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Happy Easter

Pope Francis celebrated a trimmed back Easter Vigil service Saturday after having reached out to Muslims and women during a Holy Week in which he began to put his mark on the Catholic Church. Read the full article here . HD says: Happy Easter folks!

'Mat Rempits' M-League; Media 'used as a tool'

It was certainly an interesting day in the world of Twitter. Comments and statements made had tickled some, infuriated many and left others wondering if people actually knew what they were talking about. There are those who strongly believe that national coach K.Rajagobal could be staring at a pre-mature exit based on the current turn of events. As he will be hauled up by the Disciplinary Board for allegedly violating Article 88 of the FA of Malaysia's (FAM) Statute, it has been seen as the easy way for the national body to cut ties with the former international. FAM general secretary Azzuddin Ahmad was quoted as saying; “There may be a plot to remove Rajagopal and the media might have been used as a tool towards this end . Which media organisation 'might' have been used as a tool? A tool for who? Who are those involved in "a plot to remove Rajagobal"? Any person who strongly believe that removing Rajagobal through Article 88 would do the trick is cert

RIP Soraya

Soraya Jimenez, who won the 58-kilogram weightlifting competition at the 2000 Sydney Games to become Mexico's first female Olympic champion, died of a heart attack Thursday at her home in Mexico City . She was 35. Jimenez, who retired after numerous injuries and surgeries to her left knee. She was described in a statement by the Mexico Olympic Committee as one of her country's "most beloved athletes." Read the full report here .

Good Friday

To my Christian friends, have a reflective Good Friday and a blessed Easter (Sunday).

Rajagobal, pemain Selangor bakal dihadapkan ke Jawatankuasa Tatatertib

UPDATE 5.50pm : Adakah jurulatih Harimau Muda Ong Kim Swee juga akan dihadapkan ke Jawatankuasa Tatatertib kerana melanggar Artikel 88 apabila berkata; Tewas 1-7 kepada Georgia U21 memberi banyak petunjuk tentang kekuatan dan kelemahan secara realitinya pasukan HM A di kancah Eropah. Pemain yang sedia ada masih belum dapat mengadaptasi pentas antarabangsa terutamanya posisi yang ditinggalkan oleh pemain pemain utama. ...melalui laman Twitter-nya? Baca selebihnya di akhbar The Malay Mail hari ini. ----------   "Kita mempunyai merit untuk menghantar surat pertuduhan kepada beliau (jurulatih negara K.Rajagobal) kerana melanggar Artikel 88 selain turut meneliti laporan beberapa akhbar tempatan mengenai kenyataan beliau." Berikut merupakan  kata-kata Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tatatertib Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) Taufik Abdul Razak, seperti dilaporkan oleh Bernama. Rajagobal dikatakan "mengkritik" mutu pemain-pemain tempatan dalam Liga-M apabila Ma

Sultan Ahamd, Ahmad Rithauddeen to receive AFF awards

UPDATE 4.16pm: Received a phone call saying two names were 'missing' from the original list sent out in the AFF Best XI Left back: Theerathon Bunmathan (THA) Centre Midfield - Safiq Rahim (MAS) Looks like we do have ONE Malaysian on the Best XI list. -------------- Two Malaysians - FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah and Ahmad Rithauddeen are the recepients of the Asean Goodwill Award and the Life Service Award respectively which will be given out during the inaugural AFF Awards on April 3. Meanwhile, Sabri Mat Daud and Widiya Habibah Shamsuri were nominated for the best asisstant referees of the year (men and women's categories respectively). National coach K.Rajagobal is in the running for the Best Coach of the Year award while the Harimau Malaya squad were nominated for the Best Team of the Year Award. No Malaysian footballer were listed as AFF Best XI. Here is the list of recipients and nominees 1) AFF Life Service Award Awarded by the

'HKL needs cure'

Imagine having a branular attached to your right hand that is connected to an intravenous drip. You are then served food - consisting of just rice, egg sambal and a vegetable dish accompanied by a glass of water - without fork and spoon! This is among the very many shortcomings in the day-to-day operations at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Prime Minister Najib Razak has big plans of turning the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) into a world-class facility and even allocated some RM300 million during his recent visit there. HKL acknowledge the problems and are in the midst of beefing up their services - as stressed by Emergency and Trauma Department head Prof Dr Abu Hassan Abdullah. Read all about it in The Malay Mail today. Also read here and here . HD says: Here's hoping for changes to happen to ensure HKL certainly turns into a world-class facility.

Global Witness admits Soros funding

UK-based human rights activist movement Global Witness, whose sting video on shady Sarawak land deals has caused a stir, declared yesterday it has been receiving funds from a George Soros foundation for more than a decade. In a statement to The Malay Mail, GW said it had been receiving funds from the currency speculator’s Open Society Foundation (OSF). However, the NGO stressed that its “campaigns are determined by the organisation and not its funders”. Read the full article in today's The Malay Mail . HD says: More to come..

What about Malaysian solidarity?

