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19 more days to Raya....

But the KL players are still waiting for their wages.

It's a total of 3 months that they have not been paid.

Everyone has been keeping mum about it. Promises were made yet nothing ever came out of it.

Even if their salaries were to be paid tomorrow, or the day after, the question remains;

How can an employer breach a contract and get away with it but when the employer hear threats of players wanting to protest, they quickly raise the possible legal implications to such actions?

Then again, no one cares.

The players seem to not care as none have taken the management to task. The management doesn't seem to care as they have defaulted three months in payment. And the national body keeps mum for it's a "state affair" and "they cannot interfere".

But it's ok when a president or a secretary of a state FA hold office within the national body. That's not interference I suppose.

Guess it is to one's whims and fancies eh?

Oh and what about the Professional Footballers Association? Does it still exist?

HD says: I've said enough about KL football. What ever glorified plans they have will not erase the fact they still OWE (or OWED, depending on the situation) the players three months in wages.


  1. Pay them while they are still sweating.

  2. Menteri sibuk sangat ke dengan olimpik tu?....

  3. I can't believe they still haven't pay the salaries. Last time I heard the latest they will pay end of July. And yeah, what happen to PFA? Promises always be broken. Next time don't promise.


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