FOOTBALL: Indonesia 3 Malaysia 0 - Stop making mockery out of country

As appeared in Malay Mail Afternoon E-Paper today

Stumbling, fumbling, bumbling Harimau Malaysia disappoint yet again. — AFP

Comment by Haresh Deol

ARE we not supposed to be angry? Are we not supposed to be bitter?

To concede three goals under 30 minutes is beyond embarrassment.

Yet, there are those who maintain we should look at Malaysia's performance in yesterday’s football friendly against Indonesia optimistically.

Why, one may ask?

Because of the same excuses we often hear — that national coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee did not have enough time to train? The players are 'new'? ‎That this was merely a friendly match?

It was a rubbish match, played by 11 footballers minus the defenders. Yes, the defenders hardly made an impression.

The strikers? They were nowhere to be seen.

It was a perfect start for Indonesia as they marked their return to the international scene since March last year following a Fifa ban.

Thailand lost 2-0 to Japan in the World Cup qualifiers on the same night — a respectable score ‎for the sole representative of Southeast Asia in the competition.

My Thai journalist friends, have in the past, admitted they were envious of the football facilities in Malaysia.

I am envious of their achievements.

We have nothing to offer.  Not when I started journalism 16 years ago, not today.

And winning a SEA Games title is not a big deal.

Boys, you suck. You really do. The sooner you understand it the better as we will be able to move on.

Too harsh?

Welcome to reality, especially when you're just not good enough. ‎

It's sickening when those who take up responsibilities only do so to beef up their resumes.

It's nauseating when officials, coaches and footballers behave like politicians — disregarding the very essence of their responsibilities only to lambast those critical of them.

I blame such attitude on those who glorify these officials, coaches and players.

Fans and scribes alike are tired. The lame excuses, pathetic performances and arrogant ‎reactions must come to an end.

National coaches and players, just like politicians, come‎ and go. The fans are here to stay.

If there is a need to make radical changes, do it.

To those dying to be the next national coach or don the national jersey, think hard and make the right moves. Otherwise, do not make a mockery of the country.


  1. Football in Malaysia has been dead since the 1980s. Blame it on the Junior development from the time they start playing in schools. The couches are not qualified and some indulge in racial politics and pick a certain race only to play dispite there being others who are more capable. This is the biggest problem for football development in Malaysia and it must be nipped in the bud. The other problem is political inteference in the adminstration of Football at the state level. Everyone wants to be apart of sucess but shy away or blames everyone else when the team fails.


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