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Understanding Ti Lian Ker's 'compassionate' tweets

Saya hiba melihat tahap kebencian dan dendam kesumat sehinggalah mantan Perdana Menteri terpaksa dirawati di hospital , masih lagi ramai berhati batu. Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker is getting slammed for his series of "compassionate" tweets towards ex-prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who is serving his 12-year jail time. His Twitter profile, reads "my tweet is personal and spontaneous .. allow me to make some mistakes ss!" But that doesn't really apply, especially when one is the MCA vice-president and deputy youth and sports minister. So why is Ti even touching on a subject which can prove detrimental to him and his party? All I can think of is Kuantan. Ti has been having quite a number of events in the state capital. They include the Kafe Undi 18 tour kicked off in Kuantan, and he was there.  Ti, had in July , revealed the construction of the new Pahang Youth and Sports complex in Kuantan. He also got his ministry to organise the JomRun x KBS Kuantan Fun Run al

When 'penjimatan' is a bad word

A friend of mine works for an MNC. She shared how the budget for the following year has been slashed despite spending less than the earlier projected budget this year. The excuse by her regional bosses, "if you could do it with X amount, strive to do it lesser than X amount next year." She strongly believes that those who save money should be incentivised - so that funds can be better spent. I think so too. Sadly, the word "savings" or " penjimatan " is frowned upon even by civil servants, for fear of budget cuts the following year. It's almost like a bad word. This despite the fact that tax payers' will be happy to note that the government and its agencies, are for once, saving money instead of overspending. So I guess, the diplomatic phrase to use is "perbelanjaan berhemah" or "prudent expenditure". Such " perbelanjaan berhemah " is seen in this year's edition of the Malaysia Games that ends tomorrow.  It has ha

Sukma weightlifting saga a heavy issue

A doping scandal has hit the Malaysian weightlifting scene, yet again. Three weightlifters - two from Terengganu and one from Perlis - tested positive for banned substances ahead of their events in the Malaysia Games (Sukma). This resulted in the Malaysia Weighlifting Federation (MWF) turning its back on the National Sports Council (NSC). In a rather bold, and perhaps unprecedented move, MWF withdrew its officials from Sukma.  MWF president Datuk Ayub Rahmat was quoted by The Star as saying:  "I've stated earlier that we will bar the whole team from competing even if one is tested positive for doping. I've made my intention clear to NSC but they want to carry on with the Sukma programme."  NSC issued a statement earlier this evening, saying:  "Ketetapan pembatalan seluruh pasukan oleh Persatuan Angkat Berat Malaysia itu juga adalah yang pertama seumpamanya di dunia, berbeza dengan peraturan saingan di peringkat antarabangsa yang hanya membatalkan penyertaan atl

Tahniah kepada para pemenang Anugerah SAM 2020/2021

Tahniah diucapkan kepada para pemenang Anugerah Persatuan Penulis-penulis Sukan Malaysia (SAM) 2020/ 2021. Majlis berlangsung pagi tadi di Hotel Hilton, Petaling Jaya. Dua kategori baharu - anugerah kewartawanan sukan perpaduan dan foto perpaduan - dipertandingkan. Kepada para pemenang, harap kemenangan anda menjadi penyutik semangat untuk meneruskan usaha memartabatkan lagi industri kewartawanan sukan Malaysia.  Ingat, tugas wartawan bukannya untuk mengejar populariti atau menjadi selebriti tetapi untuk melaporkan kebenaran.  SENARAI PEMENANG ANUGERAH PERPADUAN 100PLUS SAM 2020/2021 1. LAPORAN BERITA TERBAIK (MEDIA CETAK): Mohamad Zulfaizan Mansor (Berita Harian) Tajuk: POTONG GAJI 2. LAPORAN BERITA TERBAIK (MEDIA ELEKTRONIK): Al Shaiful Nazib Talib & Zamri Zainon (TV3) Tajuk: PSIKOLOGI SUKAN 3. ULASAN BERITA TERBAIK (MEDIA CETAK): Mohd Firdaus Mohd Hashim (Harian Metro) Tajuk: AMD SUDAH ADA PENAJA 4. ULASAN SUKAN TERBAIK (MEDIA ELEKTRONIK): Mohd Fauzi Mohd Marzauki & Abdul Ha

'They always have these (things) but nothing moves'

Right after Twentytwo13 published this article , I received a message from a reader who also happens to follow Foul! closely. "They always have these (things) but nothing moves ..." Can I blame the sender for saying so? We have heard of many attempts to take the sports industry in Malaysia seriously. Despite the very many initiatives and activities, the government is not expected to increase the budget for the Youth and Sports Ministry. The government, in Budget 2021, allocated RM940 million to the ministry and the allocation was slashed to RM289 million in Budget 2022. Budget 2023 is expected to be an election budget - promising a whole lot of "goodies". Where will this leave those in the sports industry? Given the large amounts of funds spent battling Covid-19 over the past two years, subsidies, and targeted financial assistance, it is highly unlikely sports will be given much thought. Funds will be needed to prepare our athletes for the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia