Pearls of wisdom - no joke!

It was his childhood past time of doodling and dreaming that he turned into cartoons to amuse his friends.

And decades later Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing's 'Guli Guli' continues to tickle many.

It's a shame that his parents felt his artwork was "a waste of time". What they, and many others including the younger generation, would realise is his works published three decades ago still remain relevant.

Why so?

I'll let his comic strips, which appeared in the New Sunday Times from 1982 to 1987, do the talking.


We surprisingly lasted that long! And we're still talking about ways to combat the haze.
(Sept 18, 2017 - Public awareness vital in combating haze)


Let's see what gets 'potong' when Budget 2018 is tabled later this month.
(Sept 27, 2017 - Budget 2018 likely to see salary increases, tax incentives says RHB)


I bet we will still hear of illegal gambling syndicates operating nationwide.
(Oct 11, 2017 - Don't protect gambling syndicates, IGP warns state police chiefs)

Fake MCs

Decades later, sale of medical certificates is still very much alive! 
(May 7, 2017 - Police bust largest fake medical certificate syndicate in Johor)


Have you noticed most MACC operations would see loads of luxury handbags seized.
(Oct 12, 2017 - RM1.5 billion probe not political, says anti-graft chief)

Promises and 'lies'

Get ready to hear more mumbo jumbo in the upcoming GE14.

(Oct 9, 2017 - PSM: Azmin 'recycling' old promises to work with us)

Katak, si katak lompat ....

As Darth Vader once said: "I find your lack of faith disturbing ..."
(Sept 17, 2017 - Mat Taib rejoins Umno)

If only Lim had a comic strip on Malaysian football.

Perhaps it's time for him to continue Guli-Guli. I'm sure his material will continue to be relevant when I turn 71!


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