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Dr Anuar memangku jawatan presiden MPM, Zainal digantung tugas

As reported by Bernama KUALA LUMPUR, 28 Feb (Bernama) -- Timbalan Presiden Majlis Paralimpik Malaysia (MPM) Prof Madya Dr Anuar Suun kini memangku jawatan presiden majlis itu berikutan Datuk Zainal Abu Zarin digantung tugas kerana disiasat atas dakwaan penyelewengan wang MPM.    Setiausaha Kehormat MPM Siti Zaharah Abdul Khalid berkata Zainal digantung daripada memegang jawatan itu sejak Jun tahun lepas sementara menunggu hasil siasatan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).    Zainal didakwa menyeleweng wang berjumlah RM4 juta milik badan induk sukan Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) itu dengan melabur dalam sebuah syarikat pengurusan acara, Paralimpik Ventures Sdn Bhd (PVSB) yang diterajui Zainal dan dua anaknya.    Siti Zaharah berkata mengikut perlembagaan MPM, Zainal masih memegang jawatan tertinggi itu sehingga pemilihan kepimpinan tertinggi baharu diadakan pada Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan (AGM) Jun ini.    Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri Karnival

Beasley gets wish, Kamarul no longer handling cycling team

As published in Mailsport By Wan Noriza Meor Idris KUALA LUMPUR — National cycling coach John Beasley has got his wish. Kamarul Aizad Othman, the special officer to Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) president Datuk Abu Samah Abd Wahab, will no longer handle team matters. Beasley said he would never forgive Aizad, who nearly caused the team to miss the Asian Cycling Championships in Korat, Thailand recently.  Aizad messed up the flight tickets and hotel bookings which resulted in the team taking a later flight and staying in a hotel more than 20km from the championship venue. Despite these problems, Azizulhasni Awang still won the Keirin event. It was his ninth gold medal in the history of the championship — three as a junior (2006 — sprint, 1km and Keirin), three Keirin titles (2007, 2008, 2015), two individual sprint crowns (2008, 2009) and one team sprint victory (2009).  He broke the record he shared with South Kore

Where art thou, FAM coaches?

By Vijhay Vick PETALING JAYA - Numbers do not lie. While the FA of Malaysia (FAM) dismissed suggestions it was in a crisis after it emerged a number of coaches were leaving, the team lists of Harimau Muda B and Harimau Muda C released yesterday indicated a need for more manpower in the coaching department. Harimau Muda B have seven coaches, including national team trainer Omar Salim who is temporarily assisting the goalkeeping department. Even more worrying is that Hassan Sazali Waras is the only coach for Harimau Muda C, as they kick-off their FAM League campaign in two weeks time. "I used to bump into many coaches at Wisma FAM but it is no longer the same. It's as if there are not many around," said an FAM staff who requested anonymity. Another staff, however, stressed there was no need to push the panic button. "Yes, FAM needs more coaches but it's not worrying. Some interviews are taking place and everything will be back in ord

HARESH SAYS: Muted CNY celebrations — will it be a baa-d year?

  As published in Malay Mail today. HARESH SAYS Haresh Deol I MADE it in the nick of time as the yee sang remained in the centre of the table, untouched. It was close to 9.30pm, the rain didn’t help as riding from Petaling Jaya to Serdang turned out to be an adventure, no thanks to my helmet’s faulty dark visor that keeps dropping each time I hit a bump.   Unlike previous years, the yee sang was served last, as I promised my family and relatives I would turn up for the reunion dinner, by hook or crook.   As soon as I arrived, the 13 of us quickly gathered around the table as we tossed the yee sang while shouting Huat ar (prosper), hoping for good health and prosperity while welcoming the Year of the Goat.   But those were the only smiles I saw throughout the celebrations.   The conversation quickly revolved around politics, security and the nation’s economy.   Firecrackers were hardly heard or seen in Serdang and even other parts of town.

Azizulhasni to mum: Happy birthday, thank you and I love you!

By Wan Noriza Meor Idris IT was not the medal he wanted but the smile on Azizulhasni Awang’s face hid his disappointment. He wanted the gold badly after winning two silver medals in previous Track World Championships but settled for bronze in the Keirin final at the Velodrome de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, yesterday. “I dedicate my medal to my lovely mother Selamiah Yong who celebrated her 51st birthday on Wednesday,” Azizul told Mailsport after the prize-giving ceremony. “This is for you mum. Without your support and love, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you and I love you.” France’s Francois Pervis retained his title with a blistering final lap to beat New Zealand’s Edward Dawkins and Azizul. Azizul crossed the finish line just ahead of 2009 world champion Maximilian Levy of Germany. The Terengganu lad had won silvers in the sprint in 2009 and Keirin the following year. “I made a perfect start in Round 1 but faced difficulties in

HARESH SAYS: Claims of monopoly as doctor-pharmacist squabble — but what about the patients?

