Ex-Youth and Sports Ministry officer's money laundering trial ongoing

I've been receiving calls and messages asking me what has happened to the case involving a former Youth and Sports Ministry official, Otman Arshad.

The trial is ongoing.

A quick check online revealed the last article pertaining this trial was published in April 2019.

Bernama reported that Otman failed in his bid to prevent Sessions Court Judge Azura Alwi from hearing his case on grounds of possible bias.

However, it is understood that the Court of Appeal agreed with the defence team and that the case was transferred to another judge.

The prosecution has called over 60 witnesses with a handful more remaining. The trial is scheduled to resume next month.

In April 2016, Otman, who once served as the ministry's finance division under-secretary, and three company directors were charged in three separate Sessions Courts with 191 counts of money laundering involving some RM16.6 million.

Otman, Abdul Ghafar Abdurahiman, his wife Siti Rohana Hussien, and Halmi Khalid claimed trial to the charges.

Otman faced 64 money laundering charges; Abdul Ghafar and Siti Rohana 63 charges each; while Halmi faced one.

Four weeks earlier, Otman was charged in the same Sessions Court with 32 counts of misappropriating government funds totaling some RM38 million and falsifying documents - is alleged to have laundered some RM16.623 million between March 2012 and December 2015.


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