There's a new club in town - Lee Zii Jia Badminton Club. So who is funding it?

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker revealed there's a new badminton club in town. It's called the Lee Zii Jia Badminton Club.

Ti, had in his Facebook posting, also revealed that Indra Wijaya, whose contract with the BA of Malaysia ending next month, will be Lee's coach.

It's interesting to see an upcoming shuttler setting up his own badminton centre. Traditionally, such centres are basically retirement plans set up by players who have clocked plenty of time on the court.

The other question that many have on their minds - who is funding Lee Zii Jia Badminton Club? I'm sure sponsors and investors are eager to know the business model and the monetisation plan to determine the sustainability of such an initiative.

Going professional equals to a whole lot of money. There are coaches to pay, equipment to purchase, services to render and travel obligations which aren't cheap. 

All the best to Lee Zii Jia and his new club! 

P/S: It would be equally interesting to know why Ti made the announcement and not Lee himself.


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