Sadly, it takes two to tango ...

Now here's a tale about a bailarin.

The bailarin, had just slightly over a year ago, tried hard to lure new partners. He did the cabeceo, a traditional technique for selecting dance partners from a distance using eye contact and head movements. But he was snubbed.

He tried to book a date (minus the chimichurri steak and wine), hoping to catch the attention of the new dance partners. The bailarin failed.

He was without doubt slighted.

Fuelled with hope, the bailarin continued to practica (informal training session for tango dancers) on his own. He has been training hard to do the gancho, hoping once he 'hooked' the new dance partner, the parejas will be able to passionately mesmerise the crowd.

The bailarin was willing to adapt, even it means dancing while playing Tango 5: The Last Dance on his Android phone or to the tune of the 'Game of Thrones' theme.

It's been over a year and none of the new partners have reached out nor even paid him a visit at the dance studio. It has been "awfully, eerily" quiet. Those who sponsor him are feeling it too.

The bailarin thought it was only he who felt isolated and unappreciated. But as he spends more time outside his dance studio speaking to his peers, he realises many others too share similar sentiments.

Just like the bailarin, they all received some form of attention in the past but claim it's no longer the same.

They hope for some form of guidance in a bid to work their way out of the old ways of doing things. They need some form of direction to stand on their own feet.

Not everyone is as tough or knowledgeable as the bailarin.

Seeing this, the bailarin stopped reaching out to the new dancers. He knows it is he who must chart his future and that he and he alone should take credit for his achievement and blame himself for the slightest mistake.

This is after all, the true meaning of being an accomplished dancer. It also means he does not need to dance to the tune of others, unlike in the past.

The bailarin also realised the new partners are not worth his time nor are they actually good enough to share the same dance floor with him. He feels the KPOP dance moves by the new partners lack the art, passion, character and flair evident in tango.

Sadly - to up on a brilliant performance and win the hearts of all - it takes two to tango ...

If dancing isn't your thing, read this Twentytwo13 article published in June 2018: No need for Sports Minister, say OCM, NSC and reflect on it based on today's landscape and the wants and needs of the yet-to-be fully explored sports industry in Malaysia.


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