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Of Zimbabwe and Shebby

No, there is no connection between Zimbabwe football and former international Serbegeth 'Shebby' Singh. Fifa promised to investigate the Zimbabwe football scandal involving a trip to Malaysia as first exposed by Mailsports in 2009. Shebby , meanwhile, could give his tv show a break and serve a Europe-based club in the region. All this and more in today's Mailsports. HD says: It was good meeting you Shebby. Hopefully we can have cha when we meet next. Cheers.

The Perak - Selangor connection

Bekas pemain Selangor bakal beraksi di dalam Siri Jelajah Kelab Peminat Bolasepak Perak yang akan diadakan di Padang Astaka, Kampar, Perak esok. Ini merupakan kali ketiga program ini dijalankan, sebelum ini program ini dijalankan di Batu Gajah dan Seberang Perak. Antara bekas pemain yang memeriahkan program ini ialah Azrul Amri Borhan, Shahril Arsat, Sani Fahmi serta Shahrin Majid. Menurut Penaung Kelab Peminat Bolasepak Perak, YB Keshvinder Singh, program ini adalah antara usaha untuk menarik ramai lagi peminat untuk menyokong pasukan Perak. Inilah masanya memberi sokongan kepada pasukan Perak , apatah pasukan ini sedang mendaki kejayaan berbanding dengan musim lepas. Program ini akan bermula jam 3 petang dan akan membabitkan perlawanan antara pasukan YB Adun Malim Nawar melawan pasukan Veteran Kampar yang juga dari pasukan Majlis Daerah Kampar. Selepas itu pasukan bekas pemain Selangor akan menentang pemain Perak. Untuk memerihakan lagi Siri Jelajah ini, kaunter pendaftaran kelab pem

Last minute inspection?

Just got a phone call (8.05pm) from a friend in Kuala Terengganu. And it goes like this. "Bro, game KL dgn Ganu nak start kul 8.45pm. Tapi FAM baru nak inspect stadium bro. Satu pylon floodlight tiba-tiba tak berfungsi. Aku update bro kalu match jalan ke tak." My reply..."Huh?!??!" FYI, KL are forced to play their home match against Terengganu at the Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium after the KL Stadium in Cheras was deemed 'unfit'. Will update soon... UPDATE (8.13pm): Friend called back again and this is what he said; "Bro, FAM pass padang so game jalan. Lampu diaorang off untuk cool down. Apa yg pelik kalu padang tak pass, takkan nak postpone match macam tu jer. Kesian team KL, mengamuk fans Ganu nanti." HD says: Ayoyo...

Losing track?

Malaysia's Sepang Formula One event is losing traction, according to the circuit's boss who admitted the shabby stadium and tropical temperatures have caused ticket sales to plunge. That was the first paragraph of M.Jegathesan's report for AFP yesterday. Red the full article here . But an industry player, who is going to organise a major racing event in Sepang, shared his thoughts in an email to me this morning; "S'pore who is also sharing the same challenges (minus facilities...where they channel funding properly to facilities even though track has to set up yearly) and yet they can do a better job!! Conclusion?? It's the people , the management that make the diff." What's your conclusion? HD says: Jegathesan speaks fluent Japanese, thanks to his wife.


Aku kesian benar dengan Wan Zaharulnizam Wan Zakaria. Dah lah mak bapak dia bagi nama yang cantik. Gol dia jaring pun cantik. Tapi sayang sekali nama dia kat start list...Kecik! Start list pun Kecik, match summary pun namanya Kecik ( gambar ). Dah lah international match. Pi baca apa tulis "First-half goals from Malaysia’s Kecik and Mohammad Irfan were enough to see off Pakistan in the first leg of their 2012 Olympics Asian Qualifier..." Pandai-pandai ko panggil anak jantan kecik. Sensitif siot. Dengar khabar match commissioner Mazen Ramadan dari Lebanon memang strict giler, tapi kalu match list pun boleh terlepas, hampeh. HD says: Apadah...

Contrasting tales

Olympic coach Ong Kim Swee passed his first major test as his side edged 10-men Pakistan 2-0 in the first leg of the Asian Zone pre-Olympic qualifier at Shah Alam yesterday. Yet there seem to be contrasting tales of the national team's performance last night. The NST said " Malaysia in control ". The Star reported " Malaysia down Pakistan in lop-sided Pre-Olympic opener ." Berita Harian, however, believed " Malaysia persia banyak peluang ". Harian Metro's headline was " Hanya dua goal ." My take on the was a Fair ending for the Malaysians . Pix by Abdul Razak Ghazali, The Malay Mail. HD says: Love listening to the likes of Pakistani singers Saieen Zahoor , Noori and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan .

RTM1 to air Msia-Pakistan live

It has somehow finally paid off. RTM1 had, at 6.30pm, agreed to broadcast the Asia Zone Olympic qualifier first leg match between Malaysia and Pakistan live. The match, being held at the Shah Alam Stadium, will kick off at 8.45pm. RTM1 will also broadcast the return leg match live from Lahore. UPDATE (Feb 24, 2011 -11.45am): RTM1 back in the game, as published in today's Mailsports . HD says: Terima kasih RTM.

Gymnasium woes

Food for thought. Feb 4th, 2010 (Mailsports) - NSC in the soup - again! Based on the 2008 AG's report: "After the dissolution of Arkitek Juarareka (for the NSC Gymnasium 3 upgrading works), Ismail Hashim Architect took over the consultancy role under the name of the former and continued to render services with a consultation fee amounting to RM1.88 million. NSC had paid RM1.33 million to Arkitek Juarareka up to Nov 2008." July 20th, 2010 (Mailsports) - Ministry dismissed 'fishy' notion with NSC gymnasium tender process . Based on the tender list: "Based on the list (of bidders to supply and install gymnasium equipment in Gymnasium 3), the quotations ranged from RM1,625,873.45 to RM4,963,007." With the figures available, that's about RM4 million, at the very least, for upgrading the NSC Gymnasium 3. How come it is still incomplete? Read K.Rajan's report in today's Mailsports . UPDATE (Feb 24, 2011 - 11.40am): NSC gym to be ready before Sea Ga

Be liberated

"It's good that the government is decreasing its funds to sports associations. Sports bodies will need to scout for their own funds instead." That was uttered by Olympic Council of Malaysia president Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaafar at the launch of the National Junior Taekwondo Championships in Bukit Jalil earlier today. I agree with Tunku Imran. It is high time for sports bodies to break free from government funding and be liberated. Tax payers money should go back to the masses and not just the elite few. Also, when associations stand on their own feet, they can do away with sports officials from the ministry meddling into their affairs. UPDATED (Feb 23, 2011, 12.17pm): Read Tunku Imran's take in today's Mailsports . HD says: The meaning of Liberated: tr.v. lib·er·at·ed, lib·er·at·ing, lib·er·ates. To set free, as from oppression , confinement, or foreign control .

TV3 shows interest.

That's what I was told by several industry insiders. Apparently Media Prima are eager to cash in on the football team's recent Asean Cup success as published in today's Mailsports . This comes about as talks between rights holder Astro and RTM have somehow stalled as earlier reported . If that's the case, at least the fans will have another alternative. HD says: RTM1 or TV3 tak kisah la. Janji dapat tengok bola free (especially bila hujan).

Revolusi Merah Putih

Undangan Terbuka "REVOLUSI MERAH-PUTIH": Datang dengan kaos timnas sepakbola Indonesia, kaos/polo-shirt/kemeja warna merah atau warna putih ke kantor PSSI di Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta mulai Selasa 22/2 sampai Nurdin Halid-Nirwan D. Bakrie-Nugraha Besus cs. turun dari kepemimpinan PSSI! (Tolong bantu sebarkan undangan terbuka ini kepada seluruh masyarakat pencinta sepakbola nasional Indonesia.) Apparently this SMS is making its rounds in Indonesia. I suppose Anthony Sutton of Jakarta Casual should know more about this. I guess it's people power in Indonesia eh. UPDATE (Feb 23, 2010 - 9.10am): Check Jakarta Globe's report on the revolution here . HD says: From Egypt to Indonesia, there's uprising everywhere.

