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Apasal Belasah Che Mat?

Kira-kira 500 penyokong tegar Terengganu hari ini berhimpun meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap Persatuan Bola Sepak Negeri Terengganu (PBSNT) dan mendesak kepimpinan badan induk bola sepak negeri itu dirombak.      Perhimpunan yang bermula pada pukul 11 pagi itu berlangsung di pekarangan Taman Awam Batu Burok di sini, dan mereka berikrar akan meneruskan Kempen ABC yang bermaksud 'Asal Bukan Che Mat' bagi mendesak pengunduran Yang Dipertua PBSNT Datuk Che Mat Jusoh. Perenggan-perenggan di atas di petik dari Bernama. Gambar di atas di terbitkan di Buletin Online . Bernama kata 500 penyokong yang hadir; Buletin Online pula kata lebih 1000 yang berhimpun. Apa yang pasti penyokong inginkan pembaharuan. Mereka merasakan bahawa Che Mat seharusnya mengundur diri dan memberi peluang kepada orang lain menerajui PBSNT. Tetapi bukankah penyokong yang sama melatah apabila Mat Zan Mat Aris menjadi jurulatih Terengganu? Tidakkah penyokong juga tahu bahawa terdapat ramai la

Will the millions be well spent?

I must admit that the biggest surprise of the 2013 Budget was there weren't any surprises at all. Nevertheless, it is clear that the government recognises sports as a unify factor. Thus it came to no surprise that RM 15 million has been allocated to prepare athletes for SEA Games & ASEAN Para Games in 2013 and the 2014 Commonwealth Games & Asian Games. The other allocations include; - RM50 million for the next four years in preparation for the 2016 Olympic under the Road to Rio programme. -  A covered velodrome in Seremban and a badminton academy in Bukit Kiara with an allocation of RM80 million. A covered velodrome in Seremban would surely be music to the ears of cyclist. But I still remember the words of national cycling coach John Beasley who had, during dinner in Melbourne, told me that; "It is better to have many mini velodromes all over the nation then to have one big expensive velodrome." The BA of Malaysia (BAM) would surely be extremely pl


“Negara baru sahaja kehilangan lagenda bola sepak. Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmat keatas roh Allahyarham.” - Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah “Baru-baru ini bekas pemain badminton negara (Datuk) Punch Gunalan meninggal dunia dan kini Ghani Minhat pula. Ini merupakan detik yang sedih buat peminat sukan.” - K.Rajagobal. Lagenda bola sepak negara Abdul Ghani Minhat meninggal dunia jam 10.34am. Baca laporan penuh di sini . Gambar Ihsan Digital Media Astro Awani. HD kata: Takziah kepada keluarga Allahyarham.

It doesn't pay to be good

It was a long day for Karamjit Singh. The former world champion rally driver was involved in a television commercial for a Japanese car maker throughout yesterday but we managed to catch up later at night. "I'm still finding it tough finding sponsors bro," were his first words. "It's frustrating as I'm still racing and producing results." At the age of 50, Karamjit is still negotiating obstacles and corners like no other. He currently leads the 2012 FIA APRC Rally Cup - Drivers 2wd with the final leg set in China later next month. However, it is indeed baffling that the first Asian driver to ever win the FIA Production Car World Champinship for Drivers is still struggling to make ends meet. Better known as the Flying Sikh, Karamjit was forced to even close his workshop last year as he had no time to attend to the shop due to his tight racing schedule. It is amazing that Karamjit has been suffering financial woes since 2005. I had, together

Be a sport Mr PM

“It’s a matter of time where tax incentives and rebates be handed out to private companies and even parents who encourage their children to pick up sports through their enrolment in the various academies in the country. “If it is not addressed this year, it will be in the next Budget." Those were the words of Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek when contacted earlier today. But there are those who believe we are paying too much for our equipment and facilities no thanks to high taxes - thus people tend to shy away from sports.  Read what Ahmad Shabery and other industry players have got to say on Astro Awani's Facebook page as they hope for a sports friendly budget when Prime Minister Najib Razak tables the 2013 Budget in Parliament tomorrow.  HD says : Hopefully, I'll be able to buy cheaper running shoes.