As published in Malay Mail today. HARESH SAYS Haresh Deol ACHOO! The sound of Mr Trainee sneezing echoes throughout the hypermarket.  While manning the cashier, he rubs his nose with his bare hand, mucous and all spread across his palm and he dries it off by rubbing his hand on his pants. “RM49.70” he says as he hands out his bacteria-laden hand, flashing a smile without realising some of his nose residue is sticking on his upper lip. And there is no need to wonder why nine out of 10 people lining up at the checkout lanes were either coughing or sneezing. It is in the air, so they say. Some claim it tends to get hot and dry during the Chinese New Year, so they blame it on Mother Nature.  And the first place they go to is their neighbourhood general practitioner (GP). Oh yes, the flu and cough doctors who some, without even taking your temperature or listening to your heartbeat, will quickly prescribe two strips of paracetamol or a bottle of

BEING FRANK: Get straitjacket for MIC’s bumbler-in-chief

Being Frank by Frankie D’Cruz, as published in Malay Mail today. IF you’re looking to understand a political leader so out of touch with his party, I’ve got one for you: G. Palanivel.  For one who started the crisis in the MIC and seems unable to stop it from reeling out of control, the party president has indulged in trigger-happy behaviour. This “quiet” man has gone ballistic. Step by insidious step, he’s on a sacking spree of dissenting members and on Monday kicked his gaffe machine into high gear by going on a collision course with Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Palanivel does not want a non-Indian BN secretariat to steer the administration of the MIC until fresh party polls. He said it was a grave act of injustice to let third parties (BN) “to run our beloved party”.  “The deputy president (Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam) may be willing to allow third parties to run MIC and lose our self dignity and respe

Athletes mourn death of iconic commentator

As published in Malay Mail today SHAH ALAM — She described him as a jovial man who placed the family first. Noniana Hasbullah, 33, was in tears as she related how the family loved to spend time with her father Datuk Hasbullah Awang. “We were so close. He called me adik (young girl) — even when he was angry with me. He was a perfect father figure to all of us,” she said. Hasbullah, a renowned commentator whose golden voice was synonymous with sports for over four decades, died at the National Heart Institute (IJN) yesterday. He was 63. He leaves behind wife Hazida Alang Ahmad, 58, four daughters — Jojiana, 38, Dodiana, 37, Loliana, 34, and Noniana, three grandsons and four granddaughters, aged between six and 14. He was buried at Kota Kemuning Muslim cemetery after Asar prayers. “He had been in IJN since February 3 and was scheduled to undergo a heart procedure (yesterday morning). He was fine before the surgery. “At 12.30pm I received a call saying he was critical and at 1.12pm I

Anxiety attack for docs

As published in Malay Mail By Haresh Deol KUALA LUMPUR — As the debate for separation of the roles of doctors and pharmacists lingers, general practitioners (GPs) are racing to safeguard their interests in the wake of impending losses and additional costs imposed on them. More than 50 doctors will gather in a closed-door meeting in Kuantan tomorrow to discuss the implications of: • Separating roles of doctors and pharmacies; • Implementation of the goods and services (GST) tax; • Upgrading equipment involved in treating foreign workers; • Growing number of clinics folding up; • Over 4,000 private doctors who have quit in 2013 alone, mostly due to losses. The disgruntled doctors insist these factors will impact their practice come April 1, leaving them little choice but to charge their patients more. They cited rising cost of living and “bullying tactics” adopted by third party administrators as among the reasons for closure of more than 500 cli

HARESH SAYS: I will not boycott my Chinese wife

As published in Malay Mail today. HARESH SAYS Haresh Deol IT has to be one of the darnedest statements made by a politician.   Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob is finally more “popular” than his singer son Gadaffi, also known as Dafi.    While the agriculture and agro-based industry minister’s Facebook page saw several sympathisers supporting his call to boycott Chinese traders, the majority lambasted his unwarranted remarks, saying it was racist.   The Cabinet minister, had on his Facebook page on Monday, said the majority of Malay consumers could push Chinese traders to lower prices by boycotting their businesses.   He later clarified by saying the post was not targeted towards the Chinese community in general but Chinese traders and businessmen who refused to bring down the prices of goods despite the drop in oil prices. Not targeting the community but Chinese traders and businessmen? Is there a difference?   Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan S

BADMINTON: Mis-sent email?

This speech was emailed to all sports editors. I presume this is a draft speech that was supposed to be emailed to the person delivering the speech. Speech by Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Jack Koh Kopiko Purple League Closing Ceremony  1 February 2015 SALUTATIONS A very good evening to: Mr Ng Kin Kok Group Country Manager for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Inbisco Marketing and Sales Sdn Bhd And members of the media Thank you all for joining us this evening. It was in April last year when we first announced the establishment of the Malaysia Purple League and now we have come to the end of Malaysia’s first professional badminton league. Developments have been made in the last few months and we are very confident that this tournament will have a major impact on the development of badminton in the country. Running and organizing the first professional badminton league is no easy task. There were many challenges to overcome and we take each challenge with stride. Moving forwar