Remove political appointees from Youth & Sports Ministry

1. Much has been said about the political uncertainty in the country over the past week. And the drama is expected to continue in days and weeks to come.

2. As Tan Sri Muhyiddin has been named the eighth Prime Minister of Malaysia. At the same time, The Youth and Sports Ministry has lost its minister which is aligned to former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

3. So what will happen to the political appointees, who were given key roles, within the Youth and Sports Ministry? I had, last year, highlighted the number of politicians who serve the ministry in an article published on news portal Twentytwo13.

4. Those who have links to the former minister should no longer play a part in the ministry. Moving forward, it is hoped that the ministry equips itself with those who understand 'youth' and 'sports' and appreciate its respective dynamics.

5. Also needs to be removed from Wisma KBS is the arrogant "I know it all" attitude. It must be stressed that within the past 21-odd months since Pakatan Harapan took over Putrajaya, the minister and those close to him failed to reach out to the stakeholders. Just ask the sports associations, for starters.

6. Silence is not golden. Keeping mum and ignoring an issue will be detrimental to the individual and the cause.

7. Credit must be given to his deputy Steven Sim who made the effort to meet as many stakeholders as possible, including spending time at Twentytwo13's office.

8. To be fair, 21 months is insufficient for anyone to bring about the required changes. But there were plenty of missed opportunities. The Youth and Sports Ministry's role is beyond youth and sports - it should be seen as a unity agent, capable of building bridges between communities especially during heated times.

9. Continuity is important and it is hoped that the ministry will work on activities and programmes that will benefit the masses, regardless if a Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan leader had initiated the programme. Forget about the wanting to create legacies for one's good work will naturally be remembered if it's for the right cause.

10. All the best. Just remember: Don't take the stakeholders and the rakyat for granted. 


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