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Malaysian 'Anarchy' Athletics Union

I'm dumbfounded. Folks in the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) claim there is a "personal agenda" in the on-going fiasco of missing athletes. The National Sports Council - who are the funding arm of the Sports Ministry - are adamant of searching for the missing athletes. The National Sports Institute are not amused and will write to the international bodies affiliated to MAAU. It is indeed a Mockery! - as published on the front page of today's The Malay Mail. Even the Bulgarian Athletics Federation are unaware of any Malaysian athletes on their soil. So where are the athletes??!? The clash of egos aside, MAAU have certainly dug its own grave. HD says: I find this whole fiasco rather.....stupid.

Will they listen?

I was invited as a guest on Awani Ekstra last night. And there were several questions from Awani Sports Editor Fadzrie Hazis which were interesting. One of it was: Do you think anti-graft posters should be hung all over the stadiums to combat match fixing? Why not, I answered. But I was also told that the poster suggestion was brought up in an FA of Malaysia (FAM) meeting but was shot down. Why? Fadzrie also said: FAM has been in a state of denial when it comes to match fixing. Very true, I answered. And I added: Sadly some officials love smiling in front of the camera, portraying everything is ok when in fact they should admit there is a problem and find a solution. But I wonder why the need to be ultra defensive? HD says: I told Fadzrie this on air, we can talk but will they ever listen?

To skirt...

...or not to skirt. That is the question faced by the Badminton World Federation. Things got a little heated up at the on-going Sudirman Cup in Qingdao, China where a group representing women shuttlers protested on the world body's decision to get the female athletes donning skirts instead of shorts. The Badminton World Federation has accepted a recommendation from the Women in Badminton Committee to further study on the general clothing regualtions and thereby not to introduce the regulations as currently drafted regarding the mandatory use of skirts or dresses. That was a statement from the BWF sent just minutes ago. The decision was supposed to be implemented on May 1. Now it's June 1. Or is it? UPDATE (May 30, 2.30pm) BWF has indefinitely suspended a controversial regulation that would have required women to wear skirts or dresses in competitive matches, a move that many female athletes considered sexist. In a statement posted on its website Monday, BWF accepted a rec

Irfan hungry for more

PETRONAS Mofaz Racing driver Irfan Ilyas ( pic ) was certainly surprised with his back-to-back second place finish in the JK Racing Asia Series (Round 3 & 4) at the Sepang International Circuit yesterday. While admitting he had Lady Luck on his side, Irfan is gunning for more titles as Round 5 and 6 continues today. Read of Irfan's quest here and here . For the record, eight local drivers are competing in the Series - formerly known as the Formula BMW. Nearby, Putrajaya braces itself for almost 1 million youths in the Himpunan Sejuta Belia Putrajaya 2011 which ends today. HD says: From Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Porches - it is indeed a Festival of Speed in Sepang.

It's Team Lotus.

Team Lotus is very happy that the court case concerning the rights to the Team Lotus name has today come to a positive conclusion and that the team can now focus its full attention on its long-term challenge for honours on and off track. The decision confirms that Team Lotus is the true owner of the full Team Lotus name and the iconic roundel, establishing in law that the Anglo-Malaysian team is the rightful heir to Team Lotus and all associated goodwill. That was the first paragraph from the statement I received from Team Lotus. Guess it's solved once and for all. Or is it? Group Lotus can also race as Lotus. Confusing to the fans? Maybe. Read here . HD says: I'm sure Tony Fernandes is wearing a big smile now :)

Matches fixed!

That's what the Negri Sembilan FA thinks. They lodged a police report after claiming to have "strong evidence" that their President's Cup team are on the take, as reported here . I would believe them. And finally someone is speaking up. I've obtained the confession of two President's Cup players and written about it last year - as seen here , here and here . P/S: KL FA will be having its Annual General Meeting tonight (8pm) at the Cheras Stadium. HD says: And now my music list is playing Gangsters and Thugs by Transplants. Damn.

