From 'Mr P' to 'Kemelut Dalaman BAM': Four chapters of 'mesej Whatsapp layang'

Surat layang, or rather 'mesej Whatsapp (or some will pronounce as Wasup) layang'.

That was what I received this afternoon from a number that is not registered on my phone. The sender identified him/herself as "ahli yg memerhati tingkah laku BAM" (Badminton Association of Malaysia).

The four chapters were titled as: 

  • 'Siapa dia Tan Sri BAM "Mr P"'
  • Perletakan Jawatan Presiden BAM
  • 'Siapa Tengku Zafrul'
  • Kemelut Dalaman BAM
There were many allegations to which the sender justified as not "fitnah" but "hakikat apa yg berlaku".

The four chapters highlights Mr P's "connection kuat", goes into why Tengku Zafrul was named as the incoming BAM president, and takes issue with the establishment of 'Yayasan Badminton Nasional' and Akademi Badminton Malaysia.

The writer (unsure if the sender is also the writer) also wrote that 'majority in the Council dalam BAM semua tak berani buat laporan sebab takut'.

Ironically, the Whatsapp messages had no name to them. Takut? Hmm ...

I've seen enough of poison pen letters and surat layang. I'd only take them seriously if there's a name attached to it, complete with evidence. Otherwise, such letters often result in bruised egos and legal letters, and do not contribute to the development of the sport. 

I'm sure some (if not all) of BAM's council members have received the same messages I received. It's for them to "nilai" if there is any truth in what was written, and take the necessary steps, if required. After all, everything is minuted in the Council meetings. After all, there are bigger things about badminton (ie. Paris Olympics 2024 and Thomas Cup) to worry about.

Speaking about Tengku Zafrul, should a Cabinet minister head a national association? Read this October article: Posers over Tengku Zafrul’s gig as new BAM president

Some will say that Tengku Zafrul has really big shoes to fill. Hope I will be able to sit down with the Investment, Trade & Industry Minister to find out about his grand plans for Malaysian badminton.

Till then, have a smashing weekend.


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