SEA Games: Hoi balik kampung, Singapore pressmen tell Malaysian netball team

HD says: We are all journalists, regardless where we come from. There must be mutual respect all around.


  1. How bad Malaysians can be compared to the Singaporeans??

    Singaporeans the journalist especially are indeed considered to come and grow from a so called better education and social system. Maybe because they feel that their social and economic standing is better off than us, they can insult us, forgetting their root existence.

    Not only they've gained and achieved much economically and socially but, they've also lost their way morally in doing so.

    They can go around telling the world that they provide legal prostitution and gambling hub for everyone to enjoy and do business. What do you say of that??!

    I wonder if one day the people of this nation will not know their fathers and only being brought up by their mothers.

    It's indeed a very shameful policy put in place by this nation, which can reflect on the people. No achievement is greater when the moral aspect of it is compromised and also displayed legally - truly sadistic for the young generation.

    Keeping that in mind, please think very carefully before we ought to say things about others.

    Do some soul searching and reflect on yourself and the system you live in and adopt proudly before you want to degrade someone for some sadistic trill.

    Improper family values can surely be a cause to sadistic behavior in society

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