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HARESH SAYS: Enough of this hypocrisy!

As published in Malay Mail today. IF hypocrisy was competed at the Olympics, we would have won gold a long time ago. Why do I say that? Here goes: Hypocrisy 1 Some two weeks ago I had a chat with some acquaintances.We were discussing the current predicament faced by Malaysians. Hailing from various backgrounds, speaking to them allowed me to better understand the very many sentiments of the average Malaysian on a Light Rail Transit. The subject of racism was raised. The group swore they were Malaysian first and demanded to be treated with respect and equally. They said no one should be judged by the colour of their skin or faith. I asked: “So if you brought a guy or girl of a different colour or faith home, would it be a problem?” One put his head down and said yes. Another in the group blurted: “My parents will kill me.” There was utter silence around the table. So much for respect and equality. Hypocrisy 2 Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali l

Malaysian government says no to sports betting

As published in Malay Mail today By Haresh Deol KUALA LUMPUR — The government will not legalise sports betting despite claims the match-fixing threat has moved from Singapore to Malaysia. Finance Minister II Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani said regulating sports betting would not ensure the long-standing menace would be eliminated. “As far as the government is concerned, we are not going to approve sports betting. Simply put, it’s not a sector we’re looking into,” he said. “What assurance do we have that match-fixing will be eradicated if sports betting is legalised? Singapore legalised sports betting, yet they also had syndicates operating illegally. “We can’t be giving out licences just because there is a demand in the black market. That will not solve the problem.” Johari said there were no records or data to show the amount of “illegal outflow” of the ringgit due to sports betting and that figures bandied around were  merely estimates.

HARESH SAYS: Courteous doctors can ease budget cuts pain

As published in Malay Mail today Soo Siew Lan, 76, dances with staff Khairiah Mad Hassan during a fun therapy session at Kuala Lumpur Hospital on Monday. Medical staff should comfort patients despite budget cuts. - Picture by Hari Anggara (Malay Mail) HARESH SAYS By Haresh Deol I BECAME a father on Oct 24. Having been by my wife’s side every step of the way, we were blessed with our bundle of joy, a baby boy, just days before Deepavali.   Our journey to parenthood was made easy thanks to one man — Datuk Dr Alex Mathews. A well-known figure in the fraternity and beyond, the former Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia president (1993/1994) comforted us every step of the way through his fatherly-like approach.   The well-groomed tie-wearing doctor, who could pass off as a headmaster, has a keen interest in sports. Having served the government for many years, his experience and wisdom are evident not only through his greyish hair but from his choice of word

GOLF: Sad Deepavali for Murthy

As published in Sunday Mail Murthy looks at the ruins of his house. - Picture by Azneal Ishak (Malay Mail) By R.Loheswar KUALA LUMPUR — It will not be a Happy Deepavali for golfer S. Murthy as he woke to news of his house having burnt down in the early hours of   Thursday . Murthy was playing in the Perlis Closed which began   on Wednesday . He carded a 76 and looked in good nick to make the cut. When he awoke at   6.30am   on Thursday   he saw he had more than 40 missed calls. “I immediately called my sister and she said the house had caught fire in the wee hours of the morning,” said a dejected Murthy, who represented Malaysia from 1990 to1996.  “We (Murthy and his wife) immediately drove back to Banting.”  The source of the fire is unknown but early indications are a faulty socket might have been the cause. No one was hurt, but Murthy’s father Somasundaram Sadayan, 69, was in the house — a single-storey terrace behind

FOOTBALL: Indonesia 3 Malaysia 0 - Stop making mockery out of country

As appeared in Malay Mail Afternoon E-Paper today Stumbling, fumbling, bumbling Harimau Malaysia disappoint yet again. — AFP Comment by Haresh Deol ARE we not supposed to be angry? Are we not supposed to be bitter? To concede three goals under 30 minutes is beyond embarrassment. Yet, there are those who maintain we should look at Malaysia's performance in yesterday’s football friendly against Indonesia optimistically. Why, one may ask? Because of the same excuses we often hear — that national coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee did not have enough time to train? The players are 'new'? ‎That this was merely a friendly match? It was a rubbish match, played by 11 footballers minus the defenders. Yes, the defenders hardly made an impression. The strikers? They were nowhere to be seen. It was a perfect start for Indonesia as they marked their return to the international scene since March last year following a Fifa ban. Thailand lost 2-0 to Jap

HARESH SAYS: Uncertainty plagues Malaysian football

As published in Malay Mail today Fans should just forget about football, for now, and support our heroes in Rio.   By Haresh Deol THE only thing certain in Malaysian football — is uncertainty.   Many things have been uncertain for far too long. One of them is the FA of Malaysia’s (FAM) leadership. FAM president Tengku Abdullah Shah, who turned 57 on Saturday, has made it clear he wants out from the national body. The Pahang Crown Prince had last year announced he was ready to step down following the nation’s disastrous outings in the World Cup/Asia Cup qualifiers.   However, there were those who begged him to reconsider — for reasons best known to them. Having a member of the royal family gives them the impression that FAM will not have to worry about its finances and stature, perhaps.   Having dealt with Tengku Abdullah on many occasions, he, like his father former FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah, has always been clear about his role in football. Both fa