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Sadly, it takes two to tango ...

Now here's a tale about a bailarin. The bailarin, had just slightly over a year ago, tried hard to lure new partners. He did the cabeceo , a traditional technique for selecting dance partners from a distance using eye contact and head movements. But he was snubbed. He tried to book a date (minus the chimichurri steak and wine), hoping to catch the attention of the new dance partners. The bailarin failed. He was without doubt slighted. Fuelled with hope, the bailarin continued to  practica (informal training session for tango dancers) on his own. He has been training hard to do the  gancho , hoping once he 'hooked' the new dance partner, the parejas  will be able to passionately mesmerise the crowd. The bailarin was willing to adapt, even it means dancing while playing Tango 5: The Last Dance on his Android phone or to the tune of the 'Game of Thrones' theme . It's been over a year and none of the new partners have reached out nor even paid him

Bro representing Youth and Sports Ministry?

Well that's what many people are saying. But are they missing the point and barking up the wrong tree? To be fair, let's look at the original Facebook posting by eSports Malaysia that made its rounds and riled many up. Syed Abdullah Syed Abdul Rahman, brother of the Youth and Sports Minister, was listed as the guest of honour at the Malaysia eSports selection for the 2019 SEA Games. And the comments that followed were nothing but pleasant. It should, however, be noted that no where in the posting above states that Syed Abdullah was representing the Youth and Sports Ministry or was he representing the minister, who happens to be his brother. Unless it can be proven that the ministry had allowed Syed Abdullah to represent it (which is highly unlikely but then again anything is possible these days), it is fair to say the writer of the Facebook posting believed highlighting the minister's name could carry some weight and please the sponsors but