Janganlah protes

Itu kata-kata Menteri Besar Terengganu Ahmad Said (gambar) kepada peminat skuad Penyu. Beliau memberitahu pihak Media kalah menang adat permainan tetapi ada segelintir penyokong yang cepat melatah dengan mempersalahkan pengurusan pasukan apabila skuad mereka gagal mempamerkan aksi yang cemerlang. Ahmad memberi ulasan mengenai demonstrasi ABC (Asal Bukan Che Mat) yang sepatutnya berlangsung di Dataran Batu Burok pagi Sabtu ini. Mungkin Ahmad tepat dengan penilaiannya. Yang beraksi di atas padang pemain, bukannya ahli pengurusan. Tetapi apabila pemain atau jurulatih gagal, mereka cepat dipersalahkan. Bagaimanapula dengan pihak pengurusan, yang bagaikan menikmati imuniti. Tidakah mereka juga harus menanggung tanggungjawab apabila pasukan mereka gagal dalam kempen mereka? Senario ini tidak hanya berlaku di Persatuan Bola Sepak Negeri Terengganu (PBNT) tetapi di badan sukan yang lain juga. Jadi kepada mereka yang masih ingin terus berprotes, buatlah dalam keadaan yang aman.

Apa cerita sebenar?

Shahidan Kassim menafikan dakwaan beliau meninggalkan mesyuarat agung tahunan Kesatuan Olahraga Malaysia pada Ahad lepas, sebaik mengetahui gagal mempertahankan jawatan presiden badan induk sukan olahraga negara itu bagi penggal 2012/2014. Itu merupakan laporan Bernama. Ini pula artikel Harian Metro ; Beliau (Zainal Abidin Ahmad) meluahkan rasa tidak berpuas hati dan berang dengan tindakan Shahidan yang terus meninggalkan lokasi AGM di Dewan Komanwel, Bukit Jalil sejurus tewas dalam pertandingan. Kemuncak drama dalam KOM berterusan dan ketika Zainal mempersoalkan sikap tidak profesional Shahidan, adakah beliau sendiri profesional dan memiliki ciri-ciri ketenangan selaku seorang presiden? Soalan ini menjadi perbualan media apabila beliau tidak mahu mengadakan sidang akhbar untuk mengulas kemenangan dan perancangan masa depannya. Hmm... Saya amat berharap presiden baru (Zainal) sudi minum teh bersama saya dalam masa terdekat ini. HD kata: Bangsar boleh, Bukit

And the Emmy goes to...

Terengganu FA! Sadly, there wasn't any category for 'most dramatic football association of the season' in the line up of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. Why dramatic? Apparently the fans are now demanding for the resignation of Terengganu FA president Che Mat Jusoh. It's called ABC - Asal Bukan Che Mat. Is it a call of just one fan, 10 fans or majority of the fans?  It remains unclear. But what is certain is that the call for Che Mat to step down came after Terengganu coach Peter Butler was suspended and fined for highlighting indiscipline among his players to the Media prior the approval of the FA. The Englishman appealed against the decision yesterday. Butler was quoted by Bernama as saying; "It is important for me to regain credibility as a coach after my actions to discipline some players but I was instead severely punished by the suspension and termination of contract.      "I don’t think this is a good signal for Terengganu football and

To the new MAF president...