Why did BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Nadzmi Salleh ( pic ) back out from the Badminton World Federation (BWF) presidency race - a role he was eager to take on in the first place? Is it wise for Nadzmi to be part of the Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC) which seems to be in a mess with a legal suit and an injuction filed by the Lebanon Badminton Federation? Shouldn't Nadzmi spend the same time an energy on BAM - to impart his knowledge as former Proton boss? Nadzmi and his Indonesian counterpart Justian Suhandinata, who is also running for the BWF presidency, claim Nadzmi's decision to back out of BWF was done based on "Asian solidarity". For the record, Nadzmi had earlier provided and explanation for his decision of taking up the BAC top post as published on BAM's website . What about Malaysian solidarity? Read more in today's Mailsport . HD says: Note - No party encouraged or instructed the author to write the article and the article is mere

Vettel, Aphibarnrat emerge victorious in Malaysia

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel stormed to victory in a thrilling Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday, leading a Red Bull one-two ahead of teammate Mark Webber in a race packed with intrigue, incident and plenty of bad blood. Read the full article here . Meanwhile, Kiradech Aphibarnrat of Thailand won the weather-shortened Maybank Malaysian Open at Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, as reported here .  HD says: And Malaysians will play host as always.

Oh why so confusing FAM?

Why does the FA of Malaysia (FAM) constantly allow itself to be criticised by fans and observers alike? The steps taken and the decisions made by the national body are rather mind boggling most of the time. True they have taken the liberty on many occasions to correct members of the Press claiming the latter are often ‘confused’ and fail to grasp the mechanics and regulations placed within the national body. Yet, there is a saying among those who have read law; "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done” ( R v Sussex Justices, Ex parte McCarthy [1924]) Sadly, justice was not seen in the sentencing of four Armed Forces players namely Shukor Adan, G.Jeevanthan, R.Surendran and Fitri Omar who were suspended for several matches. Skipper Hairuddin Omar, meanwhile, was let off with a stern warning. Members of the Press were confused indeed. Confused to why no Selangor players were hauled up. Checks with the Selangor camp revealed that no

Positive, positive, positive

“Anyhow, even if we do not win, we still have to be positive." Why so negative K.Rajagobal? The quote, as published by Sports247 , indeed raised eyebrows for why would a national coach admit defeat, to a certain extent, even before the match begins? Malaysia host Yemen in the 2015 Asian Cup qualifiers,a match that could seriously go either way. In fact, the Harimau Malaya squad could have the upper hand playing in their own den. However, Rajagobal is pressured to obtain results. He needs to pacify the fans and certain quarters who are beginning to chart the former international's exit from the national set up. It must be made clear - that the quote above aside - Rajagobal's ultimatum is qualifying for the Asian Cup and the qualifying rounds have only entered into its second match. There are those who continue to question the selection of players and the tactics employed by Rajagobal and his coaching staff. It is only natural for coaches to select players that

Stop whining Rajagobal, says Tengku Abdullah

National head coach Datuk K. Rajagobal (pic) must be wise enough to use the resources available at his disposal to strengthen the national squad instead of complaining. FA of Malaysia deputy president Tengku Abdullah Ahamd Shah, who was quoted by Bernama in the same report, said; "The players available for his selection are still the same ones even though imported players have been allowed to play in the M-League. "As for the lack of quality players, it is his own assumption, because even before the import players were here, the same players had won the AFF Suzuki Cup." However, the latest twist is that certain parties are trying to corner Rajagobal through FAM's infamous Article 88. They claim Rajagobal's latest apparent 'outburst' will land him into trouble. Really? Perhaps it is best to get Rajagobal's true intentions instead of presuming. HD says: Oh boy...

'I was trapped'

UPDATE March 22 (5.30pm): Also read Sarawak lawyers face probes and Singapore dismisses Sarawak secret video . ------ UPDATE March 21 (3.51pm) : Investigation is 'wholly and explicitly apolitical' says Global Witness. Read more here .    -----------     Those were the words of a lawyer who was featured in the Global Witness expose 'Inside Malaysia's Shadow State' uploaded on YouTube on Monday. Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, meanwhile, calls it ' naughty '. Read the series of articles courtesy of The Malay Mail News Editor Pearl Lee and yours truly in The Malay Mail today. Also read Lawyers claim clear breach of ethics and Shady land deal methods revealed .     HD says: Whoa...

Why not Al Amin?

That is the question that begs for an answer. The Badminton Asia Confederation held an Extra Ordinary Meeting and passed a vote of no confidence against its president Katsuto Momiiof Japan. The Thailand BA proposed BA of Malaysia president Nadzmi Salleh as the acting president instead - and this was well received by the members. Question: Since it is only 'acting president', why not give it to one of the many vice presidents? If they seek for a Malaysian representative, why not BAM vice president who is also BAC vice president Al Amin Majid? Doesn't Nadzmi already have enough on his plate? Read more in today's The Malay Mail . HD says: It feels good to be back.

It was painful to watch...

