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The 'Despacito' joke!

I JUST don't understand the hype over Despacito . I really don't. I first heard the song after it made it No. 1 in the US and quickly became a global hit. Despacito , which means 'slowly', has set a new global streaming record of 4.6 billion streams in only six months and has been declared the official song of the summer. To me, it sounds like any other Latin American song. Ok, to give it a little more credit, it's a perfect Zumba song. That's it. Then again, music is subjective. RTM has banned Despacito from its radio and television stations. It's not like their radio and television stations enjoy great ratings compared to their privately-owned counterparts. Some quarters, such as the women's wing of Parti Amanah Negara (Awan), have called for the broadcast of the song to be stopped, alleging obscene lyrics. Ban an afterthought? Didn't anyone check the lyrics before they started singing or airing it? Also, how many people ou

Another stadium to make way for development

UPDATE 8.40pm: City Hall has agreed to meet KLBA "soon" over the status of the badminton stadium in Cheras. The development of the land was also reported by Astro Arena during its evening bulletin.  BADMINTON enthusiasts hope those involved in the redevelopment project at Jalan Cheras will honour their promise in reconstructing the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium. Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association (KLBA) also hopes an alternative training venue will be provided during the reconstruction process. This comes following news Mah Sing Group Bhd had bought the land housing the 27-year-old stadium that has a capacity of 4,500. Mah Sing told Bursa Malaysia on July 3 it signed a share sale agreement with Hazreeq Putra Hasman and Maslinda Othman for their shareholding in Cordova Land Sdn Bhd,a company which has secured the acceptance of Kuala Lumpur City Hall for the purchase of an 11.233-acre piece of land in the area for RM82.127 million. Mah Sing’s gro

AFC U23 Championship qualifiers 'not a priority'?

The back pages of the English dailies today.  ON Wednesday, six out of 26 national Under-22 players turned up for centralised training. Yesterday, only two remained as the other four were recalled by their teams for this week's M-League matches. And it looks like former national Under-22 coach Frank Bernhardt is being made the scapegoat for this fiasco. Why? Apparently, the German did not priorities the AFC Under-23 qualifiers which begin on July 19 in Bangkok. As his KPI was SEA Games, he was gunning for a good showing at the regional event instead. And why did his bosses in FAM give in to this? ... (I hope FAM would be able to fill in the blanks) .... So is it safe to say those responsible in ensuring the progress and success of Malaysian football saw it fit to just think of SEA Games and not the AFC competition? Why? - Because we are hosting the SEA Games and must make a good impression? - Because we will be humiliated in the AFC tournament? As I wrote

Where's the planning, who do we blame?

It was all over the Internet yesterday and hogged the backpages of most dailies today. Only six footballers turned up on the first day of centralised training yesterday, ahead of the AFC Under23 Championship scheduled to start on July 19 in Bangkok. The remaining 20 players who were called up by coach Ong Kim Swee (pic) will come in batches. Teams who did not release their players yesterday have created the presumption it is they who call the shots and not the national body. 1. National coaches met late last year to discuss the 2017 calendar. All were aware of tournaments scheduled for 2017. Why: - didn't the guardians of the domestic league take into account our international obligations? For the record, AFC generally prepares its calendar two years in advance. 2. Kim Swee, his assistants and the six players who reported for duty pretty much wasted their time yesterday. Why: - should the six players and coaches continue to waste their time? They might as well gathe