Dear Zainal Abidin Ahmad , Allow me to first congratulate you for being appointed as the new Malaysian Athletic Federation (MAF) president. It must have been a joyous moment for you when you were named as the new chief for the national body, replacing former Perlis MB Shahidan Kassim, during the AGM yesterday. I'm sure you will still continue to receive SMSes and phone calls congratulating you over your new role throughout today. I certainly do not wish to dampened your mood but as you know by now, there is a lot of work to be done to elevate the national athletics scene. Some have expressed that they are rather surprised with your line up. Wan Hisham Wan Salleh obtained 25 votes to boot Karim Ibrahim (19 votes) out from the deputy president's post while several familiar names continue to warm their seats within the organisation. Yet, many insist that your appointment is a breath of fresh air. I do not wish to ridicule your predecessor or his set of officials. The

"MAF's AGM is legal"

UPDATE Sept 25, 2.43pm:  Then again, everyone is confused. Is the once known Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union now known as the Malaysian Athletics Union or the Malaysian Athletics Federation? That was from a posting of mine on March 4, 2012 . And today, NST highlights the same issue. ----- UPDATE 2pm: New beginning for MAF. Zainal Abidin Ahmad replaces Shahidan Kassim as president; deputy president Karim Ibrahim makes way for the newly elected Wan Hisham Wan Salleh. ----- "Whether tomorrow's AGM is legal or otherwise is a decision for the Sports Commissioner's office to make.  "The Sports Commissioner's office will determine whether there were any flaws in the AGM. To me the procedures were followed, notice for the AGM was sent and notice for nominations was accepted and filled." Those were the words of Malaysia Athletic Federation (MAF) president Shahidan Kassim. Shahidan was certainly responding to allegations by Danyal Balagopal Abdu

No MAF election?

Judging by this letter, the Malaysian Athletic Federation (MAF) will not be able to conduct their elections tomorrow. The letter, which was made available to the author, was signed by the returning officer. However, I have been informed the MAF will go ahead with elections. Apparently a council meeting was supposed to be held today to discuss about this matter but it was cancelled due to the 'lack of quorum'. Danyal Balagopal Abdullah (pic) , meanwhile, organised a Press conference at Wisma OCM earlier this morning. In his SMS to members of the press, the Press conference was to "protest the election as nomination is null & void". If and the big 'IF' MAF goes ahead with the elections, it could turn out to be another messy episode and the losing parties could use this to their advantage and challenge the validity of the elections. It will be interesting to see what transpires between now and tomorrow. HD says: Hmm...

Share your thoughts MPC

"I have not received any submissions from the Malaysian Paralympic Council (MPC). I'm still waiting for their professional opinions and justifications. So far, only the National Sports Council (NSC) has given their inputs and justifications on the pension scheme.  "I really look forward to receive MPC's input on this before we can take it to the attention of the NSC Board of Management for consideration." Those were the words of Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek as quoted by Bernama. Plenty have been said about the fate of our national para-athletes. Some labelled the Media as "hypocrites" for only writing and highlighting our para-athletes when they return home with honours. Others strongly believe MPC have yet to play an active role and it is thanks to the NSC's efforts since 2007 that our para-athletes are now obtaining the desired results. Instead of playing the blame game, it is only right for the parties concerned to protect the we

Spot on Shabery

“We have entered the professional era in football …the players are professional but the management is still way behind." “The style of football management in the country is suitable for the amateur era but not now.” Those were the words of Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek as quoted by The Star. Sadly, the good minister cannot be seen interfering into the football affairs of the country. However, that doesn't mean his words should be overlooked. In fact what Shabery had said is a true reflection of the pathetic state of management attitude adopted by most FAs. And perhaps it is high time for the FA of Malaysia to step in and crack the whip. But will the national body do so? After all, FAM comprises of members from the respective FAs. Ideally, FAM should consists of officials with no affiliations or linkages with the state FAs and clubs to ensure they act independently. It can be done. But are the stakeholders ready to change? HD says: Spot on sir!

MAF elections - heat is on

Earlier this week their rather 'flawed' constitution stole the limelight - as also seen on this blog on Tuesday. Today, the Malaysian Athletic Federation (MAF) sees a relieved deputy president Karim Ibrahim who has apparently been "exonerated from being accused of having a hand" in the doping fiasco not too long ago. Malaysian Sports quoted Karim as saying; "I will now concentrate on the MAU elections and am relieved that all this is over. "I am not able to say anything more except for the fact that my lawyer advised me I have nothing to be concerned about." Read the exclusive report here . A flashback of my front page stories on the doping fiasco are seen here and here .  It will be great to get a copy of the report to better digest the contents. That aside, this will certainly be an interesting run up to the MAF elections this Sunday. HD says: Hopefully we have learnt something from this episode.

