Is there a bigger plot in E. Elavarasan's resignation?


Malaysia has qualified for the Under -23 Asian Cup football tournament in Doha, Qatar next year under the supervision of head coach, E. Elavarasan. Malaysia qualified previously in 2018 and 2022.

This is an achievement by all means, given the fact that Elavarasan only had around seven months to mould the team into a winning combination.

Elavarasan, who is also the assistant to senior national team coach Kim Pan-gon, has a very successful coaching journey in the Malaysian Super League. He has a 'midas touch' and has continuously achieved great success with many teams that he had managed in the Malaysian league.

He has a knack of leading under-performing teams to get promotion to a higher league and is known to be a no-nonsense coach and disciplinarian on the field.

As the head coach of the U-23 national squad, his squad won the Merlion Cup in Singapore, reached the semi-finals of the AFF U-23 Cup in in Rayong and recently achieved their target to qualify for the U-23 Asian Cup in Doha.

The news (yesterday) that Elavarasan had resigned as the head coach of the U-23 national football team is shocking.

Questions arise as to why the sudden decision after successfully guiding the team to qualify for the Under-23 Asian Cup in Doha, Qatar?

Just a few days ago, out of nowhere, it appeared in the media that the Malaysian football fans did not want Elavarasan to continue as the head coach of the U-23 squad. It is unprecedented anywhere in the world that the views of one or two fans was given such prominence in many local media reporting.

And to add insult to the situation, since when did the views of a few fans convince the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to accept the resignation of Elavarasan?

Are there no expertise or personality at FAM to convince Elavarasan to stay on or re-think his decision?

Why the hurry in announcing this resignation when a little bit more time would have given some hope for a change of mind.

The coincidences and collaborations in this plot cannot be ignored!

Is Elavarasan the victim of a plot by influential people behind the corridors of powers at FAM?

Why was Elavarasan appointed to lead the national U-23 squad in the first place? Was the evaluation on appointing Elavarasan flawed from the beginning?

We continue to 'pride' in having a history of such decisions made over and over again that has proven to be detrimental to the sports we all love so much.

Elavarasan had achieved the set target and should be retained for continuity. He should be appraised after the U-23 Asian Games in 2024.

His resignation should be rejected by FAM. Making abrupt decisions is surely not going to help improve the standard of football in Malaysia.


Thomas Samuel



  1. Well said Thomas Samuel our football body is rubbish


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