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Where do we draw the line between 'having fun' and doing something silly?

News website had yesterday  tweeted  t he Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia's (ASUM) statement, confirming the involvement of three senior and four junior national divers of a "disciplinary issue" during their training in Guangzhou, China. This comes following a video that made its rounds showing several divers allegedly " partying and drinking alcohol", as widely reported.    The reports also named the divers  involved - Pandelela Rinong, Nur Dhabitah Sabri, Chew Yiwei, Hanis Nazirul Jaya Surya, Jellson Jabillin, Gabriel Gilbert Daim and Kimberly Bong.  Smoking severely impairs a person's stamina - even more so for an athlete. Yet, it is obvious some of our athletes continue to smoke. I'm sure the  experts (and test results) from the National Sports Institute know so (and will reveal so).  Alcohol  when consumed excessively is bad for health too. But athletes of the yesteryear will tell you how they used to spend hours at

SAM Election: Uphold spirit of brotherhood

To those who have served the Sportswriters' Association of Malaysia (SAM) - a big thank you. To those who will begin their new SAM adventure - all the best. Progress is achieved when the successors do better than their predecessors. This should not be viewed as a contest between individuals but a marathon to ensure the association continues to shine. Shortcomings should be addressed through proper channels. After all it's an association comprising of journalists - thus it's best we practice what we preach.  Learn from, instead of  harping about, the "good old days". SAM is made up of journalists, not politicians. As such, journalists should behave like journalists - and not like desperate politicians eager to justify their existence. SAM is not just about organising activities. SAM is about brotherhood and unity. Egos will continue to clash but that should never be at the expense of the association. The election is neither a popul