KKK-TBH stay; BAM scouting for Project Manager

BA of Malaysia president Nadzmi Salleh spoke to the Media after the Exco meeting yesterday. Here are two points taken from an 18:05s video clip from Satwant Singh’s blog . Point 1 “We deliberated at length, about Koo (Kien Keat) and Tan (Boon Heong) know there are a lot of opinion about this pair…this pair has approached us. They would like us to consider giving them the last chance for the World Championships next year. We deliberated that at length and we finally decided…of course I don’t want to tell you what went on in the discussion but we finally decided we give them the last chance because this is what they want and we will make it very clear to them that this is the last chance for them but despite of that we will also expose them to other partners in the lesser tournaments.  If they can’t make it by the time of the World Championships or don’t perform well, we have other partners to partner them. The target for them must be very clear and the exco recom

Butler and Annuar Musa have one thing in common..

They were both penalised for speaking to the Press. Terengganu coach Peter Butler ( pic ) has been handed a six months suspension and RM4,000 fine for "issuing a statement to the media without the approval of the team management", as reported here . Earlier this year, Kelantan boss Annuar Musa was slapped with a similar gag by the FA of Malaysia. My article on Annuar Musa's suspension was highlighted by Yahoo! Malaysia . Butler claims he has not received anything in black and white from the Terengganu FA pertaining the decision. Even Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Said told Bernama he has not received any report about the matter and will "resolve this matter his own way". Apparently, it is widely known that Ahmad has been rather "supportive" towards Butler's cause. However, Butler is not exactly a popular figure - on and off the training grounds - and he knows this for a fact. He left Kelantan in a huff and it looks like his second shot o

Malaysia's amateur federation

UPDATE 9.50pm: The Sports Commissioner's office will require at least 24 hours to study and determine if the Malaysian Athletic Union's (MAU) constitution was in order. Sports Commissioner Datuk Mohd Yassin Mohd Salleh suggested that if the MAU wanted to review or amend the constitution, it need to do it by calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).  - BERNAMA ---- These pictures are part of the Malaysia Athletic Federation's (Persekutuan Olahraga Malaysia) constitution. Take note of Articles 8.4.4 , 8.6 and 8.7.2 . If one can't get their constitution right, what more guide the national athletics scene. Hopefully other national sports associations will take their constitutions seriously. HD says: Professionalism at its worse?

"KLFA not pulling out yet"

KLFA general secretary Nokman Mustaffa confirmed the city side is not pulling out from the Premier League. "Yes we still have money issues and yes a statement has been made but I believe it is out of frustration and we are all equally frustrated (with the lack of funds).  But we still have time to scout for money and hopefully we will be able to find enough funds to play in the Premier League next season. Otherwise it would be the FAM league for us." However, another senior official, who didn't want to be named for obvious reasons, had this to say; "The president (Astaman Abd Aziz - pic) is frustrated. He needs the cash as he can't be forking out his own money anymore. It's like what you've (the author) been saying all this while, if Astaman continues to use his own money, might as well we call it Astaman FA! "The (KL) mayor is supportive indeed but we believe there are some little Napoleons who would love to see Astaman out from the hot se

Happy Malaysia Day

Learn the true meaning of being a Malaysian. Learn to respect each other. Learn to unite. Learn to believe, trust and have faith in our fellow Malaysians. Learn to love Malaysia - the identity, the culture, the history. 49 years since we were called Malaysia, and we are still learning. Here's hoping we are on the right track. Happy Malaysia Day folks. Pix from Astro Awani's Facebook page.