...Trent Milton scoring a goal in the dying minutes as Australia bagged the Azlan Shah Cup with the final score of 3-2. However, the Malaysians were the first to start the ball rolling thanks to Faizal Saari. Australia equalised through Nicholas Budgeon and later took the lead through Carig Boyne's effort. Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin made it 2-2 for the host team but it wasn't enough as the team from Down Under stole the limelight in front of a packed stadium in the final minutes of the match. This is Malaysia's fourth appearance in the final but they have yet to win the tournament. It was also painful to watch the friendly (football) match between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia at the Shah Alam Stadium yesterday. The Harimau Malaya hardly threatened the visitors as the Saudis were two goals up at half time courtesy of Yousef Alsalem and Yahya Alshehri. K.Rajagobal's lads put on a better show in the second half and were rewarded with a goal thanks to Safiq Rahim. N

How long is too long?

Winds of change swept through the Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) as its President Professor Datuk Dr Zakaria Ahmad decided not to seek re-election after helming MGF for 35 years. That was the first paragraph of a Bernama report. 35 years is a really long time. That's more than three decades. Music evolved from rock and roll to disco and now dance. The country has seen four Prime Ministers since - Hussein Onn, Dr Mahathir Mohammad, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak. Is it right for a person to hold on to his seat for that long? Or why not since he or she has been obtaining the mandate of the members? How long is too long? But the more important question is - will the person be able to elevate the sport further during his tenure? HD says: Oh well...

'Find ways to improve legal profession'

Newly-elected Bar Council president Christopher Leong said he would engage with all stakeholders, including the judiciary, to find ways to improve the standard of the legal profession, as reported by Bernama. Christopher added he will address concerns that judges and lawyers had no sufficient time to prepare cases, while vowing to lodge a disciplinary complaint against Cecil Abraham as reported by Free Malaysia Today . Is it true journalists were not allowed to sit through the Malaysian Bar Annual General Meeting held earlier today? HD says: All the best to Christopher and his team.

Rising cost of living - even in smaller towns

Spent a day in Bentong and Raub yesterday. This is what I had observed: A plate of nasi lemak with wild boar curry: RM 4.80 A bowl of wonton noodles: RM4.30 A brand new house near Taman Sentosa: RM350,000 A not so new shop house slightly outside Raub town: RM800,000 Those in Taiping claim prices of property there has escalated as a new three room apartment costs some RM300,000 while a double-storey house is priced at about RM500,000. Those I spoke to agreed many city folks are investing into properties in such places, thus suggesting money is coming outside these small towns instead of within. Now the question is - what about the locals? HD says: And to think the cost of living in smaller towns are cheaper....

'Basketball no money'

It was a pleasant surprise meeting with a former national basketball player while having lunch at the famous Yong Tau Foo restaurant in the heart of Pudu yesterday. Immediately after exchanging pleasantries with the player, who is now part of the national team coaching staff, the conversation naturally went to the national basketball scene. "We are preparing for the (year-end) SEA Games (in Myanmar). Other than that it is a quiet year," the coach said. "Sadly, we are really tight with funds. Basketball has no funding." What about the Petronas deal, I asked. "Petronas is only sponsoring the junior programme. The senior teams (men and women) are left to scout for their own funding." Just before I left, I assured the former player-who-turned-coach that I will visit Maba House soon. Petronas has been pumping in money since the Rakan Sukan programme in the 1990s. While the programme is no longer in existence, the oil giants have con

Pasukan bola sepak boleh buat pendaftaran pertengahan musim

Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) memutuskan semua persatuan dan kelab bola sepak boleh membuat pendaftaran pertengahan musim dari 8 hingga 22 April, menurut laporan Bernama. "Persatuan atau kelab boleh mendaftar tiga pemain tempatan dan dua pemain import," kata naib presiden FAM Hamidin Amin ( gambar ). Hamidin merupakan pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pertandingan Tempatan dan juga setiausaha Persatuan Bola Sepak Selangor. Sports247 pula memetik Hamidin berkata; “Starting this year, local players can transfer to other clubs within the M-League provided they obtain a release from their present club. This can be by way of loan or transfer fees. The original club gets to decide the terms of transfer. “This is stated in Section 4.5.5 of the M-League rule book for 2013-2016." HD says: Semoga berjaya kepada pemain dan pasukan Liga-M.

Legal trouble? Consult the Bar Council

A motorcyclist claims he was knocked down by a drunk driver. Due to the unfortunate incident, the victim is left with one leg shorter than the other. Two years have passed since the accident. "My lawyer said I will only get about RM12,000 to RM15,000 tops if it goes for trial," the victim claims. How much is the lawyer's legal fees? "I don't know." Do you know the lawyer? "Not really." Have you done a background check on your lawyer? "No. He was recommended by a friend." For the record, the victim now sells burgers by the roadside. We do hear of such cases often and that most parties are left in the lurch for their simple ignorance of asking the right questions when dealing with lawyers. There are honest lawyers out there who will not take advantage of their clients and give them an honest assessment of their case. A good lawyer will give you the break down of their legal fees, their evaluation of the whole case