NSC, NSI: No compromise

"Pink tablets"? I remember purchasing - with the help of someone - anabol steroids online. It was called pill 'bintang' and was easily available. This was reported in 2009 . Yesterday, with the help of my first sports editor Johnson Fernandez - who is now back helping the sports desk - I managed to find out that three national sprinters who had initially went AWOL confessed having taken pink tablets for "relaxation and recovery". And three other athletes have left for Bulgaria - three days ahead of schedule. The Malaysian Amatuer Athletics Union have been keeping suspiciously silent over the matter. Doesn't look good huh. We don't know if the pink pill is anabol, d-bol or panadol menstrual. What we do know is that the National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Sports Institute (NSI) are not amused. I don't blame them. And as NSI director general Dr Ramlan Aziz rightfully said: "They have no business taking drugs from anyone except from

Terengganu Kite

The national polo team has made Terengganu as their training base for their last lap of preparations for next month’s FIP Polo World Cup 2011 Zone D Qualifier to be held in Malaysia. The Zone D Qualifier, which will held at the Royal Pahang Polo Club in Pekan and the Royal Selangor Polo Club here from June 14-25, will also double up as the Asian – Australasian – African Championships. The top finishers in the Qualifier will qualify to play in this year’s FIP Polo World Cup Finals which will be played in San Luis, Argentina from Oct 11-15. Seven teams – Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria and Malaysia will battle for the three tickets available for the World Cup Finals. Team manager Ahmad Jamili Rashid also revealed that the team is in “great shape” after finishing a creditable joint third with Royal Pahang after a 6-6 stalemate in the playoff in the inaugural Terengganu Open Polo Championships at the Terengganu Equestrian Park in Kuala Ibai last


Six athletes have been 'missing' after they were told they are suppose to do an anti-doping test ahead of their training cum competition stint in Bulgaria. This was revealed at a joint press conference between National Sports Institute director general Dr Ramlan Aziz and National Sports Council director general Zolkples Embong at Bukit Jalil yesterday. The Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union, meanwhile, issued a statement this morning: Dear sir/madam Kindly take note anything to do with medical on any current issues the rightful person to contact is the medical chairman Mr. R. Annamalai and he can be contacted via phone 013-7704153. Thank you M.Latchumanan GM I suppose this was issued after members of the Press were trying to get hold of MAAU deputy president Karim Ibrahim who also surprisingly went 'missing' the whole of yesterday as efforts to contact him proved futile. At the same Press Conference, the subject of Elaine Koon's resignation was brought up

'See you in court'

Commonwealth Games gold medalist Elaine Koon has quit gymnastics. On a brighter note, it was fun talking to former international Lim Chiow Chuan as we spoke about claims that he is paid more than the Malaysian Hockey Federation general manager and that the 1Mas programme is a misappropriation of the tax payers money. Chiow Chuan and the 1Mas programme is featured in today's From the Sidelines . Oh yes, and the front page of today's The Malay Mail reports that Mesuma Sports has no qualms taking on the National Sports Council, even if it means dragging them to court. This is in relation to the three-stripes design seen on the national jersey. HD says: Been longing for a good break. Might consider riding up north this weekend.

Personal vendetta?

Sending a threatening SMS and dropping names at the same time is quite common. But to add that I have a personal vendetta? Oh please! I rather play fetch with my Golden Retriever. I'm only interested to know the truth. And it would have been a lot easier if people were more transparent. Sadly, they aren't. HD says: Just watched Bob's Burgers and Nurse Jackie back to back. Time to Zzzz.

NSC: It's ours

"NSC will give legal notice to everyone that this IPs belonged to the government and that they should acknowledge and take the necessary steps to comply. The NSC, being a government agency, will take all necessary steps and action against any party that threatens of jeopardise the spirit of this agreement." That was the response from NSC signed off by organisational development director Suhardi Alias. FYI: What is a registrable industrial design? To be registrable an industrial design must be new at the date an application for its registration is filed. A design is considered be new only if it has not been made available or disclosed to the public in any way whatsoever in Malaysia before the filing date of the application and it is not on the record the Register of Designs. Here's what the other noted sports bloggers have got to say about this: SS Dhaliwal says: " Getting personal is what this is all about... " Rizal Hashim's advice to the Sports Min

IPCM: NSC never trademarked stripes

FOUL! is back online. The Malay Mail reports what the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (IPCM) said about the National Sports Council's (NSC) supposed ownership over the three tiger stripe design: "We have not seen any application from the NSC. Our records show Mesuma Sports (Sdn Bhd) is the registered proprietor of the design." This contradicts Telekom Malaysia's statement: TM wishes to clarify that we have obtained the legal rights from the respective rights owners, namely the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), to utilise NSC’s Panthera jersey, inclusive of both NSC’s and OCM’s logos, to be used throughout TM’s “Team Malaysia”. And NSC's director general Zolkples Embong's statement: “....NSC has registered the design” and questioned “what right does Mesuma have to register the design?” But has the NSC registered this under the Industrial Design Act 1996 as discussed in Frankie D' Cruz's column

Internal affair

National doubles pair Gan Teik Chai and Tan Bin Shen ( pic ) were dropped from the badminton World Championships in August. Replacing them are Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif-Hoon Thien How. Although Teik Chai and Bin Shen are ranked higher than Zakry-Thien How, the BA of Malaysia (BAM) made a decision to send the latter pair due to their consistency on the courts. The Badminton World Federation (BWF), meanwhile, decided to steer away from this issue claiming it's an internal affair . Some asked, why have a ranking system when it is not respected? Others stress rankings alone do not reflect the true capability of an athlete. Ranking or otherwise, only the best deserve to play. HD says: Not to be confused with one of my favourite action packed Cantonese movie Infernal Affairs .