Safee pamer erti sebenar profesionlisme

Pemain bola sepak negara Safee Sali ( gambar ) akan mengadakan perlawanan amal Safee Sali sempena pelancaran Tabung Amal Safee Sali di padang SUK, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam malam esok (8pm). Sebelum ini Safee terlibat dengan Liga Safee Sali. Tidak seperti atlet 'profesional' lain di negara kita, Safee mempamerkan erti sebenar profesionalisme. Beliau tidak mengharapkan duit kerajaan atau ketagih bantuan daripada Kementerian Belia dan Sukan. Beliau dibayar dengan lumayan oleh kelabnya di Indonesia dan melalui "product endorsement". Dan Safee membayar balik budi rakyat Malaysia yang menyokongnya melalui aktiviti amal atau liga, walaupun ianya medapat tajaan daripada syarikat swasta. Yang penting Safee tidak meminta, tetapi memberi. Atlet lain yang kononnya 'profesional' dan mendapat tajaan dari pelbagai pihak pula aysik mengharapkan bantuan wang dari kerajaan - yang sebenarnya duit Rakyat. Tapi apabila atlet-atlet ini menang, adakah mereka membayar balik dui

Rajagobal: "Tak perlu panik"

Pemain negara Aidil Zafuan Abdul Radzak menyeru peminat bola sepak negara supaya jangan cepat melatah. Tetapi beliau juga mengakui persembahan pasukan kebangsaan menentang Vietnam dalam perlawanan persahabatan tidak seberapa. Kata-katanya dipetik dari laporan Astro Awani (501) semalam. Ramai yang tidak berpuas hati - bukan hanya dengan keputusan perlawanan di mana pasukan negara tewas 2-0 kepada Vietnam - tetapi dengan corak permainan anak didik K.Rajagobal. "Tak perlu panik dengan kekalahan pertama (selepas enam aksi persahabatan antarabangsa 2012). Ini kerana saya berasakan kita masih di landasan sebenar. Cuma saya sedar, saingan Piala Suzuki AFF 2012 bukan mudah dan ia pasti lebih mencabar." Itu merupakan kata-kata Rajagobal yang diterbitkan di Berita Harian.  Safee Sali pula mengesa rakan seperjuangannya "mempelbagaikan lagi corak serangan kerana (pasukan) lawan sudah boleh baca gerakan" pemain-pemain kita. Baca Kosmo untuk laporan penuh . Wartawa

Congratulations MM!

UPDATE 4.38pm : The article now refers Frankie as the Editor at Large. Well congratulations nevertheless Frankie. (Click on picture for earlier article). ----- The Malay Mail bagged another two awards after Frankie D'Cruz bagged the National Press Club's Scomi Journalist of The Year Award while The Malay Mail also won the award for DRB Hicom Best Media Organisation (Community Service) for its Hotline section. This was reported on the website today. Congratulations to Frankie for he derserves it. Also, it is hope that the award for the "Hotline" section, which is surprsingly missing from the newspaper in recent times, will be re-introduced in the near future. I believe it is also right to congratulate Frankie for being the new Editor-in-Chief of the Malay Mail. And I must thank the Malay Mail for remembering those, including yours truly, who left the good establishment recently. HD says: Well done Malay Mail!

From silver medalist to 'kacang putih' seller

That was the headline of Astro Awani's digital media team. Former para-athlete Thanga Rajoo Arumugam ( pic ) represented the nation in various wheelchair tennis competitions and even netted the silver medal, together with Zulkifli Mohd Ali, in the 2002 Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (now known as the Asian Para-Games) held in Busan. And here's what the 42-year-old Kedahan has got to say; "I've been forgotten by my own country. If they powers-that-be really cared, they would do an analysis on my performance and achievements. I played for the country and I did well for 12 years but here I am selling kacang putih." Read the exclusive story on Astro Awani's Facebook . Pic by Astro Awani's Syafique Shuib HD says: Here's hoping someone will finally recognise Thanga Rajoo's efforts.