Of contrasting tales

One misses his late mother. The other cursed his luck. Here's the contrasting tales of national footballer Ahmad Fakri Saarani and former hockey international Keevan Raj. Fakri put on a strong face when he spoke of his late mother as revealed here . Keevan, meanwhile, believed he could have handled the situation better after picking up his first red card despite having played in the domestic hockey league for more than a decade. Read it here . HD says: It's always satisfying to speak to athletes with character and an interesting story to tell.

London calling

Ah London. I've yet to visit that city. But I do have several relatives staying there. Heck, even one of them is a personal friend of Tottenham Hotspur and England star player Aaron Lennon ( pic ). I was promised a 'makan' session with Lennon if I ever made my way to London. London is home to many good British bands. The Clash, Sex Pistols and Led Zeppelin. It's home to the mighty Landrover - which sadly is bloody overpriced here. You'd see lots of Asians in London these days despite the rain and chilly weather. One might even bump into several high ranking sports officials from the Sports Ministry this week - or so I was told. Apparently, it's part of the sports industry ahead of the London 2012 Olympics - again or so I was told. If ture, the million Ringgit question on everyone's minds. How much did tax payers have to pay? Oh well, my only association with London at the moment is listening to The Clash joining forces with Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen

Stars shine, losers whine

I was a participant of the Basic Sports Administration Course organised by the Ulu Kelang Recreational Club on March 25-28, 2010. I was with a diversed group - from Venkat Kanangasingam who was then waiting for his SPM results to retiree Mok Choon How. During a session, a parent was complaining to why a particular national association failed to help his son, blamed the national association for politics and corrupt practices and the list goes on. It only needed one question from the facilitator to make that man ponder - "why are you so reliant over the national association?" "You want the association to help you now and when your son becomes a star will you pay the association back?" If you think those who run sports organisations are no angels, why associate with them? Be a champion on your own accord. Nicol David has done it. So has Ong Beng Hee. Did tennis star Serena Williams or Thai lass Noppawan Lertcheewakarn ( pic ) begged for help from their national associa

A super Super GT

In 120 days, the Sepang International Circuit will turn into a carnival of all sorts. The Super GT is dubbed as the fastest Super Grand Touring car race in the world and one of its leg will be held on June 18-19 in Sepang. JPM Motorsport just signed an agreement with GTA Company Ltd as this post is written. Also present at the ceremony is SIC CEO Razlan Razali. Besides the handful of sports-cars parked right outside the hotel lobby, the other surprises also include former A1GP Malaysia's Owen Leed now a member of the publishing industry and RTM showing all nine legs of the series with a possibility of broadcasting the Sepang race live. HD says: Remember riding alongside Razlan and a couple of other bikers during our weekend rides prior his role as SIC CEO. Should do it again soon.

"In this web of fitnah..."

Below is an email by Team Lotus in response to the statement made by Proton (17th February) concerning the ongoing disagreement between 1Malaysia Racing Team (1MRT) and Proton / Group Lotus. The statement (by Proton) contained a number of factual errors that are at best misleading and at worst straight lies. The case concerns the unlawful termination of 1MRT’s licence to use the Lotus Racing name and Team Lotus Ventures’ rightful ownership and usage of the Team Lotus name in Formula One. Proton’s statement contains a number of points that are designed to paint a very negative picture of the shareholders and founders of 1MRT and to cloud the truth ahead of the court case between 1MRT and Group Lotus, beginning in London on 21st March: - Proton has now stated for the first time that 1MRT could have remedied the breaches in the licence agreement and continued to use the Lotus Racing name in 2011. None of this is true and is in direct contradiction to the reasons given at the time for te

Kicking with fun

It's just great to see youngsters engaging in sports. While many are fixated with their computers, electronic games and television, there are others who do find the time to get involved in grassroots sports. One such programme is the Nestle Koko Krunch Junior Taekwondo Championship. Olympic Council of Malaysia president Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaafar will officiate the launch of the 6th edition at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on Tuesday (Jan 22, 2011 - 10.45am onwards). Members of the Press just received the invitation from former international M.Vasugi. While the competitors gear up for the tournament, let's watch the 'best taekwondo fight ever!' ( sic ) HD says: Fact of the day - NST sports editor Vijesh Rai and his lovely wife Vasugi used to coach The Malay Mail's assistant news editor Pearl Lee and former Mailsports reporter Jonathan Fernandez during their schooling days. Small world.

