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Razak Cup teams shortchanged?

UPDATE 11.24am: - Here are some questions that I truly hope someone could answer;

1. This is 2012 but why is the 'regulations' for this year's MHL identified as 2011?
2. Why are there many complaints about the running of this year's MHL? And if there are indeed shortcomings, are these complaints directed to the Malaysian Hockey Confederation and will they be addressed?
3. Three stooges? What's that all about?
4. And what's up with some folks, posting comments anonymously about a 'slumberjack' in MHC?

Please refrain from personal attacks and if you do plan to answer these questions, please do so in a constructive and healthy manner. Thank you.


"The tournament starts on the 14th of October and it is ridiculous for the national coach to call for a two-day training camp which will deny the states a chance to re-group their squads.

Six players from Kuala Lumpur are involved with the call-up, so it is our stand that if (national coach Paul) Revington goes ahead with his plans, the Razak Cup should be called off as states would not have enough time to re-group their players."

Those were the words of KL Hockey Association  secretary V.Rajamanickam. The full report can be read on NST's Jugjet Singh's blog.

Apparently some had known about the call up even before the league started but kept mum as they wanted to see if it really materialises. Now it looks like the call up will happen thus leaving the participating teams feeling shortchanged.

It is understandable that the national coach does not have the luxury of time and would like to meet his players regularly. This simply boils down to a structured and systematic annual programme.

If one plans ahead and teams are well aware of the year-long activities, all parties concerned would be able to plan ahead.

But, do the decision makers plan?

HD says: Hmm...


  1. Apa rajamanickam cakap. Dia dalam commitee pertandingan seperti ludah dilangit. bodoh betui..................

  2. Latest News - The Secretary General of MHC do not know how to use computer and respond to emails. What a pity for malaysian hockey? Disaster

  3. MHC stinks and sucks since mike left!

  4. Macam mana nak plan haresh komputer pun tak tahu guna slumberjack ini. buatlah survey sendiri haresh dan kelam kabut bagaimana mhc ditadbir kucar kacir

  5. 1. While it can be easily passed off as a typo error but there are a lot the underlying factors that are contributing to this. People need to be hands on reviewing things not just copy paste and send it out the door

    2. I too have heard of a few things such as Management of the league to key policies not being adhered. I do believe there must be an open policy in people voicing what right and wrong about the league constructively and not get punished for it.

    3. Gua tak tau

    4. Gua tak tau

    Overall we do need a proper calendar, we need to sit down and review the national team priorities If you look at the calendar now between Oct till the end of the year there are so many tournament crammed in

    Personally I do agree some teams are shortchanged in having players made available to them but I do not thing this was a decision made at the last minute.

    There was also a MHC Council meeting recently - was this issues raised there?


  7. Failing to plan is planning to fail (credit: Winston Churchill). So much initiatives have been undertaken to revive Malaysian hockey including the recent hiring of Paul Revington. It's a good new start but will fail miserably if all parties involved not working cohesively. Stop the Malaysian culture of untrusting, credit seeking, power grabbing, counter productive behind the scene maneuvering and start working together. The full time office bearer/officers should take utmost responsibility and fill in the gaps to make things work. To the states, clubs, media, critics, parents and players, you also play a big role in developing hockey in Malaysia so please act responsibly ......

  8. Hi Darthvadai you should also be blame for all the ongoing issues as the secretary of selangor hockey and all your friends are managing mhl like school boys league standard or swingers oppsssssss


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