Now the ball is in our half

UPDATE (2.35pm): Received this email from my good Norweign friend Jonny Kirkeeide . Here's what he said: "Ahmad says a FIFA investigating team led by security chief Chris Eaton had “made it very clear that Malaysia was an innocent party” in the scandal. “We are relieved that we have cleared our name but we are now more alert and are taking preventive measures,” Azzuddin said. They may ask themselves why a poor Zimbabwe team will play a friendly in Malaysia without FAM paying anything for the expenses ?" Jonny, you read my mind. :) ------ Three Fifa investigators came, they talked, and they are about to leave for Jakarta in a couple of hours time. The trio submitted the list of seven Malaysian-registered numbers and names obtained from Wilson Raj Perumal's phone to the Royal Malaysian Police - as published in today's Mailsports . Oh yes, the FA of Malaysia (FAM) also made sure that he

Tido ka?

Mailsports Vijhay Vick wrote about the hazardous conditions at the National Aquatics Center on April 7, 2011 - as seen here. The following day (April 8, 2011) National Sports Complex (KSN) general manager Wan Nor Azinah Zaniby Wan Hashim said that works to refurbish the National Aquatics Centre will begin in two months as seen here . Today is May 19. And you get " Damaged flooring will be repaired says NSC chief Zolkples " Waduh! HD says: My late father thought me the first thing I should do every morning is read the papers.

Of apples and pineapples.

“I'm talking about apples but he talks about pineapples." Those were the words of Malaysian Amatuer Athletics Union (MAAU) deputy president Karim Ibrahim. In the latest series of spat, National Sports Council director general Zolkples Embong wants MAAU to either account for the RM280,000 given to them in 2007 or return it, as reported here . But Karim turned the table around and questioned NSC's rationale of 'parking' RM500,000 with MAAU four year ago. Karim told Mailsport's Vijhay Vick that the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission should be brought it, as reported here . While the officials get involved in their fruit fight, it's the athletes who suffer. Sigh. HD says: I prefer huge succulent mangoes.

Of Hansei and Al-Amin

Hansei in Japanese means self-reflection . From the Sidelines today centers about accountability, transparency and self-reflection. To the Japanese, accountability is not about punishment but about learning and doing the right thing. On the same note, Olympic Council of Malaysia admitted they didn't go through the contents of their "sponsorship agreement" with Telekom Malaysia - published in today's The Malay Mail. That aside, I had recently congratulated Muhamed Al-Amin Abdul Majid over his new role as BA of Malaysia (BAM) deputy president. Here was his reply: Tq. For d record, its not an appointment. it was elected n it was unanimous. And without wasting anytime, he vows to develope more Lee Chong Weis of the future. Read here . FYI, al-Amin in arabic means the faithful. HD says: Arabic is a beautiful language so is Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram .


World No 1 Lee Chong Wei ( pic ) has decided to "ditch" 100Plus for a better offer. I wouldn't blame him. Word has it that the Penangite has been offered four times the sponsorship deal with 100Plus. For the record, his contract with 100Plus ended recently. Chong Wei goes for big bucks eh? But there is also news that 100Plus isn't the only one Chong Wei has ditched recently. Go figure. HD says: My neighbour Mr Lim, a hardcore Chong Wei fan, was the one who alerted me about the words 100Plus missing from Chong Wei's bottle during the Malaysian Open GP at Alor Star recently.

Happy Wesak Day!

Have a blessed Wesak Day . May we seek enlightenment in the teachings of Buddha. For the record, the picture was captured at the Bodhi Lankarama Buddhist Temple in Aulong, Taiping. HD says: Taiping has the best of everything!

