Give greedy footballers, officials the boot

“Corruption involving local footballers is still prevalent in the country. We are still encountering cases involving corruption among footballers, but it is not easy to prosecute someone without any concrete evidence."

Those were the words of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) deputy chief commissioner Datuk Azam Baki. Read the report here.

Here's the thing.

Since the establishment of the full time committee comprising the FA of Malaysia, MACC and police in 2012, we have hardly heard of any arrests made.


As Azam said, it's not easy to prosecute without concrete evidence.

As for FAM? 

It's Coordination and Integrity Department, headed by former policeman Osman Bakar, does not seem to have the power or means to nab those responsible for corrupting the beautiful game.

Insiders reveal the national body has been providing information to the authorities throughout last year.

The M-League is still being monitored by betting websites. Experts say it is a sign that results could be manipulated.

And the subject of match-fixing in Malaysian football is turning to be a broken record. It's being said over and over again, people in position acknowledge it's happening yet where is the action?

If FAM, MACC and police are eager to save the game or to ease the minds of fans that they are not being cheated each time they watch a match, come down hard on these criminals.

Give greedy footballers, coaches and officials the boot. They have no place in sports.


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