I'm not a big fan of weddings, especially Punjabi weddings.

There's just too much of headache. May it be from the invitation list (which will be filled with unknown family members and friends to the parents instead of the bride and bridegroom), the typical stereotype food (eg. egg sambal and dhal) and the worse of the lot is when some old timers come up to you and say "....so boy, when is your turn?"

Thus, I'm not a big fan of Punjabi weddings. And I'm sure the athletes heading to the Commonwealth Games are not overly excited either.

While many seem to see the glass as half full, here's my take on the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi - and with no disrespect to Mr MS Gill (pic), it is 'Not a Punjabi Wedding' yaar!

HD says: I do, however, enjoy the folk songs sung at weddings especially during the Jaggo night. It's just plain fun.


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