Understanding Ti Lian Ker's 'compassionate' tweets

Saya hiba melihat tahap kebencian dan dendam kesumat sehinggalah mantan Perdana Menteri terpaksa dirawati di hospital , masih lagi ramai berhati batu.

Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker is getting slammed for his series of "compassionate" tweets towards ex-prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who is serving his 12-year jail time.

His Twitter profile, reads "my tweet is personal and spontaneous .. allow me to make some mistakes ss!"

But that doesn't really apply, especially when one is the MCA vice-president and deputy youth and sports minister.

So why is Ti even touching on a subject which can prove detrimental to him and his party?

All I can think of is Kuantan.

Ti has been having quite a number of events in the state capital. They include the Kafe Undi 18 tour kicked off in Kuantan, and he was there. 

Ti, had in July, revealed the construction of the new Pahang Youth and Sports complex in Kuantan. He also got his ministry to organise the JomRun x KBS Kuantan Fun Run also in July.

Serving as senator now, Ti could very well contest in Kuantan, instead of Raub, in the upcoming GE. Based on the demographics seen in GE14, 66.39% of the 77,208 voters in Kuantan were Malay while 29.58% were Chinese. 

APPARENTLY (note word in caps), a majority of Kuantan folk are still sore over the jailing of Najib, who by the way is still Pekan MP. 

I'm sure some people in MCA are equally sore over Ti's tweets. 

But for political survival, winning the hearts of Kuantan folk would mean more than those in Wisma MCA. If Ti is given the mandate to contest and (should he miraculously) win the Parliamentary seat there, he would silence his critics in the party.

I feel the tweets are a mistake. But who knows, Ti's "personal and spontaneous" thoughts on "humanity", "compassion" and "empathy" may perhaps (somehow) work in his favour.


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