"Best team ever"

Those were the words of national polo team manager Ahmad Jamili Rashid. Jamili is bullish of the polo riders securing a top three position in the FIP World Cup Zone D qualifier come June 11-26. “We’ve been training hard with stints in Argentina. We have left no stone unturned. This team is capable of going far not only in the Qualifier but we are also looking at things beyond this,” said Jamili. Malaysia is represented by captain Huzaini Yunos (+4 Handicap), Shaik Reismann (+3 Handicap), Amran Selamat (+2 Handicap), Muhammad Edham Shaharuddin (+4 Handicap), Saladin Mazlan (+3 Handicap) and Tengku Ahmad Shazril (+3 Handicap). The countries competing in Zone D, apart from Malaysia, are Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria and Singapore. The top three book will partake in the FIP World Cup in October. The qualifiers will be played at three different venues – namely the Royal Pahang Polo Club in Pekan, the Putrajaya Equestrian Park and the Royal Selangor Polo Club

Ministry explains.

“We have not cancelled the airing of the football matches. It is just that we are still in the midst of negotiating the right price with Astro,” That was the reaction I got from Information, Communications and Culture Ministry deputy secretary-general Dr Rothiah Omar. Read the full story in today's The Malay Mail here . This came about after Rizal Hashim had first highlighted the matter in his blog, RTM - Rais Tak Minat . To be fair, Dr Rothiah is not the decision maker of this matter as I was told there is a "committee that oversees such negotiations". Also, the soft-spoken Dr Rothiah ought to be credited for her prompt reply on the matter. All I know is that such matters should have been ironed out prior the season started. Not everyone enjoys Astro and those who do can't watch anything when it rains. The fact remains that RTM1 is a more reliable channel and is available to all. HD says: Business deals and egos aside, the fans deserve the best.

Sub-standard pitch for international meet?

The Malay Mail's crime reporter Aizat Sharif , who has a twisted love affair with KL, highlighted an interesting fact minutes ago. "Bro, KL tak leh main kat KLFA Stadium pasal FAM kata padang tak cun. Tapi apasal lak stadium sama boleh host World Intercity Invitational ?" Good question eh. The bad condition of the playing pitch was the reason KL had to play their 'home' match against Kelantan in Kota Baru yesterday. Malaysia were supposed to play Hong Kong in an international friendly match but the venue was changed to the Shah Alam Stadium instead. Here's a video of KL playing Perak in a Super League match at the same stadium on Jan 29, 2011. Unfortunately, due to a logo buy and supposed joint venture, my hands are tied. For the record, the inaugural tournament is jointly organised by KLFA and is endorsed by the FA of Malaysia. (FAM) So, is the on-going world invitational meet (scheduled Feb 15-19) is being held on sub-standard grounds? Or is our league too

Cabinet reshuffle?

Well that was what I was told. And it is expected to happen at 5pm. In last year's reshuffle , Ong Tee Keat (transport minister) and Wee Jeck Seng (deputy youth and sports minister) were those dropped from the line up. So who could it be this time around? Hmmmm...... Elsewhere, Tunisia is bracing for a cabinet reshuffle while Indonesia too could see new faces in its cabinet line-up. HD says: I wonder, I wa wa wa wonder...

Calling young KL talents.

The Federal Territory Amateur Athletics Association ( FTAAA ) launched its 2011 Athletics Development Programme which comprises competitions for age groups 13 to 15 years, 16 to 18 years and 19 to 21 years (for both boys and girls). The competitions will be held over the following 5 days for the following events: 1. Feb 20 – Short Sprints (100m, 200m) and Steeplechase 2. March 26 – Jumps and Hurdles (100m & 110m) 3. April 9 – Sprints (400m, 800m) and Distance events (1,500m, 5,000m) 4. May 7 – Throws, 400m Hurdles and Long Distance events (10,000m) 5. June 18 – Race Walk (3,000m, 5,000m, 10,000m) NST had reported about this much earlier here . For more information, kindly contact FTAAA at 03-2715 2843 or drop them an email at HD says: Datang jangan tak datang, datang jangan tak datang...

