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'Exercise hari-hari boleh hidup lama?'

1. I was jogging earlier this evening when a group of men, in their 40s, were smoking on the same pathway. 2. One of them stopped me and asked: " Abang, exercise hari-hari boleh hidup lama ka? " while the other two were sniggering. 3. I replied: " Mungkin mati esok, janji happy ." And I continued jogging. 4. While it may seem as an innocent joke, or perhaps it's the alcohol talking, it is deeply disturbing for someone to downplay something as important as exercise. Even sadder, October is Bulan Sukan Negara . 5. But I have noticed that this is the perception by many - that jogging or exercising on a daily basis is only for the "entitled few". Some view it as a "waste of time" and that "exercising daily will not guarantee growing old gracefully."  6. Some of my friends, who exercise almost daily, have heard others saying: " Orang kaya sahaja boleh exercise hari-hari ." and " Alah, poyo lah. Bu