MSBF saga...part 2

I attach herewith a few enclosures that you will find therein a better insight of the problems so creatd and for which, as a legal prctitioner , I am more interested in problems-solving to be conducted expressly on a professional manner. I believe Melvin had submitted to you, accompanied by many "soliciting" and "supporting" signatures expressly targetting on me. To start off, this happened after my retirement from the MSBF wherein Melvin by his ignominious conduct had manipulated for his grand design that, after the said BGM last December,to render the MSBF into a limdo with no meeting being held for 5 months. He created a scenrio as if the MSBF had gone into defunct. This was instigated by his usual bribing the pres media to intentionally paint a dismal picture undermining the MSBF in every aspect while highlihting himself being a life savour thereof The above was taken from WY Chin's letter for the Sports Commissioner's office. For the record,

Majlis Senyap Negara

I received a phone call from a representative of Telekom Malaysia (TM) on Friday. Obviously, it was in reference to our front page story on the same day about the ownership of the tiger stripes design. Why didn't you tell me it was going to be a front page story? I answered: Would it make any difference if it was front page, back page or centre spread? Why didn't you call MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara)? I explained: Oh I did. I told them about it. Suhardi knows it. I even called you (TM) last week and told you to get the legal department to issue me a clarification with regards to this. Has MSN called you? My answer was: Nope. HD says: Guess some people tend to take journalists for granted?

Stripes questioned; 7 Malaysian suspects

Image was down throughout the day. Some of the comments from my previous posting are "missing". Foul! is back online now. Yesterday's front page of The Malay Mail speaks about the ownership of the tiger stripe design. Read the National jersey bungle . Does the Sports Ministry (National Sports Council) own the right? Or Mesuma Sports Sdn Bhd? The back page revealed five new possible Malaysian suspects - bringing the number to Seven Sinners. HD says: Good to be back.

Tiket palsu?

This ticket was emailed to me by a football fan. Apparently, this was sold at the Shah Alam Stadium just before the Super League Selangor-Perak match on April 16. A Kelantan fan, meanwhile, claimed that complimentary tickets are being sold in Kota Baru. Someone's making a quick buck. Read about it in today's Mailsports . Meanwhile, FAM admitted that they should hav e followed up on Tan Sri Dr Aseh Che Mat's appointment as the Vetting, Monitoring and Transparency committee chairman. HD says: From match-fixing, to not having a committee chairman and now selling of illegal tickets. What's next?

Selective hearing

Is it true that a letter was written to Aseh regarding his appointment but the Pos Malaysia chairman did not reply? Or perhaps, the letter got lost in the mail? Why didn't anyone from FAM follow up with Aseh after the letter was sent? That was a paragraph from my column - From the Sidelines - published in today's Mailsports. It's called Hear no evil . And this doesn't apply to the FA of Malaysia (FAM) alone. HD says: Reality hurts. And don't bother being all defensive. You're only kidding yourself.

"I don't know!"

Those were the words uttered by FA of Malaysia (FAM) Vetting, Monitoring and Transparency committee chairman Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat. I called him - not once but twice - to get his views on what the committee has done in combating claims of match-fixing and bribery among Malaysians. I even sent him an SMS clearly stating my question. But he denied heading the committee on both occasions - despite having elected during the first executive meeting in August last year (after the July 31 Congress). I was baffled. I still am. And I know that several officials in FAM were equally baffled too. Read page 4 of The Malay Mail today. For the role of the committee as per Article 58 of the FAM statute (page 39), read here . HD says: A "not so little bird" in Wisma FAM told wait, in fact a "handful of not so little birds" in Wisma FAM told me that the committee has not met since August. Is that true?????

Three investigators, two Malaysian suspects, 1 former FAM official

I spoke to Fifa Head of Security Chris Eaton late last night as he revealed about his investigations in the region. He and another two investigators will be in town next week to find more clues. He believes there are two Malaysians linked to Wilson Raj Perumal and match-fixing. The name and phone number of a former FA of Malaysia (FAM) official was listed in Wilson's phone book. Read all about it in today's The Malay Mail here . HD says: It's like a spy-thriller filled with deceit and lies.


That's the figure that was thrown across the table. Apparently, a high ranking official in gymnastics visited Malaysia just before the Singapore Youth Olympics last year. The visit saw our national gymnastics forking out money to: 1. Pay for a vacation for two to Langkawi 2. Buy a diamond ring 3. Buy a camcorder. RM70,000 for all that? And I was told that the camcorder never left the country. Lol. Coffee shop talk? You tell me. HD says: If true, I'm really wasting my time as a journalist. Damn.

Fifa investigates, FAM in the dark.

When I first wrote about it, I got cynical remarks. Some even laughed it off. When Fifa president Sepp Blatter (pic) was at the Sultan of Pahang's residence, I touched on the same subject and again I heard some sighing - as many wonder of my continued fixation over the issue. Read it here . Were were duped into a Con Deal . That was on July 12, 2009 when Malaysia hosted "Zimbabwe" in an international friendly match. The visiting team turned out to be Monomotapa United FC instead and not the national team. I read today's NST and smiled. I'm sure Devinder Singh of NST was smiling too when he was typing the story. Employees from at least six national football associations were under suspicion of assisting the criminal network, which was believed to be working out of Singapore and Malaysia. As usual, the FA of Malaysia and the Police (D7) are in the dark over such claims. HD says: I wonder who the employees are. Hmm....