No money no talk

When a party invests heavily into a team, it is only right for them to expect results. Thus it comes to no surprise that the Terengganu government is not going to allow it's yearly RM3 million go down the drain. Menteri Besar Ahmad Said warned that many of the players in the football squad could be axed for the new season. “I expect many of the current players to be dropped … players who are not disciplined will be given the boot. “I will highly recommend the direct recruitment of players, without the assistance of middlemen or agents. “We must scout for players ourselves instead of relying on recommendations by agents.  “I have seen many things … including players deliberately wanting to be red-carded so that they can rest. The Terengganu FA should impose a penalty system so that such players are properly punished.” Read more here . Some claim politicians should not meddle with the state's football affairs. Then again, these are the same people who co

Dear Fifa...

To whom it may concern, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. As a football enthusiast and a journalist, I am writing to you to point out what I sincerely believe is an error on your good website. On the page dedicated to your member affiliate Malaysia, the association's information clearly states that Tengku Abdullah is the president instead of his father Sultan Ahmad Shah. A quick check with the FA of Malaysia website clearly states that the Pahang ruler is still the president of the national body until 2014. Although many would agree that Sultan Ahmad Shah's son Tengku Abdullah would make a fine leader for the national body, it is only right that the error be rectified to erase any confusion that may arise. Thanking you in advance. Haresh Deol Just another football fan.

Transparency and profesionalism....

Berita Harian called it Sandiwara BAM . The Star and NST spoke on the players instead. SS Dhaliwal made some revelations on his blog as seen here . Question - isn't it evident that nothing can be kept in the dark anymore and organisations need to be as transparent as possible? People tend to talk, more so when you ask them to keep it private and confidential. Meanwhile, an NST report on football had this to say; The FA of Malaysia (FAM) will review its earlier decision to expand the 16-team Malaysia Cup competition to 24 next year Many fear the Malaysia Cup would lose its prestige by allowing lower ranked Premier League teams into the event. Question - didn't the Malaysia Cup lose its prestige a long time ago no thanks to the lacking in standards and professionalism among participating teams? Heck, have we ever turned Pro? Then again, aren't transparency and professionalism alien in our sporting scene? HD says: Am I missing anything? Nah...sam

SRAM no money or players being picky?

As some of our top wall bashers including Nicol David, Low Wee Wern and Ong Beng Hee participate in a flash mob at The Curve at 7pm as part of the campaign to get squash into the 2020 Olympics, some of them seem to be pretty disgruntled over certain matters in the scene. There are claims that the Squash Racquet Association of Malaysia (SRAM) do not have enough funds in their coffers despite the funding from the National Sports Council (NSC) and financial giants CIMB. Thus the "national body are not able to pay coaches". But there are those who say there aren't many local coaches to begin with and former players tend to request for "big" salaries. There is also a debate over Wee Wern's recent statement in the newspapers as seen here. She was quoted saying; “The funding is quite limited at the moment and it’s tough at times to compete in more tournaments around the world. “I also want to ask for more funds for Aaron (Soyza) so he can travel with

Still no recognition?

UPDATE 8.30am: As many continue to speak about giving our paralympians equal rights, here is an article I wrote on the same subject last year - Robbing 'em blind . Ironically, that article is still the 'latest highlight' on the Malaysia Paralympic Council website. ------ Once again our Paralympians hog the limelight. Muhamad Ziyad Zolkefli secured a bronze medal in the men's shot put F20 category at the London Paralympic Games. Ziyad's effort came days after archer Hasihin Sanawi won the silver medal in the men's individual recurve W1/W2 final. There's also Faridul Masri, who despite missing out a place on the podium by finishing fourth, set a new Asian record of 36.78m in the men's javelin (F54/55/56) event. However, there are those questioning to the lack of support and publicity of such achievements. The vast difference between the reward system has also taken center stage. I have been invited as a guest on Astro Arena (801) at 1

Malaysians putting in Rio?

Golf was last played at the Olympics in 1904 and saw only two nations competing - USA and Canada. The sport makes a come back at the 2016 edition in Brazil . Originally, the format was going to be the top-60 players in the world. The Professional Golf of Malaysia have already embarked on a 'Road to Olympics 2016' programme as seen on their blog . However, will any of our golfers be capable of making the cut for Rio? Perhaps that will be the talk around the greens when some of the best local players tee off in the Selangor Masters, featuring the likes of  Nicholas Fung, Lim Eng Seng (pic) and Danny Chia, at the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club that ends today. HD says: Golf - such an interesting and 'expensive' subject on and off the golf course.

