them..

  2. "in Myanmar football, it has become second nature. We need more time to fix it," ????

    Then, we should be given the privilege to field our national senior squad stars.


    Apa dia ingat tourney AFC ni standard Kampung Yangon ke apa?


  3. don't have to publish this. Check out out athletes participating at the ASEAN Schools Meet...smell something similar....maybe not age but student status....

  4. tapi aku masih nak salahkan pemain kita.sia2 saja hntar luar negara utk training tp hancur!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    baik hntr diorng ni latihan ketenteraan,bia mental tu kuat!!!!!!!!!

    kemenangan mnymar x leh dipertikaikan.mmg layak utk lepas

    1. layak apa benda kalau dah terlebih umor..

    2. Ramai orang fikir Malaysia main teruk. Termasuk lah mangkuk sorang nih. Imagine this, after you put everything, your time, your effort and hardwork but at the end people around you cheat their way in pass you, how that make you feel. The normal person would feel disgusted and sad, except people who are mindless and disgusting in the same way. In this case, it's you mr-anonymous-retarded-punt. Give respect to the boys, they gave away their time for their families just to make people like you smile if they win but shamelessly, people like you don't give a damn. How low can you be?

  5. ingat mudah ke nak siasat??????selagi kerajaan mnymar x bantu siasatan
    ...slagi tu la x dpt

    1. tak payah tunggu MFF bagi cooperate

      Thein Than Win (Kanbawza FC)

      Full Name: Than Win Thein
      Date of Birth: Jul 2, 1982 (Age 30)
      Nationality: Myanmar [Burma]
      Position: Midfielder

      Singapore Cup
      July 5, 2012
      Loyola Meralco Sparks FC vs Kanbawza FC

  6. kesian semua rakyat malaysia....yg mnyokong skuad HM. BAEK X YAH slovakia klu main mcm ni...mental x kuat...kena dilatih dgn ala2 keteteraan bru jadi..percayala...cakap saya ni..basic bola sepak mcm sepak,hntran dan shoot semua kelaut....

    1. Ckp mudah..dh nama pun under 22..they still on learning process bro..mmglah tgk myanmar mcm terbaik smlm, sbb they use over age player..with experiance dgn bleh control game n mmbca pihak lwn...nak menyokong, xperlu menghentam..

  7. with AFC responded, it's game over for Harimau Muda?

    I'm sure it would be a piece of cake for their Govt to produce new passports to make the players eligible. Any other ways being used in global sporting events to justify a person's age? blood test etc?

  8. Who cares about age.. look at the quality that the Myanmar players produce. We shouldn't make this age issue as an issue. Shouldn't younger players should be more energetic compared to the old ones..?

    1. i sokong u punyer stament kat ats

    2. age u say?? Bitch Please...If we(Malaysia) can send our AFF top scorer Safee Sali or our free kick specialist Number 8(if u know him) to the's enough to us change to the better gameplay....

    3. there is some Malaysian people who just like to make a statement that really show how 'kebodohan dan kebangangan' themselves in thinking.. age really does make huge differences in the team performances, they gain more experiences, maturity and they adopts better tactical in playing..thats way kita ada perlawanan untuk bawah 15 ngan 18 walau kat sekolah sekalipun faham!

    4. excuse me, they are competing against players age 25 and 23, not 50 years old man. off course the fitness level is same duh.

    5. fitness? energetic? bukan tu faktornya, ini berkaitan pengalaman, kematangan dan ketenangan pemain lebih senior mengawal serta mempengaruhi sesuatu game tu... mmmm budak tingkatan 1 vs tingkatan 4 / 5 adil ye? contoh je...

    6. Kepada Anon 4 July, 11.38am, lainkali taktau apa2..shut your mouth up!

    7. anon 5july 6.52pm is such a shallow thinker....ofcoz seniority affected almost several aspect of gameplay, fitness average utk sume age tp experience x ur da one who should shut ur mouth ngat AFC suka2 ke ltak besar2 "UNDER-22" afc cup??? bek xpyah ltak u22 kalo skati msuk overage...use ur brain u twit

    8. bitch u anon 6 july 2012!! i was referred to anon 4 july 11.38am,, so all your ideas above of course im, what the fucking shit are you attacking me? lain kali baca betoi2. u r the crazy on leh!

    9. Another wanker. If the age factor not important, why in the heck they put Under-22 in the label of the tournament? I'm not sure whether you using your brain at all at this time. If you are a citizen of Myanmar, well i can see why but if you are someone else, too bad enough if you are Malaysian ~ i believe that you are wrong. I'm disgusted to see your comments. It shows either you are too stupid to think or you just plain stupid. Bottom line is, your statement is the stupidest.

  9. And by only judging from ONLY yesterday's game, the ONLY game you guys watched, and you have right to criticize?

    I admit our football team lack of mentality strength, but overall, HarimauMalaya has improved a lot. The development and exposure given to them really improve our gameplay and confidence.

    Do you guys remember back then where our team are weak and hard to win any competetive games? And now, we are back on track and giving our challenges to others. It take years, people.

    All we need to do now is support. Do not support if you can't when they are losing. Look on the bright aspect, and if you keep watching the dark side, it tells who you are.

  10. bro haresh..look at again at yangon united website.. they edit kaung si thu DOB to 1993 ... haha shame on you myanmar !

  11. How AFC response on this issue? Anybody know?Pls update...

  12. kalah lagi....kuciwa

    khairul env

  13. ni lagi sahih statistik fifa, kapten u-22 myanmar

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. To Anon 6.33pm

    Watch your fingers and refrain from using vulgarity on Malaysia.


    1. Mr HD, i really hope you would publish all my comments. We are trying to do the right thing here. Even if FAM doesn't seems to care, but you know that most of Malaysians do.

      Thank you

  16. Nothing new! This age group cheating has been going on for a long time! Not only Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam have also been doing the same. Only when WE are the victims, we wake up!! AFC also are aware of this and only AFC can put a stop to this by being harsh to the offending teams.

  17. i found this

    1. Kaung Si Thu (Yangon United) - 22 January 1987 (age 25)
    2. Kyaw Zayar Win (Kanbawza F.C.) - 22 October 1988 (age 23)
    3. Thet Naing (Yadanarbon F.C.) - 17 January 1989 (age 23)
    4. Ye Zaw Htet Aung (Yadanarbon F.C.) – 2 January 1986 (age 26)
    5. Thein Than Win (Kanbawza FC) - 2 July 1982 (age 30)

  18. I have a suggestion for a win-win situation. Give Malaysia a 1-0 win for the match. Myanmar will progress to the next stage by being the best no. 3 in groups which is currently enjoyed by Oman. Give Oman to host the final round thus, they will automatically play and the no. 3 best falls to Myanmar.


    we shall know.. haha..

    1. How do you think Sea Game?

    2. Our team will loose or win in our country


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