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How much was spent protecting forgotten national tiger stripe jersey?

Remember the national tiger stripe jersey episode? The Federal Court decided that the Youth and Sports Ministry is the rightful owner of the design and one would assume it will be the end of the story. Well, it was certainly the end of the design as Melinda Looi's creation replaced the old kit. The case garnered interest within the legal fraternity. As Zuhairy Fauzy from Ella Cheong IP Services Sdn Bhd wrote: "This case highlights the importance of striking while the iron is hot – that is, registering one’s trade mark (or other IP rights) at the first possible opportunity. Otherwise, third parties may take advantage of the situation and file the mark in their own name, resulting in unnecessary complications." Here are some articles that were published in the past: Wah...flexing muscles ke? Ex-NSC DG confirms no effort taken to register 'tiger stripes' The Tale of the Tiger Stripes Tiger stripe jersey - failed branding opportunity