Chong Wei to stay?

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to do the maths. With hardly two years left before he quits for good, Lee Chong Wei ( pic in green ) would want to make as much money possible. Quitting the national body will only see him incur losses. Also, it is an open secret that the BA of Malaysia are negotiating deals with several organisation and Chong Wei would surely want to be part of such deals. Hey, wouldn't we do the same if we were in his shoes. Therefore, would Chong Wei stay put in BAM after all? Read today's Mailsports . HD says: There's RM99.30 in my piggy bank. Just short of RM469,900.70 to buy over Chong Wei's souped up GTR Skyline.

Splashed with Ca$h

Who says sportsmen aren't paid well? Our national footballers, who hogged the limelight after wining the Asean Cup, received more money at Wisma FAM earlier. FA of Malaysia president Sultan Ahmad Shah ( pic, flanked by the national players ) handed out RM50,000 to all 22 players and national coach K.Rajagobal. Sultan Ahmad said "the national team cannot be satisfied with a win at the Asean level but instead strive for bigger international success by qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics and 2014 World Cup". HD says: Wished I had picked up a sport seriously. Sigh!

Rugby fiesta

Expect to see the yellow Digi man making his rounds to the tune of "I will follow you" in Kuala Kangsar pretty soon. The telecommunication giants are noble to sponsor what matters most - the grassroots. The Malay College Kuala Kangsar will organise the MCKK 7s Premier Rugby tournament scheduled on Feb 25-27. Some 24 schools from Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok will partake in the event with four categories to be held - the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield. For more information, kindly contact Yusof Abu Bakar at or HD says: Schools sports are always fun!

What's wrong with The Malay Mail?

That was what some Sports Ministry officials had supposedly said in a meeting recently. I presume this has something to do with the Road to London 2012 programme which was highlighted in the Paper That Cares recently . I was not at the meeting obviously, so I cannot confirm if such was indeed said. I could be wrong. All I know is that there is a new and effective way of gagging reporters - logo buys! Oh well. It's all about $$$ eh. HD says: Org kuat merajuk no class la.

Walk like an Egyptian?

I know this is old talk to some. In fact, an apparent 'unrest' by NST journalists together with the supposed letter was even posted here almost a month back. Nevertheless, many are still not aware of it. A letter was apparently written to the CEO Anthony Bujang ( pic ) about the "...sorry state of affairs on the editorial floor of the NST." ( para 2 ) Among the four points of contention highlighted in the letter are "serious lack of leadership", "severe lack of attention to the needs and welfare of the bureau staff", "favouritism" and "plunging circulation figure". A fellow journo from NST confirmed the contents of the letter and even mentioned the two names linked in the letter which I will not state for obvious reasons. Guess such unrest is not only seen in Egypt huh. I've yet to meet Anthony but I was told that he is a "down to earth guy" and an "employee friendly" boss during his early days in NST.

Malaysia 2 Hong Kong 0

Fresh from winning the AFF Suzuki Cup title, the Malaysian side once again showed their true capabilities after defeating Hong Kong 2-0 in a friendly match at the Shah Alam Stadium. Skipper Safiq Rahim drew first blood in the 44th minute while the second goal was scored by Amirulhadi Zainal (90th minute). Ouch!: National striker Safee Sali brought down by a Hong Kong player (in red) during a friendly match earlier this evening. Malaysia won 2-0. - pix by Osman Adnan, NST . HD says: I like Hong Kong movies.

Princesses of tennis

None of them would actually win a beauty contest. Nevertheless, they are well known for their glam on the tennis courts. Among the star-studded cast for the Malaysia Open include Francesca Schiavone ( pic ), Marion Bartoli, Shuai Peng, Dinara Safina and Sania Mirza. The 2nd edition of the inaugural tournament will commence on Feb 28 at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort. For a full write up on the stars and ticketing information, kindly visit the Lawn Tennis of Malaysia's website . HD says : Tried my hand at tennis, sucked big time. I'll stick to badminton for now.