A sports friendly budget?

After all, Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek is eager to leave his legacy through the Sports Industry campaign. And what better way to stamp his mark by the government acknowledging his programme through a sports friendly budget. The budget will be tabled by Prime Minister Najib Razak later this month. Ahmad Shabery requested that tax reductions be introduced for sporting equipment and services as, based on Bernama's report, this would help ease the burned of the people who were becoming more conscious of the importance of sports, apart from turning it into an incentive for the private sector in developing sports infrastructure.     "Of late, parents are enlisting their children in sports classes and clinics such as golf, badminton and football. The cost can be exorbitant.  "Maybe parents should get personal income tax relief on the expenditure spent." The report added the ministry was also seeking income tax rebate to encourage the private sector to pr

Happy Birthday Awani!

It first went on air on September 6, 2007. Since then it has pushed the envelop on many occasions - from exclusive interviews with the movers and shakers including British Prime Minister David Cameron to live debates offering both government and opposition leaders a platform to speak their minds. There is still more that can be done but till then, happy birthday Awani ! For the latest news and updates, watch Astro Awani on channel 501. Banter or share your comments on its Facebook page (Awani) or Twitter @501Awani.

"He loved sports till the end"

Shahril Hamzah and I have one BIG regret. We never got down to writing a book on Shahril's dad Hamzah Abu Samah. Shahril and I worked on several stuff together in the past including the Royal Selangor Club 125th Year Anniversary coffee table book. And since then we have been toying with the idea of writing a book about Hamzah. Sadly, Hamzah drew his last breath at the at 3.30pm yesterday. He was 88. Shahril, who I believe was extremely close to his dad for he often spoke volumes of Hamzah whenever we met, had lost his voice but he had this to say; "He loved sports till the end." "And yes, we never got down to writing the book and that is my biggest regret." Born on Januari 5 Januari 1924 in Pekan, Pahang, Hamzah received his early education at the Kajang Malay School before studying at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar in Perak. He continued his studies in England reading law before graduating as a Barristerat At-Law, Gray’s Inn, London in 1953.

Does anyone care?

UPDATE 1.15pm: Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek hails paralympic archer a national hero; to raise additional incentives for London Paralympics winners at the Cabinet meeting. Read more here . ---- This is a screen shot of the Malaysian Paralympic Council website minutes ago. There is no mention about national archer Hasihin Sanawi's silver medal effort in the men's individual recurve W1/W2 event at the London Paralympics yesterday. Ironically, an old article of mine Robbing 'em blind , published in The Malay Mail on June 16 last year, is still the 'latest highlight'. It must be noted that steps have been taken to search for any other possible websites reflecting the views of MPC but have found none. Thus it is safe to say the website above remains as the official website. If the Council itself does not highlight the feats of its own athletes, what more the major dailies today. HD says: Oh well....

Drama KT kian hangat

"Saya tidak akan beri komen atas kapasiti peribadi. Saya hanya akan komen untuk persatuan dan setakat ini saya tidak ingin beri apa-apa komen. Pihak persatuan masih meneliti perkara ini, kami belum lagi putuskan tarikh mesyuarat....lagipun kami ingin tumpu perlawanan malam esok (menentang ATM)." Itu merupakan kata-kata Presiden Persatuan Bola Sepak Terengganu yang juga pengurus pasukan, Che Mat Jusoh. Kata-kata pemain yang terlibat pula di khabarkan dalam Berita Harian semalam. Ini pula kata-kata jurulatih Terengganu Peter James Butler, melalui emel-nya kepada saya; As for the Incident recently in Kedah it was brought to my attention by a member of the hotel thats players had re entered the hotel at 2.30/3am morning of the Malaysia Cup game, i was oblivious to all this as i was on a different floor however, on further investigation i was told this was correct and there were girls on the floor from outside the hotel. A member of my playing staff came to see me afte