How much was really spent on Podium Programme?

Image: National Sports Council, Malaysia

Let's look at the newspaper reports since the Podium Programme was launched in 2016.

Feb 2, 2016

Podium Programme takes off with aim to win 2020 Olympics gold (The Star)

"The ambitious programme will involve 97 athletes and 36 coaches from 21 sports. All in, the Government will spend RM75mil this year."

Oct 22, 2016

RM1.2b for sports development (Daily Express)

"In addition, a sum of RM70 million has also been allocated for the Elite Sports Podium Development Programme to prepare athletes for international sports events."

Sept 5, 2018

Podium safe for now Minister says it would be an injustice to axe Podium Programme (The Star)

"In comparison, Malaysia only spent a total of RM170mil on the Podium Programme since it was launched in 2016.

The National Sports Institute (NSI) chief executive officer Dr Khairi Zawi chipped in and said: “The RM170mil is spent for training, competitions and training allowance for athletes and coaches.”

NOTE: Sept 12, 2018 (10.32am) - After reading this article, Dr Khairi clarified that the RM170 million was the total disbursement while RM67 million was spent on training, competition and allowances (excluding sports science and medical services).

Sept 6, 2018

Newenham defends Podium Programme (NST)

"He feels that the RM67 million invested on elite athletes under programme was not a waste despite Malaysia returning with only seven gold medals each from this year’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and the Indonesia Asian Games."

Sept 6, 2018

A local to helm Podium Programme (NST)

“Based on the programme’s financial reports, I feel the funding is high. For example, only RM40-50 million were used on athletes from the RM70 million funding."

So how much was really spent on our athletes?

A. RM145 million (RM75 million + RM70 million)
B. RM170 million
C. RM67 million
D. RM40-50 million
E. None of the above

This matter requires an explanation, seriously.


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