Safee to Pelita Jaya

Image has nothing to do with the famous 'mamak' joint in town but Tapah-born Kajang-raised Safee Sali ( pic ) is headed to Indonesia clubside Pelita Jaya. Safee made the annoucement at the Press conference hours earlier. This will be an interesting chapter for Safee and Malaysian football. The Indonesian Press, however, have already highlighted this today, as seen here and here. HD says: All the best Safee.

New Media man for FAM

Former newsman Joe Marcose ( pic ) is the new Media officer for the FA of Malaysia. Joe, who climbed the ladder from a cadet reporter in the 80s before quitting as sports editor in 2000, replaces Raja Azura Raja Zamani. I was told Raja Azura is now with MSL Sdn Bhd. By the way, Joe also blogs at Fair Play News. Personally, I never had any problems with the good Media department of FAM with the exception of a former media officer who was later given the boot. Unsurprisingly, many shared my sentiments. We also had former newsmen in the form of Rizal Hashim and Satwant Singh Dhaliwal being part of the Media department. They were efficient. Sadly they didn't last long for reasons best known to them. My take, too much of politics kot. I remember placing a bet with Astro Awani's Fadzrie Hazis that Rizal wouldn't last more than 3 months. The loser was to buy banana leaf rice for lunch. Well all the best Joe. Looking forward to seeing you at Wisma FAM. HD says: Congrats Joe.

Drama lagi!

Askum Dato Seri we must first review and take Drastic action on MAAU official who has brought Bad name e.g involving sexsual harasment with athlete's,LO's ect..we cannot afford to keep this MONSTER IN KOAM ANYMORE.PLEASE STAND FIRM WITH SINCERE MAAU MEMBERS FOR THE GOOD OF MAAU.SALAM C.C TO ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS. Just received this SMS. I wonder what's the fiasco with the Malaysian Amateur Atheletic Union now. HD says: Cuti pun susah. Lecehlah.

AFF Final fixed?

Jakarta Casual's Anthony Sutton speaks of a rather juicy scandal that is making its rounds in Indonesia. For the record, Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup final by a 4-2 aggregate (Malaysia won 3-0 in KL; lost 2-1 in Jakarta). Sutton, in his posting 'More Juicy Scandal' wrote: "A story doing the rounds at the moment, well over the last couple of days, revolves around allegations that some Indonesian players conspired to 'throw' the AFF Cup Final 1st leg in KL. I first heard allegations a couple of weeks ago and was given the identity of the players involved but as is policy I left it. Rumours is rumours and breaking a story like this is best left to people with better lawyers than I!" Several Indonesian dailies have also highlighted the matter as seen here and here . A case of sore losers? Or is there any truth behind such claims? I would certainly like to get my hands on the supposed email. Pix taken from UPDATE (8.33pm): A

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. Have fun during the reunion dinner tonight and have a blast during the New Year tomorrow! HD says: Gong Xi Fatt Choy, ang pow gia lai. Hehehehehe.

To wait or not to wait....

That is the question. Harian Metro ( Tangguh dulu! ), and many other newspapers, believe Ranau is not ready to host our national athletes. The Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU) believes otherwise. Here is a two-paged letter the national body emailed to the Press minutes ago in response to the article in the Malay daily. HD says: Raya Cina dah dekat. Tak yah bertelingkah...kita shopping dulu!

Congrats Santokh, happy birthday FT!

The first sentence Santokh Singh uttered when he got out from the van was "I saw you on tv that day, you should have tarok them more lah." He was clearly referring to my appearance as a guest on Astro Arena's Kafe Sukan. The subject was naturally about football. I laughed as we quickly got him ready for a commercial shoot at Cyberjaya. This was a month before last year's World Cup. Between the long hours of the shooting, we spoke about a lot of things - family, football and his sudden illness. I still enjoy talking to Santokh...opps my's Datuk Santokh Singh now. The football legend joins former shooter Sabiamad Abdul Ahad in receiving the Panglima Mahkota Wilayah (PMW) in conjunction of the Federal Territories (FT) day today. Former wushu exponent Ho Ro Bin - who is also no stranger in front of the camera - receives the Johan Mahkota Wilayah (JMW). Quoting Bernama: Tiga lagi menerima Kesatria Mahkota Wilayah (KMW) iaitu P. Arivalagan (jurulatih karate ke