Podium Programme info 'missing'?

Nadi Arena Analisis Sukan Asia Jakarta-Palembang 2018 producer Lukman Salleh and I were searching for information regarding the Podium Programme on the National Sports Institute (NSI) website.
And we couldn't find anything.

After my show on Astro Arena (live 9pm-10pm daily till Sept 2 on channel 800 and 803HD), I tried visiting NSI's website again and still can't seem to find any info regarding the Podium Programme, unlike before.

We tried clicking under Info Korporat followed by 'Program Podium' (listed under the 'Bahagian' section) and were redirected to the landing page instead.

Thankfully I have screened shot information regarding the Podium Programme's objectives, as documented in my previous articles:

April 15, 2018: Walk the talk

It's baffling that such crucial information is 'missing' from the website.

It gives the impression that certain quarters do not want to be reminded of the programme's objectives - which has failed as far as our participation at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast is concerned.

And certain quarters believe the Podium Programme's objective of a top 10 finish for the on-going Asian Games will not be met either.


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