Shabery supports Tourism Ministry

That must be painful to hear for some the 'little Napoleons' in the Sports Ministry. Let's recap . Tourism Ministry visited the BA of Malaysia wanting to lend their support - financially. BAM said...why not?! (followed by a huge smile, I presume) Several days back I received a couple of phone calls saying; "Bro, got some people in KBS upset, saying why Tourism never go through them." "They upset because they cannot get a cut from the deal issit?" I cannot verify the answer to the second question but what I do know is Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek gave the thumbs up to the move made by the Tourism Ministry. Read all about it in today's Mailsports . HD says: At least the Tourism Ministry's arm was not twisted to sponsoring badminton. Lol!

Oh Elizabeth.

elizabethwong elizabethwong This year's SUKMA won't hv core sports eg football, badminton, swimming, & athletics. Why???!! #fb 3 hours ago That was from Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong's twitter account. I don't blame Elizabeth for being ignorant over the state of affairs in Malaysian sports. Most politicians are clueless most of the time. I do hope somebody will take the time to explain to Elizabeth that the Malaysia Games are held once every two years (hosted in various states) with major sports contested. The less popular sports are usually dropped due to lack of infrastructure prompting the Sports Ministry to hold another event for the less popular sports on the alternative year which will be held in KL. Oh well.... HD says: Dear Elizabeth, I'll be ever willing to explain how the Malaysian sports system work over Bah Kut Teh or nasi lemak kukus instead.

Jutawan Razip?

I don't think so. KL coach Razip Ismail is a modest and humble man. I doubt he makes millions working either as a KL City Hall official or coaching the city team. I doubt he owns a big house or drives a Ferrari 458 Italia. Yet, there are several individuals who would want to topple him down. Why? For the record, KL are placed 12th in the Super League standings, not first but 12th. And KL does not enjoy sound financial backing compared to Barcelona, Bayern Munich or even Kelantan. Read about the conspiracy to get rid of Razip in my column From the Sidelines published in today's Mailsports. There are those who are eager to pick on Razip but what about coaches that tend to 'ABC' their services? I'm sure several of our former players, who are now "mini celebrities", can relate to that. Pic: A nice picture of Razip from which I had to use (without permission). HD says: Razip, is being the KL coach really lucrative? If it is, may be I can quit my

Azlan speaks

From the other side. That was what national squash player Azlan Iskandar ( pic ) had in mind when he wrote his observation of Asian champion Mohd Nafiizwan Mohd Adnan. He took time off from his busy schedule - which usually includes training, playing either squash or futsal with Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek or cracking his head over the renovation of his new house - to write to Mailsports. Read Azlan's thoughts here . HD says: Azlan, guess the next time we'll meet for lunch would year? Lol.

It's all about Misbun

I was on Astro Awani Ekstra last night (11.30pm) and just completed the recording for Astro Arena's Kafe Sukan which will be aired tonight (8pm). Hardly 24 hours on both the Astro channels, I've been asked to touch on the subject of Misbun Sidek ( pic ) and the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM). And on both occasions I've stressed that until and unless Misbun reveals the reason behind him quitting BAM, we should all give it a rest. Life goes on. I've written about it here and here . And on Kafe Sukan, I summed it up by saying; "If everyone learnt how to keep their egos aside, the world will be a better place to live in." HD says: It was a delight driving today.

What is character?

PEMBINAAN karakter dalam usaha menyediakan atlet lebih berwibawa akan terus diberi perhatian Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) apatah lagi berdasarkan hakikat bahawa dengan bakat semata-mata, tidak akan mampu membawa mereka ke mana-mana. This was reported in today's Harian Metro . A handful of friends had this to say; "Bro, kalau pegawai sendiri takde karakter mcm mana?" And another friend said; "People like Elaine Koon and Ng Shu Wai they give up easily, if they had characters like cocaine addict Maradona (pic) or pierced-tattoo king Dennis Rodman then how?" And another summed it up: "Bila dah bina karakter dan atlit tak jadi pak turut lagi, diaorang boleh handle ke?" Just to refersh our memory, Argentina's Diego Maradona won the 1979 World Youth Championship and 1986 World Cup (edged West Germany 3-2 in the final in Mexico City). Dennis Rodman , meanwhile, is a two time NBA defensive player of the year (1990, 1991) , two time NBA All-Star player and has